Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World

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Until recently, the vast majority of mobile phones had been priced between £100 and £300 with only Vertu, a division of Nokia, manufacturing uber-premium phones. With prices starting at around £4,000 Vertu phones are only for the filthy rich and the super famous.

However, Vertu’s monopoly of the luxury phone market is coming to an end with the launch of several new luxury mobile makers including Gresso, Mobiado and GoldVish. A load of other mobile phone manufacturers are also working up partnerships with luxury brands get a piece of the action. We’re beginning to see premium mobile phones emerge from couplings such as LG and Prada, D&G and Motorola, and now Tag Heuer and Modelabs. Finally, there are the ridiculous, super-expensive one-offs made purely for headline grabbing such as Goldvish’s “Le million”, worth a cool $1,000,000, see below for details!

1. Goldvish “Le million” = $1,000,000 (£540,540)


A PR stunt it may be and they surely can’t be expecting to sell any, but the Goldvish “Le million” is officially the most expensive mobile phone in the world, according the Guiness Books of Records. There has even been talk of a $1.3million phone, but this has fewer diamonds than the Goldvish so I can’t see where the extra expense comes from! The “Le million” is a one off piece featuring a blinding 120 carats worth of VVS-1 grade diamonds, according to designer Emmanuel Gueit. If $1 million is out of your price range the Geneva-based Goldvish also offer several other diamond-encrusted 18k gold models in your choice of rose, yellow or white starting at a much more reasonable $25,600 (£13,837). ;)

2. Vertu Signature Cobra = $310,000 (£167,567)

Vertu Cobra

Vertu is now taking orders for the Signature Cobra which is designed by French jeweler Boucheron, but you had better be quick as only 8 are being made. The Cobra will feature one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies. Vertu will also be offering a “cheaper” version, ruby free at $115,000 (£62,162).

3. Sony Ericsson Black Diamond = $300,000 (£162,162)

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

Apparently the Black Diamond will be available in 2007, not from Sony Ericsson but by a company called VIPN. Initially only 5 unique numered pieces will be available for the unbelievable price of, wait for it… $300,000.

With regards to the specifications, don’t expect anything remarkable for your money. It will have Quad-band with Wi-Fi, an Intel 400Mhz processor running Windows Mobile 5 and a touch sensitive 2″ screen. It will also include internal memory of 128mb and will come with a 2Gb SD card for external storage plus a respectable 4 Megapixel camera.

The designer Jaren Goh has used some pretty impressive materials for the build, featuring titane with polycarbonate, mirror-finish cladding and diamonds.

4. Vertu Diamond = $88,000 (£47,567)

Vertu Diamond

The Diamond is Vertu’s premium range of high-end mobile phones. As the name suggests the handsets in the Diamond range are diamond-encrusted handsets made from platinum. Only 200 of the handsets are being produced, the most expensive believed to be worth an estimated £50,000.

5. Motorola V220 Special Edition = £28,000 ($51,800)


Austrian designer Peter Aloisson has taken a standard Motorola, studded it with 1,200 diamonds and added a keyboard inlaid with 18 carat gold. The outcome is a £28,000 handset, suitable only for footballers and film stars!

6. Gold Edition Nokia 8800 Phone = $2,700 (£1,459)

Gold Nokia 8800 Mobile Phone

If you have $2,700 to spare, you can now buy the Nokia 8800 in 24K gold. However, be warned if you think you’ll be getting a better phone for your extra cash, you wont! The features found on the Gold Edition are the standard 8800 features which are pretty basic. It includes a 0.5 Mega pixel SVGA camera, 64 MB of internal memory, 64 voice polyphonic rigntones, FM Radio, Mp3 Player, video recording and 180 mins talktime. However, the Gold Edition does includes a special edition box and charging dock!

7. Mobiado Professional EM (wood) = $1,900 (£1,027)


The Mobiado Professional EM is a wood-clad upgrade of their earlier Nokia-based phone that includes a 1.3 megapixel camera, music player, FM radio, Bluetooth and according to Mobiado it’s the first production phone with Titanium buttons. Only 200 are being made and each one has its limited number engraved on the back. At $1,900 however, you’re still paying an awfully high premium for a fairly basic phone encased in wood!

8. Bang & Olufsen (Samsung) Serene = $1,250 (£675)

Bang and olufsen serene mobile phone

Bang & Olufsen hooked up with Samsung to design the sleek but unconventional Serene. It’s not a bad looking phone and even has a built-in motor to assist you in opening and closing the phone. It’s not very practical however, requiring a special screwdriver to access the battery and the SIM card and the circular keypad will take some getting used to. Also for some strange reason they have positioned the camera lens on the side of the device, which will make it difficult to align snapshots via the viewfinder on the display.

9. Lamborghini 8800 Sirocco from Nokia = $To be announced

Lamorghini 8800

The Lamborghini Nokia 8800 Sirocco is another special edition, like the previously launch Aston Martin branded Sirocco. It will ultimately be a standard 8800 Sirocco but with the addition of the famous Lamborghini logo engraved on the font and the back, plus ball bearings from the auto company to in the slider phone mechanism. The Lamborghini phone will be a limited edition with only 500 being made. It will also feature Lamborghini graphics as wallpapers, screensavers, ringtones and even has a short documentary video.

10. Gresso Luxury Phone = £expensive


The Russia based Gresso, is a new entry into the luxury phone market. Their aptly name “Gresso Luxury Phone” is made of gold and African Blackwood. Apparently they will be releasing a collection of five models called the Black Aura collection, and the designer is a “well known” Italian designer. Currently there are two versions of the African Blackwood phone, one with pink gold highlights named the Gresso Blackwood Gold Edition and one made entirely of African Blackwood. In addition to the two African Blackwood phones Gresso also make a phone made entirely of pink gold named the Gresso Gold phone. Initially, the phones will be on sale only in Russia.

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  1. wooowwwo it makes my heart zoom zoom zoommm zooohuuu!! What a wonderful phone, hope to have, but worry about my life because i will hunted by every one. It worry me

  2. d designer of these mobiles hs jus wasted his precious time ……..these r also for d same work of talking …….!!!!! anyway limited ppl in d world buy these ….. dey never bcum popular………..he he he

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  4. they phone r waited money……there not good feathers….they only metal price….badan ki khushbu sab lena chahte hai….koi uski ruh se to puchhe use kya chahiye……..,,,,,,,,,,,

  5. Msheeeewww!!!!(HISS) ! But some one to tell me the special functions of this phones, does the wake the dead, does it print real dollar , does it preserve life , does make one ageless, does it make the dick big strong and reliable and does it prolong sex and enjoyable ? If the answer to this question is no then pls perdon me ………….but this not different from those who purchase some splashed pains on a canvas for some outrageous amount they call it abstract art I call it Madness….what if it has space shuttle material is the phopne taking me to Moon ?….the world will be such a wonder place if we but love one another instead of this take responsibility for some disease ridden children in all around the world ……If you are truely worth nothing a billion $ phone can’t add anything to you……its all inferiority complex at work . Trying to cover ur emptiness …fooooooooooool!!!

  6. goldvish “le million is very very very very very very……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..beautiful mobile phone

  7. my family have all these mobiles annd i have goldvish ‘le million’ it is fabolous and its function are amazing but now i decided to have a simple and casual mobile vertu signature cobra because my mom have this cell so i m exchanging the cell from my mom celll

    this is wastage of money not highling of personality

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  11. these mobiles are useless…….diamonds, pearl and gold are not everything. style and features also matter!!!!…… not mad to buy such uselesssss phone….:p

  12. Price is very low ………there must be more mobiles on this site with high prices………i wana buy a unique and pricefull moblie of US $ 1 trilion……….hehehehe

  13. Its all abt like as an Art, nothing else. Bcoz every person wants to make ourself bright according to our talent and according to welth. Same as buyer. For normal person this is as far as moon.

  14. I will rather buy iphone, sidekick or ordinary sony ericsson, instead of wasting money on big phone.
    I will buy phone less than $400 and use the rest money to save life, instead of thief to take my life because of $1,000,000 phone.

  15. They are for sure good phones ……….. though expensive……. but those who will be in need of either buying……borrowing……..handling……touching……stealing…..etc

  16. heyyyyyyyyy dudes wht r u saying these r nt cell phones tht’s only shop of i hv nt intrst such types of phones.byyyyyyyeeeeee black cobra.

