iPhone, iChat, iPod-mobile, iDon’t Know!!

We all know Apple’s new phone is coming, probably early in 2007, and plenty of people have already mocked up their own versions of it online.

iphone mockup 3.jpg iphone mockup 2.jpg

But most of these were designed before the most recent information was released by Kevin Rose, founder of digg.com, and someone who should really know!

The latest information we have is that:

  • It won’t be called the iPhone. Despite being unofficially dubbed iPhone for ages, Apple never owned the trademark, and the company that did, Linksys, have just brought out their own iPhone, a Skype enabled internet phone.
  • Its going to have a slide out keypad.
  • It may well also have a touch screen display.
  • Its going to be a combined MP3 player and phone, coming in two sizes, 4GB costing $249, and 8GB costing $449.
  • It will have two batteries, one for the MP3 player and one for the phone, so you don’t run down your phone while listening to music.
  • It going to made from Zirconia, a scratch resistant ceramic material that can be made into a variety of different colours including, white, black, navy blue, light blue, ivory, brown, platinum and gold.
  • It will be very small!

And using this information, our expert designer has come up with her own interpretations of the phone!

apple phone 2.jpg apple phone 1.jpg

                     Click here for full details.     Click here for full details.

Does anyone else have any idea how it might look? We’d love to see some designs! Take a look at the following designs to get some ideas!

15 thoughts on “iPhone, iChat, iPod-mobile, iDon’t Know!!

  1. hey everybody !!!!!!!!

    this is really nice phone i had use this from 5 months this is really ammagin wwwwwoooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww i never thought that apple touch to this kind if things

  2. hi all,

    when this mobile is going to come to market… any one had idea on that.

    iam waiting for that to buy….


    viswanadha reddy mundla

  3. bloody hell been waiting for blower yonks. read in the paper its gonna be end of this month well cant wait saving up up those pennies mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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