  17. i am thinking to buy these phones but the problem is that………………………………………………………………………………..

    i dont have MONEY………………..TO WASTE on these phone coz am already have nise dubba phone…………

  18. are yarr itni mahangi phone koi affort hi nahi kar payega……tum saare aise phone banate kyu ho yaarrr…….waise bhi when i will buy this phones i will be begging in streets…..flop phones

  19. hmm……these phones seems like taken from the bins….by the way if i buy this in dreams i would hav been begging in the streets….nd foot paths………haha…….they r fine from out nd trash from inside mannn….

  20. No Woody, I stopped texting while walking after I bumped a few people off. I text only when I am not mobile. Your article is good!!continuing efforts!Thanks!

  21. can expect someone who can differentiate between asset and liability to incur such huge amount on ordinary fone that can be stolen any time………….hummmmmm this crazy can belief this …….pls someone such wake from my sleep

  22. Sure the phones may and may not look nice. But to me its more about what they do. These look like there from the 90′s or early 2000 era. Shame that they wasted such valuable things on such crappy phones. Ohwell. I’ll just stick to a decent phone. iPhone maybe? or a HTC Diamond Touch. (:

  23. Just reading through these comments i would suggest that the majority of you should invest your money in some further education and learn how to write and spell.Disgraceful and annoying…..

  24. Every man want a costly mobile for his fashion but all are not possible to buy a luxury mobile. so i want mobile price is some less. thanks all are mobile company.

  25. I think these phone are horrible and expensive they may have real diamonds on some of them but i would not buy one. my phone is a Samsung galaxy Apollo and is brilliant and very stylish.

  26. I would rather buy a Lamborghini instead of a same priced phone.. But actually they both are nothing but just a waste of big money.. Can u imagin how many people can have a better life style with the help of $1,000,000 .. What a losers r the people who made these phones and who buy them..

  27. LMMFAO!…all these phones are BOOTY!…who would spend this much on a phone..I would just buy me a platinum chain and a Gallardo and just get an Iphone or an Android phone and get WAAAYYY!!! more than having a Million dollar phone…

  28. well im gonna b a complete girly n say that the motorola special addition is oh so pretty and for once i didnt choose the most expensive one at a glance.People who say money cant buy u love surely dont know where to shop.!!!!!…DDAALING Muwah Muwah !!!

  29. wonderfull mobile …….the one with the camera on the side is genius. think of all the stealthy picture-taking fiascos in which one could involve oneself. no one would know they were being photo graphed!♥♥♥♥♥

  30. i have the vertu 2nd one….its not all tat great…
    its not at all worth it actually…
    it just has class…
    which the other phone dont have…after paying so much i’m actually quite happy with it..

      • you are day dreaming lolz , no one can enjoy such expensive phones when thieves like me are around. so never dream for what what you cant afford otherwise you gonna collect the garbages in the streets. I mean you gonna be mad.

      • what about if I marry you and buy you the one in million ? then you force me to divorce you !! is n,t it a waste of my money ? you wanna me go crazy lolz — no I cant marry you !

  31. I find these phones to be complete waste of money only people that have nothing to do will buy these phones. They look like phones from the dinosaur age. I love my HTC EVO, and iphone way cooler.

  32. I have had some of theese phones and beleive me, they are not very good .and dont call people swats just becuase they are rich. ive met sum super famous people (prince william, paris hilton, miley cyrus,angie jolie, taylor lautner, although he dosnt count as he is my cousin) and they are all amazingly nice :) really dont bother with theese phones. they are all wierd. i have the prada phone, two blackberrys a sidekick and an iphone they r cool.

  33. I love the ericson black diamon , that is a nice one , nice toys for a rich peaple specialy for those with good taste some day that phone will mach my dream car astin martin !!!! :)

    • omg i have two astin martins :) they r both amazing, but my fave is the db9 convertible:) my dad bought it 4 me for my b-day , but i cant even drive ,lol

      • Then your father should have donated the money to a charity helping the poor and the starving in the world, who get sick and die needlessly because people like you must have their expensive trinkets, even though you can’t even use them. Didn’t your father teach you that gloating about good fortune is just common and trashy?

  34. all mobiles are so boring and i think that who made it he is also boring mmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolll

  35. Not bad to buy this luxurious mobile if can,but the think those people really need help,like children in Africa that badly need help specially those children with HIVS….GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY SHARE THAT WITH OTHERS>>><<<

  36. hahahah which ediot would buy that phone,,., and i got a questions if the first fone get wreckt how would they fix it, oh let me thing they might bring CIA to fix up the problem,.. and yee is the sim card made out of Diamons

  37. As for me..functionality is preferred rather than just Bling in a Phone..However If i had to choose among the list,i would go for mobiado professional coz of its Looks..still than that too is a way too Basic for me.I am using LG Viewty smart and Samsung Corby pro without any diamonds studded in it..and i am Loving it.

    • this phone don’t even look nice. i managed to get get a phone for under £50 (genio touch) and im proud with my phone + i don’t really want any fancy jewels (and definitely don’t snakes) on my phone! :)

  38. thats rubbish. u think by pasting diamonds a mobile becomes attractive. awful. what abt some new highclass features. they are all the same as the other coz the technology is the same……..

  39. okay i just have to say one thing … you have to be crazy to buy phones for that price!And if i had glitters i could put them on my phone and it be better than that flip phone.Also, i bet only like 2 people bought one of those & they arent even good phones? maybe if you lowered the price, 5 people would buy them..

  40. i know i said that its absolutly ridiculous to have one of the phones, and it is, but, BUT if I HAD to choose like it’s life or death, gonna kill my family if i dont choose….i’d definatly go for the Mobiado. BECAUSE and only because it fits my style and it looks like the most durable waste of money on this list.

  41. my god i can’t believe dis……
    these r fabulus to seee!!!!
    but….. 4 me
    funtion is more imp!!!!!
    mine is blackberry……..
    and i like dat so much!!!!!!!!!!!

    • who said its fabulous its really rediculous for a normal person stupid what do you know about the mobiles you bledy fooooooooooooooooooolllllllll…….

  42. i think these phones are useless if these do not have dimonds on them…so, all the amount of the phone depends on the price of dimonds…baqi ty sary dabby e nay…!!!

  43. There is a few ohones hat are cool but OMG what idiot would by one. All that is diff is the dimonds well still fake diamonds on your phone tada it is a 1.3 milliion dollar phone

  44. yaaaaa!!!!!! think thrice before buying these phone its jst a wstge of money ……….. my samsung cutting edge is undoubtedly a furthermore better phone than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I bet ALL the people that are saying they are rich ARE LIEING.. I bet OH i bet it!! desperate liers out there trying to act cool to fit in>>??? well ITS JUST NOT WORKING haha

  46. this all stink my phone costs 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  47. OK here we go first of all, A PHONE IS A PHONE YOU DONT NEED a gold phone i understand if its a sort of reward for many many years of struggle BUT theres no excuse for a tween or a teenager who runs to her daddy saying I WANNA PHONE and he says OK thats just bad parenting i dont care if your rich or not you dont give your child everything they want ESPECIALLY if its a million dollar phone.and has anyone even BOTHERD to mention HOW HEAVY THOSE ARE? and how useless they are? get a friggin cricket sit down and text and pay for a plan or phone card like the rest of us you selfish greedy people(that doesnot include those who have spent their lives REALLY WORKING for their rewards go you youve earned it)

    • The Russian Tsar’s family didn’t care about what people said. Louis and Marie Antoinette didn’t care either (let them eat cake…).Just remember what happened to them for their greed and their crass behaviour. The more you rich people flaunt your wealth while children starve and die because there is no money to feed them or house them, the more the likelihood that you people will have what you ‘own’ taken away from you (or worse). And if such were to happen to you, having read what I’ve read here, I’d say you bally well deserved it, if it happened…

  48. why do we need exspensive phones …. elizabeth u probilly arnt rich anyway so what if u get what u want ….if u r rich u shoulld thank your parents … I KNOW I WOULLD …. but ur parents might lose all there money so BE CARFULL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I like the last phone. The wooden ones are neat. I don’t agree with paying so much just to make phone calls.
      All of you people bragging about your money, you’re pathetic. Most of you can’t even spell. How do you become rich when you can’t spell? If your wealthy or pretending to be wealthy, at least act like you’re educated.

  49. First of all, the point of a phone is to make calls & texts. There’s no need to have fucking diamonds & gold & shit, that’s a waste of money that we could be using to help economy like seriously, think about it . . .

  50. no, just kiddin’.
    of course i will not going to buy those phones, what for??
    im contented with my i phone!
    just waitin’ for the i phone 4g to come!

  51. thats crazy, why would u need a real gold phone, thats so lame. i mean, last year i got the goldvish le million, but that was at least reasonable. i have over 60 friends on facebook. i mean, my parents are millionares so i get whatever i want when i want it. u r so lame if u dont have an expensive phone.

    • Uhm. Elizabeth. We don’t care if your parents are millionaires. My parents aren’t millionaires but i still get what I want whenever I want it. But I earn those things with good grades & chores [: But you, your just a spoiled brat. [:

      • Ur sooo right!! elizabeth havent u ever thought abou the people THat Cant afford a $1 million dollar fone??? that’s retarded. why would u spend all that on a fone if u can get a cooler one for $100 (iphone) well 2 me its cool.. In my opinion i’d rather use a milion bucks on a million things & help my family and others who need it, Not on 1 thing and rub it in and call others who cant get a REAL STINKIN’ GOLD FONE, im not trying to be rude, but think of others, u wont go very far with friends if ur like that.

    • Look elizabeth so what if your parents bought you a million vertus? It is not like you earn them yourselve. My parents are multi-millionaires and they never spoil me. It is good to be rich. But to be spoiled is never good .

  52. you dont have to buy tha expensive phone.what you only gona do recive phone call which you can do on like £10 phone aswell so this is just money wasting you no.i am rich i wont buy tha phones

  53. I wouldn’t dare to use one of those. They seem an invitation to a mugger!

    As was said earlier they’re more jewellery than anything else. Not much good as jewellery if they’re tucked away inside a bag, though!

  54. Oh heaven’s to Betsy!! I thought £300 was expensive for a phone!!! Imagine having the money to buy one of these (I’m guessin you would have no sense!!) xx

  55. Hey guyzz just wanna say that except sony and nokia 8800 , all the useless phones are displayed , and expensive doesnt meant that to put the diamonds all over the handset.. and really waste of money

  56. I Like Vertu Signature Cobra Coz It Is In My Budget,
    though I Have Already Gold Edition Nokia 8800 Phone Still I Am Looking To Purchase The Cobra Coz Of Its Peculiar Designing And Of The Best Colour….

  57. Hmmmm a little black kid in Africa who has no shoes or slippers climbs down a hole to collect these diamonds who gets paid 25pence a day. This is child abuse and evil in its purest form. So to buy such a thing and to pay such a price for it only contributes to such cruelty….the only person that would buy this is aperson who needs diamonds to make their personality more interesting ….ie a very very insecure and shallow person who needs diamonds to distract people from his or shallow and boring life

  58. The negative people for this telephones are low mind, low class, and no money. I work so hard all my life and i have been successfull. I have my house, all necesary things, and with the extra money I bought 3 vertus teelphones, one each year on 3 years span. Comunications are a main core for me, and my Vertus worked fantastically around the world. Alway are comunicated. An when I look to the telephone in my hand I have my reward, looking at a jewel bought with my swett and pain.

    • you are so cool….i am a surgeon assistant but my hobby is jewelry. so what i did was…take the case of my phone and make a rubber mold of it . than poor the liquid gold and there i have my hand made gold phone too. that did not cost me a thing because i just melted some unwanted chains. and i can at any time put some stones on it. Be creative minded . love ………

  59. wow… adorable… I like that.. specially the first one, very nice design, GOLDVISH.. The others are good but not so much.. I wish My Sony Ericsson Satio would be diamond.. lol.. just a dream… but I will buy 1 day.. the first one.. no problem in my real life or in dreams.. just I will buy it… lol. cuz I realy love it..

  60. This is so stupid. Why get all those stupid fancy stupid phones, you’ll probably have a very high chance of your phone getting snatched. You can get an Iphone for 299 and thats a deal or a blackberry something for a lot cheaper including the monthly payment.

  61. Its a total useless deal…when people are suffering in the world where no food is available , if one donates these money at least some one somewhere will have a good hearty meal.

  62. these are very cool phones !!!!! i like number 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!because i have got it !!!!!!! oh yeah !!!!!!!!!! it has the most amount of memory in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it gets signal everywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and hardly costs anything !!!!!!!!!!!!! all my friends pester me to stop showing of with it but i can’t its just too gooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ************** no affence but this website could be better even if it has pictures of the most expensive phones in the world it could have a PINK back ground and the writing should be PINK everything should be PINK including the pics of phones (PINK PINK PINK PINK PINK PINK PINK )

  63. i don’t consider them phone but jewelries instead. they just have some diamonds or golds on them that makes them really expensive, mobile phones are to be phones, not blings -_-

    • Nobody is jealous!!!

      All the phone’s shown here are stupid!! none of them has any good feature!!! Basic phones these days has better feature that almost all the phones mentioned above. I think they are all “show offs”. YOU wanna (show off) do it, go ahead have one……

  64. Wonderful mobile sets. I like all. Specially I like Goldvish “Le million” mobile most. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photographs of these expensive mobiles. They are looking so amazing as I have desire to buy one of these. I will move this snaps to my image box.
    It is nice to visit this site as I could know about world’s most expensive mobile sets.
    I like this site and will visit this site in future too.

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  65. people, what’s so nice about these phones? would the diamonds increase the signal strength? would the gold casing make it scratch proof and more durable? would the blackwood casing give you shed when it rains? there’s no sense even dreaming or wanting to have one of those.

  66. Hey! You know what? you could buy yourselves 100 000 cell phones that cost 10$ and even if you break 10 of them a day…you’d still have phones for a lifetime supply haha =))

  67. These phones dont even compare to the iphone 3g. That first one is ugly and its so expencive. The people that made that phone are pretty stupid, i mean, who’s gonna buy a million dollar phone? It’s not even a touch screen and it’s screen is tiny.

  68. does it really matter what your phone looks like?
    all that matters is that it works!
    and what if it doesnt even work?
    some of those phones are ugly and stupid!

  69. everyone says its expensive and no sense in buying it, or its useles, to me it isnt, it looks pretty and phone was created to call only, the phone these days are usualy touch,smartphones, pocket pc’s which is uselss to me… ive got ipod touch 2g and laptop so theres no need of any phone like that….then buyin this kind of phone would be perfect…

  70. these phones are crap they have no tehcnology and they suck the only reason why they are so expensive is because of the gold people are stupid to buy these if they want gold why dnt they buy earing or other accsessories because phones are meant for communication not for fashion

  71. All of these phones are for the filthy rich, if you read the opening lines that is. I’ve got nothing against the rich folks who can afford them, in fact we need more of them, cos you see, it’s one of many ways to redistribute wealth. Have, you ever wondered how much the cost of making 1 Goldvish “Le million” is?, but its rare, expensive, a status symbol and hyped, that’s what you pay for.

  72. trully, an eyecatching items for robbers and thieves.. well, i dont want to loose my life because of these luxurius phones. id rather have my nokia 5110 than these… heheh!

  73. well truely i really dont care how my phone looks i just care how it works these phones look like u would get tired of them cause there crap phones with diamond on them i just think that people should not be worrying about stupid bling phones with whats going on right now

  74. okay i just have to say one thing … you have to be crazy to buy phones for that price!And if i had glitters i could put them on my phone and it be better than that flip phone.Also, i bet only like 2 people bought one of those & they arent even good phones? maybe if you lowered the price, 5 people would buy them..

  75. I cant fillipin belive dat u lot think thes phones r ugly tre that ppl dont have shit to eat but the only reason some of u are saying that crap is becuse u dont not etherr have a phone or u cant aford it let ppl waste their dam money if they want the worked 4 it

  76. i thing ,,just stupid guy or girl buy phone for 1,000,000 dolars ,,somewhere kids no have nothing to eating,,wai no give mony to them ,,if i have this much money i send this money to kids in africa ,,

  77. Dude…even if i had the money i wouldn’t buy one of these they’re ALL UGLY and look like shit the designers of these phones need to have their eyes removed maybe they’ll be able to design something nicer than just a regular looking (ugly btw) phone and studding it with diamonds all over. Thats’ just stupid i’d laugh my ass off if i saw a person pull out a phone like that especially the first one, looks more like a very expensive paperweight.

  78. well im not gonna say these phones are stupid… they look nice… and i know only the rich ppl would be able to afford them… but from the looks, they’re pointless!!!

    if i would have so much money, i would rather buy a cheap phone like nokia N79… it has a built-in wifi which is good for surfing… so i would be able to save more money instead of wasting it…

    diamond crafted phones are way too expensive for me…

    PS: to robin gates, we’re not jealous!!! We just thought these phones are pointless… they are only crafted with pure gold and diamonds, but as far as i can see, ppl only want to have phones with more features in them, not glitters and diamonds…

    Nokia Nseries are the coolest!!! =)

  79. I hate all of them except numbers 2, 9 and 3. I cant believe that people have sooooooo much money to buy those kinds of expensive mobiles even if they are a waste of money. Stupid people!!!


  81. this is silly i cant believe people actually spend money on these phones… i think its a waste of money. do you still have to pay for a top up after you spend all that money on the silly little things. we think that the people buying these phones are only buying them to show they have money because not one of them are nice. as far were concerned go and give the money to charity and stop wasting money. buy a standard nokia. no lol

  82. Dude…even if i had the money i wouldn’t buy one of these they’re ALL UGLY and look like shit the designers of these phones need to have their eyes removed maybe they’ll be able to design something nicer than just a regular looking (ugly btw) phone and studding it with diamonds all over. Thats’ just stupid i’d laugh my ass off if i saw a person pull out a phone like that especially the first one, looks more like a very expensive paperweight.

  83. do not get the goldvish. i got my daughter it and it was nice but it was a waste of money.if you drop it the diamond are messed up and stuff.


  84. and to the paris girl who says she has a sidekick four where did you get it!! i have an LX but ive never seen a four. are they on the market .. or did your daddy buy tmobile (: ;; if youve got it flaunt it but dont be a bitch about it ? i doubt you have a pearl trackball on your sidekick and plus i have a sidekick and theyre not that luxurious? theyre pretty cheap i think its ridiculous some of the things people are saying about how these phones are cheap or they have them? these phones are ugly and cost more than the house i live in lol and if you actually have one couldnt you find something better to do with your hald a million dollars than buy a cellphone made of gold

  85. i dont really like any of them? lol but if i was a zillionaire i would probably buy one to be like hey look at my cell phone with 500 diamonds on it lol ;; diamonds i like but most of the designs are so boring or really freaking weird like the circle one how would you text on that?

  86. All of these phones are ugly,except for like one. That’s terrible that these ugly phones should cost so much. I don’t think thats right. What a waste of time and money. Whats the point and making such an expensive phone when like no one is going to buy it anyways.

  87. william it is obvious that u cant afford 1 of theese phone ur self cause rich people dont swear on the internet(daddy told me ) and so did my dads freing prince william

  88. i wish i had that kind of money, but thier is no way id spend it on a phone. i have a SE X1 xperia, which in my opinion is THE mobile at this moment in time, though i like the look of the nokia N97 (yet to be released).

    love & kisses

  89. These phones are so ugly. That dont make any sense how people will spend so much money on a ugly ass phone. those phones look normal they just added diamonds. thats not cute at all. If people buy these phones they r stupid.

  90. the phones are totaly off the hook but i can buy CARS with their prices !!!!!!! who in their right mind would buy a phone that expensive ????????????????????????????

  91. i think that all the people who hate rich people are just jelous.
    i LOVE being rich but that dosent mean that i am a spoilt brat. yes i have lots of phones and designer clothes and flashy cars and a luxurios mansion but i was born into that lifestyle

  92. it is me again. i could not decide which phone to buy so i bought them both!!
    but disaster struck when i went in my daddys aston db9 and one of the diamonds from the vertu fell off!
    it is fixed now and is sooo lush

  93. i can actually afford one one of those phones. i have got my eye on the top one but daddy might say it was to flashy. so i think i will go with the motorola or the vertu diamond.anyone who cant afford one of these boo hoo

  94. Absolutely gorgeous! And anybody who say’s any different – do so through sour grapes between their teeth lol!

    I want all of them – you all want all of them, why not just admit it? :)

  95. i think these phones are some of the worst ive ever seen, i mean come on! if u want to get one of these phones, shesh, ill bet u theyll get stolen in a week. these phones are a wast of money.if u want a phone go get a cheap one, it will not get stolen, and u dont have to worry if it gets lost.

  96. Yea, as most people would say, these phones are ridiculous and absolutely a rip off.
    But you have to remember that there ARE people in the world with so much money that they run out of things to buy.
    They have there houses, and their cars, boats, islands…. whatever else you can think of. Maybe (if they’re rich AND generous which is uproariously unlikely) they even donate to charities. But they still have enough to spend on this phone or maybe even a couple of them.
    Just remember that there’s people out there like this. Not very many, but they are out there.
    And the smart companies know that those people exist and thus, make phones like these.

  97. i like the black sony it was nice if i that much money iwould buy a that phone safe i need to do tatty now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. are you stupid?
    this many dollars for a phone? Its pathetic. And the people who come on here and actually pretend to have the phones and brag about it need to get out more.
    If anyone even had that amount of money, you wouldnt pay for a phone like this? Pathetci people in this world. Must THINK they have more money than sense.

  99. omg, cant u see these r all fake? there just normal phones with diamond designs on them lol! but i think the gresso and sony erricson r real, all the rest are F A K E!


  101. Guys stop wingin all these phones already out of fashion in Russia and you will not impress anyone appart from your old granny in UK with this…..What phones? I’ll buy Australia soon and with an engine it’s will be my summer boat…….as I already have Island for Cristmas partys……Think big….buy your friend a diamond helicopter its so hot now……or K16 for a change


  102. I cant even imagine buying the most cheapest one on the list.
    I dont know how you guyz can afford “Le Million”
    If i had that kinda money i would rather do something else.

  103. i have the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond and its an AMAZING phone. i had to either choose between that or the Vertu Diamond(i got it for my 13th bday). all those people who r saying the phones are stupid etc –THEYRE NOT! if u dnt have one how would u know? trust me, if ur gonna get a phone get the black diamond its reallly good =]

  104. I have the Vertu Diamond, its an amazingg phone!
    i wudnt trade it for anything

    i dnt think it is as expensive as the first one, i wouldnt buy the first one
    as it is quite unusual and not my taste

  105. To be honest , i think yhoo pay for the diamonds reli and not the quality of the phone, they may be crap phones but covered in the diamonds, if yhoo cover the nokia 3310 in diamonds that would be worth the same.

    i luv bling and diamonds (prefer the real thing lol), but i dnt see the point in splashing out that much on a mobile.


  106. All i got to say is “money makes the world go round”. Really no matter who you are it is a total waste of money, fair enough the rich want something for their money, but come on dont waste it though, at least donate some money to the poor and the problems of the world before you spend silly money on silly items. However it was amazing checking out the most expensive phone in the world for free.

  107. this is why gap between the rich and the poor becomes greater.
    take it from banji…
    if i have all the richness in the world, i would have shared it to others.
    imbalance of this world is caused by lust and of people not being contented with what they have. (sorry for the words)

    i appreciate art. but art in more realistic manner, more sensible, and more touching to my feelings.
    a painting of piccasso is not even recognized and sold in millions until years he passed away.
    da vinci’s works are irrelevant until such time we realized their values.
    a poem, as simple as it is, is an art that deeply touches the soul.

    think people… think…

  108. i would buy a blackberry bold, and keep my money for taking girls out , cant see the hype in a phone that looks good but lasts 1 yr . blackberry bold wins me over anyday

  109. these phones are really nice, but i think id rather buy a house and car instead of one of these. but if you got the money to buy one of the phones + a house and car. you are spoilt and very

  110. Hi reviewers…

    I purchased the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond recently and believe it to be an exquisite piece of art. Having a love for art, these phones intrigue me. My Black Diamond is serving me well as it has a delightful design and a ton of great features.

    I guess everyone has their own taste and likings and as the review stated, this is for the stinking rich. Ask yourself, if you had the money..would you buy these phones. For me my answer is yes. I will soon buy the Le million as a center piece for my museum.

    Thank you all for reading and hope you take into account the art side of things before airing your views.

    Yours Sincerely
    Claude Vincent Theophilus II

  111. These phones have further comfirmed My believe that the world just like the fingers are not equal. With a million dollar, some community may just be given water, food, shelter…… 1000 children somewhere may be given standard and qualitative education but someone is using to purchase phone; for talking, taking pictures, listening to FM……. WHAT A WORLD

  112. I have the Vertu Signature Cobra. haha wtf why would i spend my money on that wen i can get a beautiful iphone haha none of these fones are as pretty as my chocolate… rite?

  113. sweet phones!!!!!! i personally have some sort of addiction for nice phones, that some times i totally spazz out!!!!!!! but HOLLY CRAP, million dollar phones!!!!!!!!!!! that’s hack’n crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. hey…when it comes to have that kind of money for a phone…you might as well go to the companies…and ask the people over there to make a phone that you want, however you want it to be…you choose the design…the materials…everything…so then…you can have your own original piece of technology…that you’ve basically created yourself…however…the phone you made will not be so known in the world…because absolutely nobody will have any kind of idea what kind of phone it is cause he/she never saw it…before you showed it…so to have these phones…or one of them…everybody will say: hey that’s a good phone, I heard it’s expensive! but then again…making a phone designed especially for you…is much better :)

  115. I think that they are nice phones but are very exspensive as mad101 said you could buy a house for that price but i suppose rich people would like phones that are that much money. I wish i could have a phone like that, but i’m happy with the phone iv got

  116. OH MY GOD I WANT NO. 8 ITS SOOOO CUUUTTTEEEEE AND DA LAMBOURGHINI OHHHHHHH BUT ALAS *sniff sniff* I shall never be able to afford them … *sob sob* waaaaahhhhhhh

    p.s love the site ! ! !





  117. The site\’\'s very professional! Keep up the good work! Oh yes, one extra comment – maybe you could add more pictures too! So, good luck to your team!A

  118. I personaly think the majority of the phones shown esp 8800 gold and b&o are shi*, as iv had both. I know they are just a toy to prove what status you wish to portray and I want to look good, so big up this site. Ps those poor starving africans who lost their parents to aids havent got much of a life left anyway. I work very hard for my money and I want expensive toys, otherwise id work as a cleaner and wear reebok classics!!

  119. Whats the point making these phones when no ones gonna have any useage of em. besides, the money from these phones could be used to pay for food and shelters in countries such as africa….im totally disgusted!

  120. what a nice phones i really like and it is only me who can get that phone cos i get money like two time i get money like three more times am going to get it now lucas

  121. woaaaaahh

    okayy…those where alot of money but i was looking for a diferent website i want
    a phone for my b-day but i couldnt figger out what it was called so i typed in expensive phones because it was quite expensicive and this came up the phone i want is crap compered to these ones

  122. Interesting article, dissapointing quality of phone features [minus diamonds]. Seems like a lesson in buying. We often pay for looks and you get a very pretty ordinary piece of shit. This could be related to many things we desire to have.

    Did it’s job..Made me think

  123. Anyone else amazed at the miraculous number of “rich” people under the name of Hamidd appear on this page, who claim to make oh-so-much money, yet, just can’t seem to make it past grammar school English and type a word correctly. I’m sorry but I doubt you own your own car. If you are going to speak english, at least say something with tact, [look it up] [spelling too] and say it correctly if you expect to be taken seriously . Stop acting important, none of us know NOR care who you are. Finish school kids, THANKS.

  124. its with great sadness what has the world become of,, its a shame to see all those poor comments about the rich and the poor remember we are all passing by in this world and we have a destination before us. if you are rich fair enough dont say other poor people in Africa should die, get your expensive phone and remeber to thank God for making you able even in the first place hold a phone in your hand, dont take yourself as if you made things right with God thats why you can afford an expensive life, people who are poor didnt choose to be in that sistuation, put yourself in their shoes what if you were born and lost your parents to HIV when you was young growing up as an opharn do you think its smeones fault hell no, rich people, poor people look upon God and stop hating each other at the end of the day we all gonna die and live our expensive phones.” from dust we came and dust we return”
    stay blessed and if you see your brother hungry do not hestitate to help, for theres someone greater than your riches that will someday judge you

  125. Yo all you muthafukaz need to chill the fuk out coz no-one on this page can afford these phones exept me and i also own a $500.000.000 Mansion and a Ferrari and a Lamborgini 2008 model. I have fuked more bitches than you have hair you little punk ass bitches. I have so much money on me, i’m filthy rich and their ain’t a damn thing you can do.

    The VIP – Sohail Hussain.

  126. I have always wanted a compendium of novena prayers. Thank you for sharing all these prayers with us. It brings joy and happiness to everyone. I know, I do feel that way.

  127. The Vertu Diamond is “niiiice”. Wonder what service is compat.? Much love to the haters and broke-jokes. Famine? I had to get my own, now try to get yours. The jealousy is amazing. So much for window shopping, hopes, dreams and inspiration…

  128. That is stupid, most of the phones are not even nice and to pay that sort of money, you could by a house for that. Stupid people that created it. ;-D

  129. Av, Av You Herd Y’self! Your All Jus A Bunch Of Rich Snobs! Who Cares How Much You Spend On A Phone, They All Do The Same FRICKIN Thing. Its Not A Competition! There Are Starving Children In Africa Who Cant Even Afford A House Phone For A Villiage Of 200 People. Get A Grip Of Yourselves!

  130. Hi Old Beans,

    I actually have a Nokia 5210e which is the best phone ever. I take it in the bath with me and do all kinds of things with it including sticking it up my arse with the vibrator thingy on. Oh exctasy!!!!! Tried giving it a blow job but it knocked my teeth out!!
    If it was encrusted with diamonds it would be very painfull so I prefer it without!!
    In the brotherhood of mobile phone spotters I wish you all happy spotting!!
    Joseph McGillicuddy
    Honorary president of the SMFSC

  131. The phones are very expensive, but money is’nt everything. Take Ahmed’s comment about his waterfront mansion, all that money and he still ca’t spell

  132. well, this is so dumb because i could use this money for more needy things like toilet paper and toothpaste! this is all bull crap.

    P.S.- I used my money to become the president

  133. Enough all of ya low lifes. Just get on with your poor life and let us live our own.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All of you poor people just die please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Well Really Who Would Pay That Much Money For Them Phones They May Be Eye Catching But Hey ii Could Pimp Up My Phone If i Really wanted To Just By Goin To The Local Shop And Buying Some Gems And Stick Them On Its The Decoration Your Paying for DOnt Be Fooled People

  135. The funny thing is, I can buy every single one of these phones, 6 times over, but they are such a pointless waste of money, they are only a status symbol, if I want to show off my status, I will go buy a multi-million dollar house, and hold dinner partys, for now I am completely happy with my Nokia, my Tesla Roadster, my 360 acres and my 600k house, Thank you very much.

  136. i have the goldvish le gold and it is a really good phone, it looks good so thats what counts. the looks……not the features. for some people its differant. for example i own a waterfront mansion in queensland worh 13million people say y i would. it looks good and it mnakes me look good.

    your all just JEALOUS!!!!1

  137. if u buy one of these phones(lets say for 1 million dollars) but at the same time u pay the same amount as a charity to the poor, then i think it will gratify u more than nyone else on the planet!

  138. “i dont know why they cost so much
    i very rich and i use a i-phone , and is 1.000 times better then oll of those phones and it cost less
    i u got one of those cell phones u are very very very very very stupid ahahahahahahahaha in ya face .”

    thats the funniest thing i think i’ve ever read on the internet.

  139. i dont know why they cost so much
    i very rich and i use a i-phone , and is 1.000 times better then oll of those phones and it cost less
    i u got one of those cell phones u are very very very very very stupid ahahahahahahahaha in ya face .

  140. Attention Please,
    I discovered that some of this phones are great investment not for using. Is like ladies buying gold jewelries and keeping it for financial security. So, I really celebrate and appreciate your knowledge.

    Can we have any of there great products in Africa?

    Stay Bless

  141. you jealous skint doles rats whose got fuck all to moan about , just cause u dirty skint twats cant afford your jealous of the ones who can!!!!!!! bet u pieces of shit out there would love to have a half mil phone but guess what to all you fucking lowlifes……..dream fucking on!!! best u lot go down the fucking market for ur shitty phone!!!!!!!and dont forget ur fucking giro!!!hope u society no gooders all die soon..!!

  142. All of you commented on how people are dying of hunger etc is just crap!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Actually, you guys are just jealous cos’ you can’t afford them.

    Die all of you with your jealousy!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. i prefer the techonology too not the jewelleries. diamond, gold, white gold, silver, ruby, etc? NO thanks! I prefer them on my clothes or shoes or rings but not for phone. Phone is phone. As long as it can received calls and dial. Is still the same unless is a robot.
    Stupid ppl going for those luxuries. They shud help the need one with those stupid freaking exp phones. those price juz rip-off!

  144. I hope you all feel bad people die every three seconds of poverty and hunger and you would buy a complete useless phone that some other one will come out more expensive but while that happens dozens of people will die… Have A Nice Day

  145. You rich people are pathetic if you can read why would you spend money on these pointless phones you can get cheaper phones that look/are better than those shit things

  146. was looking for cool phones and i saww all these comments and i laway see comments and things like this online but never actually say what i want to say…


  147. wat wil we do by having these tupe of expensive and featureless phones by An IPHONE and it has got more features than these bugs ……. AFTERALL YOU HAVE TO GO TO UR GRAVE N THEY WILL BE USELESS THERE

  148. omg these phones are a rip-off :@
    hu wud buy a phone dats got “normal” features lyk every ova fone lyk a cam, music playa etc. buh pay hundredz of thousandz 4 it jus coz its got gold n diamondz?

    if i want gold or diamondz i’ll buy a ring thx my nokia wil do 4 me…=] x


  150. After knowing these, I got motivated to say that:
    Tell these people to think about people who are starving to death in many corners of the world.
    It is really senseless to even think spending that much money on such a useless ………………………………………………………………………..
    Couldn’t be more senseless!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)) =)) =))

  151. shit i can by all those phones in a heart beat but id rather not even though all of my 5 kids have the iphone. but for some reason my daughter has all kinds of diamonds rubies and all that shit on it but i dont give damn about hose phones.

  152. my 18k vertu phone kick ass, ull never find a phone like the vertu, i mite be filfy rich but not rich enuff!!! kingspark!!! fcuking all ur mumma’s behind ur back!!! 3021

  153. I own a “Le million” and I’m very pleased with it. You can also scratch you back with the pointy thingie, but beware, sitting down while you keep it in your trouser pockets can be a pain in the ass, litteraly. I also own a Nokia 3310, so far nothing exquisite, the battery works just for about 2-3 phonecalls but I have a 1.5 million dollar diamond glued to it so it’s a very luxury phone too, maybe they’ll post it here later on.
    wait a second……..
    Now I realize that with a million dollars I could have done so many usefull things for my mother, my family, poor people, sick people..etc. and the best I could come up with was this pointy phone….well….. screw them. I got the most expensive phone in the world!!!!!!!!!

  154. It’s absolutely pathetic listening to you people rant about celluler phones. Who the hell cares about phones? And what in god’s name is the point of buying an expensive phone? It’s like listening to infants, not to mention the atrocious spelling and grammar on the parts of the most indignant materialists who commented. This entire web page is a sad and frustrating display of ignorance from top to bottom. Get a life, all of you.

  155. WOW!!! What’s going on? everything I’ve seen on here is GREAT! However THE GUY who Turned the MOTO v220 into a $51,000.00 phone is a STUPID IDIOT! WHY IN THE GOD DAMN HELL WOULD YOU EVER DO THAT? If anything that should DECREASE the PRICE OF that $2.00 piece of shit phone. you gotta pay me to KEEP THAT PHONE… now heres the GOOD part. THE IDEA of THESE phones are great I wouldn’t mind buying the “GOLDVISH” but the BLACK DIAMOND is definately my style. NOW PEOPLE STOP BITCHING about TOO EXPENSIVE and let people do what they want, it’s their money, THEY EARNED SOMEHOW, now let them ENJOY it as if you would, I bet you would buy a bunch of crap any way. if you want to HELP THE NEED, GET UP YOUR ASS MAKE SOME MONEY AND DO IT YOURSELF!!! Although Rather have DIAMONDS on other phones that has much better features. like my Samsung F700 or Sony Ericson K800i, Nokia N95, N96. I-PHONE IS A PIECE OF CRAP!!! NO VIDEO, NO VIDEO CALL, 2MP CAMERA? FREZZES, SLOW, shitty KYEBOARD. Well the one I had in the U.S any way. yes I HAD! the iphone. I gave it to my 11yrs old niece. THESE PHONES ARE FOR RICH PEOPLE, IF YOU DON’t have a Million $$$ in your checking account Don’t even post a comment. NO-BODY give a shit what you have to say when your wallet is EMPTY! Anyone here have ever held on of these phones? I have and the VERTU DOES FEEL indistructable. GOOd weight, durable th same material they use on the space shuttles. KEWLLLLLLLL

  156. Hehe … the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond looks good … actualy, its the only one that looks kind of ok, from the ones in the list, but i still wouldn’t buy it. Hell … 300K for a phone ? I bought my SE P1i for 500 EUR … and I’m loving it. All the functions you need from a phone to cover any aspect of you needs, be it entertainment or business fucntions. It has got them all.

  157. One question… how does a person intend to sell or cancel contract, and whats the value after a couple of years? Are you going yo sell it for a million dollars? What if it gets damaged or stolen?

  158. yeah i think they r cool n pretty but they lack features which is most important about phones. personally i wouldnt purchase a phone sooo expensive when i have an iphone that is so awesome id rather to do charity but if you can afford it and features doesnt matter then a mean its your money and no one can tell you how to spend it then you can buy it.

  159. Just buy the nokia N96, his features are amasing.To spend all of this money just for a cellphone is a litle bit stupid. Those phones are for people that don’t now how to spend the money.

  160. from karley: I LOVR UR FONES I’M GOING TO ANOY MY MUM 4 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  161. this is a shame, i don’t know if this peoples they knows there’s in this world poor people ,they can’t find a slice of bread. so,they should think about this .thank you.

  162. See, lets stop all these jealousy and face the facts. If you have your money then buy what pleases you. If you do not have then you stay. All these people writing tooooooo expensive, did they find their money and did not see it? Did the person who bought the $500 000 phone borrowed money from the person? Has the person refused to help the needy? See it if just simple. When you are poor leave the rich to eat the friuts of their labour and work hard that one day you too may hold such a phone too because I know you like it. Anyway it is expensive YES. But has any buyer forced you to buy it? Leave it there and no one will beat you for no buying it. The rich, go ahead and buy it if it pleases you. That is how I think

  163. I don’t like the design of those phones. And even they are not so high – end versions of phones, like Iphone and Nokia Nseries. I owe an N95, it exist with more features than I expect. Suck Diamonds…

  164. I have the goldvish, sony ericson and nokia gold but PUH-LEASE! They work just like your average phones. I thought this site would tell you how great the feautres are, not the bling. Others phones have worked better.

    But nice try, i dont have any plans to throw it away.

    Little Advice : GET THE iPhone or the Nokia N95 cuz they are ah-mazing.

  165. To terence grillo:
    Look buddy is very nice that you think that people should help others instead of buying cell phones that cost 1mill, people like you that have made their money through investments don’t give a shit about people that are starving, you just want to look good and generous. You are basically saying that people like me doesn’t do charity because we own a 1 mill cellphone?? Well, you are wrong….I have the money to buy whatever the hell I want and also help people in need…the difference between u and me is that i don’t complaint about money, money was made to be spent, I really don’t care about money, but i guess you do….

  166. I happen to own the “Goldvish” and let me tell you it isn’t anything out of this world…you make calls, receive them and text your friends, i look at it more like an accessorie than anything else, but anyways i think that the i-phone is more much cooler than my phone…and please, to all the people that is saying that they wouldn’t buy a phone for 1mill, cut the bullshit if you had the money you’ll buy it, like you’ll buy a 1.7 mill bugatti….by the way whoever said that the lamborghini phone was ugly you are right, it is disgusting, the car is way better specially the DIABLO!!!!

  167. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. 1,000,000$ on a phone. I bet everyone willl think its fake plus with 1,000,000$ u can buy a nice S500 mercedes and an apartment. haha 1,000,000 RIP OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  168. ‘expensive mobiles’ wat a nice joke
    ‘expensive mobiles’ just like a kids item its looking good if the children will use it
    ‘world expensive mobiles for children’

  169. suzanne…these r simply ppl giving their comments bout phones….n i guess this page is about it… giving ur comments…. what u need to do… is to give ur own comment if u like the cells or not… don worry bout ppl if they like the idea to buy that expensive cell or not….. n i do agree wid the ppl coming up wid rational reasons not to buy. n instead of helping needy ppl than 2 buy such phones doesn’t mean one needs to give away all his money to em… it simply means to better spend part of ur money. i got millions… i don give all to others… but i do cherity as much as i can … at the same time i enjoy my own life as well with luxuries which worth my money … the crux “it shud be value for money” n 4 god sake don get offended.

  170. to esther- (comment 101)

    well, does that mean YOU have enough money to buy those phones?
    trust me, you don’t need them.
    Like everyone said, put that money to USE. the phones, whatever. The jewels and gems will probably fall off anyways. Also, if it breaks (which it WILL, eventually, all phones do) it will probably cost extra or something.
    and, you’ll always be watching it, seeing if it got stolen or whatever.

    you people need to GET A LIFE.

    love ya anyways,

  171. All these phones ARE expenisve, but they look not so great cuz they’re all decked out with useless, unnecesary things.
    It’s true, even though they cost sooo much more, they don’t exactly have the “best” quality things, such as mp3 player (you know the ipod is going to be better) or a digital camera (canon will rock them to their death).

    I for one have a LG chocolate, second generation, but i don’t care cuz its sucks like crap. you have to pay for the music (or else you have to buy the music essentials kit that costs over 20 bucks) and the camera quality isn’t that great. Also, its sooo fragile i have millions of scratches on it.

    im ranting on. but oh well.


  172. Ok, I have a Vertu Ascent, Nokia 8800 & Sirocco all of which lack the features of phones that are considerably cheaper, however when purchasing them the features were the last things considered. Lets face facts, a £100 Digital Camera will always outperform even the best camera available on any mobile phone,and a dedicated MP3 / MP4 Player will give greater clarity of sound & picture and far greater storage capacity for media than even the best or most recent offerings by any phone manufacturer. The top ten phones are purely about style, they wont be obsolete in the next ten minutes because they are quite simply phones.
    I have read a lot of the comments about prospective purchasers or current ‘expensive’ phone owners having better things to do with the money but these are probably the same people that litter because they want to keep road sweepers employed or who purchase garments and footwear produced by third world nations at great suffering to the workers producing them, or maybe they are the people that drink soft drinks produced by a company who profiits on destroying the water supplies of vulnerable villages – Yes I have got something better to do with my money, I have bought three phones in 5 years and they will probably last me a few more years, they may have seemed unreasonable in initial cost to most but given that most ‘gimmicky’ phones have a shelf life of 6 months I have saved money, reduced the damage caused to the environment at the risk of having more toxic waste producing plastic phones, and ultimately saved damage to my brain as the denser the material used to encase the phone, the lesser the radiation emitted.

  173. “People are starving all over the world”… money better spent on them than cellphone, right?
    Everything is relative: some with less than YOU might say… computer which you wrote your whinging on is expensive…money better spent on … the starving. So relative to others, it is *all of us* who are rich spending our excess cash on TFT monitors, cars, clothes etc etc.
    You’re just a hypocrite, like all the other whingers here, and the Beetles– always whinging about what other people should do with their money but hoard their own e.g. Paul McCartney hasn’t given all his millions away ( nor would I ) but his songs are full of hippy crap about how corporations should share their money but does he? Do you?

  174. I have the money to at least buy half of the phones displayed. But i wouldn’t pay over 600.00 for any phone..period. Because that would not be a good investment that’s howe i made money in the first place(making good investments). You don’t mix technology with pricey gems, that is the only way to get these phones up there in the 100′s of thousands. gems are in a class of there own. hey a got a great idea lets make gold plated toilet What happens when the phone becomes obsolete. don’t be a idiot and get rapped op in (look what i got) that is a sign of immaturity. and you haven’t learned your lesson in life. You could of help millions in third world country’s throughout the world. So the next time when you pick up your million dollar phone just know that someone out there can’t even pick up a plate of food to eat….hmmm

  175. I cant believe how worked up people get about the prices of these phones. It’s only a part of the world’s development. And if someone wants to buy them, let them be. To say you’re glad that you don’t have enough money to buy them is pretty sad. You’re only letting people know you’re a loser who’ve never had and never will have money because you’re not capable enough. That wouldn’t be so bad because money isn’t everything, but in your case it’s eating you inside. You probably envy people everything. You’re probably one of those neighbours with a twitching curtain. Do some voluntary work. That will help you to sort out your troubled head. Tara

  176. heyy well i reckon if u have the money and u want to spend it on a extremly expensive phone and other shit that costs tonnes, fine but dont brag about it and shove it in the faces of the people that cant afford it
    I would never in my whole life b able to afford something like that and I am happy about it. That way I dont have a whole tone of money and nothing to spend it on other than a whole lot of expensive junk. Im sorry if i offend anyone but its the truth!
    i also agree with the comment below (lmao)


  177. I did a search for the most expensive cell phones to get laugh at a fellow blogger, and I stumbled upon this site. So, I thought I would take 2 minutes of my time and ask this question:

    How stupid do you really have to be to carry a phone around with you that is worth 100′s of thousands of dollars? lol It’s going to do you a lot of good when someone steals it from you won’t it? lol …..or should you be parinoid and leave it at home on your mantle peice? Yeah, it’s going to get a lot of use there! lol ……A nice 100K ornament to look at and say “Yep, I spent over 100K on that!”.


    If you have that kind of money to piss down the drain, then put it use, and do something constructive with it. It bewilders me just how stupid people are with money lol


    you guys are only raggin on these phones because u aint gott enough money to buy them!!! suck it up not everyone does!! deal with it cause if u had enough money to get one yourself you sure would and dont even try to deny it you no its true!! ALL YA’LL ARE JUST FEEELIN SORRY FOR YOURSELVES AND ITS RETARDED STOP IT AINT GONNA CHANGE ANYTHING!!


  179. Anybody who pays so much money for such a “basic” looking phone, either must be utterly stupid, or must have so much money, that they don’t know what else to spend it on! Coming from such a privelledged background as I do, where money is not a probem, I have learnt to respect what I have, and only buy the things that are necessary, or that I absolutely need, not what people think I need, people who spend and brag about spending thousands on such crap as diamond encrusted phones, have no real sense of value for money and are just in my opinion buying themselves happiness, as they have nothing else better in their lives to do.

  180. I have the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond. It is a very nice piece of equipment. Very trendy in my culture. I have not had it for too long now and have already been offered upto $400,000. It is a very good investment. I will wait for more money. It is the best looking expensive mobile phone out there.
    Any offers? Worldwide delivery is possible via my private jet. Or if you are a beautiful princess you my come to my mansion for a dinner and dance date.

  181. That is stupid!!!!! It would be cool to have a phone that expencive but they r so ugly that no one would believe u wen u told em dat it was 1.3 million $!!!! That is just plaid crazy!!!

  182. the best of the rest is goldvish amr ata khub posondo hoise kintu dukhher kotha amder deshe ata akhona ase nai, ara asleo ami kinte parboona, tai dejhei santi!!!!!!!!

  183. some of the phones in there do not deserve to be that expensive some of them are really ugly.. but the 3rd and the 4th are the best looking ones out the lot.. the 3rd ones my favourite!! its my birthday today if you sent one of those to me for free.. it will be the best day of my life… hehe lots of lov emxx

  184. They all cost too much! only all the snobish people will buy them! Some of them look nice but they need to get a total make-over, like the goldvish! its ugly! Seriously, not many people have that kinda money! they could use it on otha things such as the starving people, instead of phones like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. What will the Monthly Contract prices start from. The old phone ive got has seen better days, the buttons have fell off and the screen is smashed (POSSIBLE TRADE IN) .How many fee minutes and texts can we all expect.

  186. You guys just don’t get it.

    These phones are for style, showing off, and for your own happiness. If you don’t like them, that’s ok. If you can’t afford them, that’s ok too, but you can’t call expensive phones stupid.

  187. Gonna buy all this!(unless I’m filthy rich) But some are really beautiful! Some just looked like they just returned from hell.! What are the designers thinking?! Maybe it’s abstract art…

  188. Ridiculous!!! Is what it is!! I mean I love cellular technology. I’m “gahgah” about the latest stuff and love the different features and software, but ‘PLEASE!!! People are starving all over the world, so lets not get carried away here. Ok?!!!


  189. For you people that really need a tongue up your ass to make you feel special, I’ll start a yoga class, online directly from my basement, where you can learn from other celebrities some exquisite exercises that will keep you self-satisfied…..
    No offense to the rich guy who spends money on charity, but I doubt that you will have the same happy face looking at your phone as my wife has when she’s staring at my 12 inch…but whatever makes u happy…


    Motto: “I hate the bling-bling, sick freaks / You all look like chicks with dicks” (lyrics by Parazitii band)
    P.S. No offense 2 the transsexuals either :)).

  190. YAll Phones Are Stoopeed!! No Really They Are.. I’d Much Rather A Motorola Phone Booth..Its Far More convenient and fun to use..the graphics are good..the functionality of the “booth” is far more advanced than 99% of these piles of steaming shit!!!

  191. N110: you are boasting too much. I might as well go I have the N95, G600, K850i, 8800 Siroco and the Apple IPhone.

    Steven: Too cheap for you…. You a millionaire then….What you doing looking at Dial-A-Phone

    sammy-jo: Y do you speak slang for????

    Personally IF I could afford it I still wouldn’t buy it.

  192. the reviews are awesome …i think i can just about afford the Bang & Olufsen (Samsung) Serene.
    Can some1 plz tell me where i can get it from …i dont think it has been launched in India, as yet.


  193. flippin sweet phone!!!I am gonna buy my dogs and cats one!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish!
    if i could get one that phone would be mine. I would be all over it!!!!!

  194. all these phones are great, but come on, 1 million dollars for a cell phone? the 1st phone, I would only buy if the day I got it was the last day of my life. But otherwise, it is a waste of money, but for me, buying a phone like that, not gonna happen, even if I did have the money for it. THAT IS A RIDICULOUS PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1million all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  195. These phones are hott. I’ve tried the first 3, but I would rather use my sidekick 4…custom epuipt with pink and black diamonds, rubies, ermeralds, and made of 14k white gold. Oh and the screens are all custom made by my daddy’s technition. The part you use to scroll is pearl.

  196. The only one there that looks half decent is the sony ericsson black diamond.The rest i wouldn’t buy even for 1p.Totally ugly looking.I have a silver nokia 8800 Siroco and a nokia 8600 Luna,class phones.You don’t need diamonds on a phone,absolutely ridiclous.

  197. dayyum only filthy rich people would but those stuff. it’s just phones and diamonds. i don’t need them to feel “rich” or “special”. pathetic.

  198. Only the sony ericson got a very good features but the other phones are worthless, where not looking for the diamonds when it comes to phones, where looking for the features, as for now Nokia Nseries,Sony Ericson are the best phones….

  199. why are people wasting time and money createing CELL PHONES(!) that 99 percent of the world can’t afford when people are starving and dieing and homeless?
    this is a squandy of intelligence!

  200. most of these phones aren’t that expensive my phone now is worth more then most of them, there are some really nice phones there n 1 or 2 vile phones! thou the the gold phone OVER priced! … blah blah blah blah

  201. Insane waste of time,energy,resource, most of them are really horrible like Vertu Signature Cobra who the hell in right mind will buy such hedious thing.

    Apart from sony ericsson black diamond which is far more elegant then the rest. But once again menatally priced. Apart from few rich lunatic out there common man like me just have to dream and wish one day some lunatic might surprise you and present you. HAHAHAHA Keep Dreaming!!!!!!!!

  202. the sony ericsson black diamond would be the only one i would buy if i won the lottery, purely and simply it has the best looks out of the lot, has used a combination of exotic materials and not just 1 material and also has a very good camera and being a sony ericsson i bet it would be the same menu lay out as all the sony ericsson phones which is a good thing.

  203. i have just bought the B&O and I love it. It is purely and simply a phone without all the stupid ringtones and stuff that most people rarely use (you still get then with the cheaper samsung version), the camera quality is great and the screen is very clear. Too much money? I go to work pay every tax under the sun, so why the hell shouldnt I do what I want with it?

  204. i think ya’ll all jelous man these phone am fuckin lovely i dont think id have one to show off tho it wud be personal but then again whats the point of payin all that money when u cud just drop it down the shitters lol xxx l8trzzzz ya’lll xxx

  205. I think all of these phones are absolutely gorgeous except for the Vertu Signature Cobra, & the Motorola V220, those are defintely ugly. I have the D&G motorola which i love, but i want to get it customized to real gold by Midas like the Nokia 8800. I can’t afford the phones on this list, but when i do get the money, I am SOOO buying the “Goldvish Le Million”..for myself! To correct some of you, if someone does buy these phones, it in no way means that they are crazy or have no sense, alot of people who can afford these tings do give money to charity and do buy things that we classify as a need. People who have no money love to bash the rich, not all rich people are bad. To explain something else to you! of the main reasons that things of these prices exist is for extreme exclusivity. And i love being exclusive, so stop all of your hating! It’s a token of ones success

  206. ok my brothers got the nokia 8800 new normal version which he spent £800 on contract 4 and i thought that was ridiculas but those phones are stupidly priced. even if i won the lottery i wouldnt buy it or any of them apart from maybe the lamorghini 8800.

  207. i dnt like these phones very much
    they all r bad
    how much wud the flexible phone thingy be
    it says “u can’t get them” duz that mean were not rich enough? or duz that mean that it’s like not out yet
    cuz rlly any1 can buy a million dollar phone
    they just gotta get rid of there house first

  208. the one with the camera on the side is genius. think of all the stealthy picture-taking fiascos in which one could involve oneself. no one would know they were being photo graphed!

  209. Oh my god…unless you are uberich or slightly mad u would buy these expensive phones. Some of the handsets have basic menus and cameras but the price is bumped up by adding gold, diamonds and crystals. First it was Vertu now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon

  210. GAAAWWDD!!!! the sony ericsson phone is sleak..if i had the cash id buy it..though it kinda lacks the necessary specs for a 300K mobile phone but i love the design..*gasp* im drooling..

  211. …and also, the phones don’t even have very good features, and what happens when they become outdated, hardware-wise?

    Someone should only bother blowing that much on a phone if they’ve already solved all the world’s problems and have literally nothing else useful to spend it on.

  212. @zareen

    …your sentence is inexplicable.
    I can’t believe people write like that.

    Likewise, I can’t believe someone made these phones. They are almost entirely ugly, and frivilous at best.
    It’s a sad statement of the kind of world we live in.

  213. ONLY Sony Ericson – If I had $300,000 to spare (as in if I was rich and famous (being famous is not as important as being rich)) I would DEFINITELY buy the Ericson in a heartbeat or less without it ever crossing my mind or feeling guilty about spending $300,000 on a piece of electronic equipment. EVER! *sigh* can someon1 please give me $300,000 or buy me that phone? (I said please)

  214. No:s 1, 2, 4 and 5 just might be OK if you are an Arabian prince or princess and so rich you don’t know what to do with all your money.

    The only ones I would ever consider are the Sony Ericsson and the Bang Olufsen.
    Nice designs!

  215. I like the Mobiado Phone. I deffinetly buy it if i had the money. But the thing is i rather buy a next generation phone like the iphone or something cooler like the K800 from sony.

    Why dont you put a list of the coolest phones(regarding price)

  216. With regard to the comment that the 1.3 million dollar phone has less diamonds, therefore shouldn’t be worth as much, Diamond value has as much to do with singularity of carat weight as it does carat weight itself. By that I mean that you could have 12 1ct VVS-1 diamonds, but not have them be nearly as valuable as 1 12ct VVS-1 diamond. Also, the inclusion of (I assume) genuine blue diamonds would skyrocket the price even more, as blue diamonds are extremely rare. From Wikipedia:

    “Most natural blue diamonds contain boron atoms which replace carbon atoms in the crystal matrix, and also have high thermal conductivity. Specially, purified synthetic diamond has the highest thermal conductivity (2000—2500 W/(m·K), five times more than copper) of any known solid at room temperature.”

    So there you have it, your extra expense in a nutshell!

  217. there all horrible xcept for the sony erikson 1, wouldnt even think to spend that when you can get D600′s and others for around the 170 mark…. waste of money!

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