Three Confirmed Methods to Unlock the iPhone

iphone 100% unlocked

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There are now three confirmed methods to unlock the Apple Iphone.

iPhone Unlocking Method 1 = Turbo Sim

Much has been written about the Turbo Sim method and rightly so, becuase this was the first unlocking method discovered. This method requires some software, technical knowledge and an $80 Turbo SIM, which are still out of stock at the Bladox shop, surprise, surprise.

Turbo sim

iPhone Unlocking Method 2 = Software only

The guys over at (iphonesimfree) were the first to announce a software only unlocking method. They claim that there is no need for hardware and “no need to solder”. Little details about this method are available but Engadget claim to have witnessed the unlocking and they even took some pictures and a video to prove it. This method sounds like easiest as Engadget said: “The unlock process took only a couple of minutes. From our end it was totally painless.”

The people behind are a six-man team who have been working non-stop since launch day. Its not clear when this software will be released (if ever) to the general public because there could be legal implications.

iPhone Unlocking Method 3 = Soldering and skill with software

hotz unlocked iphone

A 17-year-old geek (George Hotz), see above, from the US has spent 500 hours of his summer trying to hack the iPhone. Unfortunately, I think his friends are right when they say that he has wasted his time, because not only has he been beaten by two other unlocking methods but his method appears to the most difficult as it “takes about two hours and involves some soldering and skill with software”.

iphone unlocked method 3 soldered

But the latest news is that he has now traded the unlocked iPhone for “a sweet Nissan 350Z and 3 8GB iPhones”, but he doesn’t say whether that was a brand new 350z or cheap second hand one. Also George says on his blog that “I will be doing consulting work for Certicell and Puremobile in the little bit of free time I have.” So he might be onto a nice little earner after all.

nissan 350z

When will companies like Apple and AT&T learn that hackers will always find a way to break software locks? If your profits are reliant on the phones remaining locked to a specific network the only secure method of locking the device will be prevent the simcard from being removed!

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121 thoughts on “Three Confirmed Methods to Unlock the iPhone

  1. Hi Guys,

    Here is a website where you can unlock your iPhone permanently using itunes. It is official factory unlocking, which means once your iphone is unlocked it will stay unlock even if you upgrade to latest firmware. for more information please visit our website (

  2. Hi Darrren,

    I am surprised that your network said you can not get it unblock. Was that iPhone registered in your own name or someone else name? if it is not in your name than you can not unlock it. It has to be the person who’s name that iPhone is registered on.

    Another thing which i want to share here is about www., they are a fake site. Few months back i bought an iphone permanent unlocking service for AT&T network which cost me £99. On their website they say in 5 days they gonna unlock my iPhone and thy never did that. I contacted them through email, they replied me back and agreed to refund me but i never got my money back. I contacted them through email again and they never replied after that. I lost my money and never got my iPhone unlocked. So be aware of this website. i tell telling you guys this as someone down there recommended this website to someone.

  3. I lost my iphone so I reported it so it got blocked, it was actually at my mams I left it when I’d had drink and don’t remember… How do I get it unlocked again my network says I can’t..please help cost me lot money..

  4. iphones are actually made unlocked but go through the process of getting locked to a network and anyway why would apple care about people unlocking the iphone when they are not the network and they have already got the money i don’t know if any one out side of the uk know but on pay as you go the cheapest iphone 3gs costs exacly : £459 about $600 just for an iphone come on and like what the other person said it’s not like we get great service we wait half an hour to a whole hour just to talk to someone in india who we cant even understand! I can’t believe this guy going on like he owns the iphone he’s getting realy angry and stressed over unlocking an iphone! But just to make it clear bit your lip because hackers will allways get through locked mobile phones so their!

  5. I reacently bought a iphone from a person in train station for £50 he was selling it cheap so that he could get money for train ticket, i cant seem to use the phone comes on but no signal and out of service shows is there anything i could do or have i bee conned anyone with advice for me?

  6. Only in America where it is about the all lowly dollar that it is legal to lock a phone. In Europe you can not sell phones locked. The situation in Europe is that ‘locking’ is contrary to EC Law. This approach is standard in Europe and Asia, where consumers would not tolerate a market comprised solely of locked cellphones.
    No one would ever question whether consumers have the right to tinker with their car or to use the same television if they switch cable or satellite providers, yet the telecom industry has somehow convinced the public that unlocking their phones – consumers’ own property – is wrong.
    This is why America has screwed itself…. where are your morals, your humanity for that fact. I could go on about the massive dumping of cell phone because they are locked and numerous other problem created by this infringement of consumer rights.

  7. How rude Wacko!

    You guys dont know that I can track all of you down and blacklist you so that you can never use AT&T’s service again. So stop unlocking Iphones now!

    How rude to suggest that it is only “guys” who can deviously unlock phones. I am sure women are more than capable of this too. These phone unlockers may be immoral and naughty generally, but you, my friend are downright sexist!
    I-phones are a very boring topic. I mean, lets be honest, you are all discussing a piece of plastic with a shiny screen that does boing stuff. Try other conversations like, life, history, culture, or possibly how to get a girlfriend so you don’t have to spend your entire life masterbating over you laptops?
    P.P.S Anyone who argues this post sggesting that I-phones are indeed interesting. Well… Bless them!

  8. Nice post. thanks for providing this useful information. The post seems to be very informative one. Iphones have inspired the whole idea of mobile phones. IPhone 3G unlock is a good goal and invention as it opens other website services to your iPhone.

  9. waqas…

    morality should not be synonymous with legality, dangerous thinking there, morality is subjective, to impose your morals is absurd, that’s a dictatorship. we are free to do whatever we want unless it impinges on someone else’s freedom to do whatever they want.

    bringing it back to the networks, it’s not illeagal if there is no contract in place. Networks aren’t altruistic, they do whatever turns a profit, and rightfully so. (why regulators are sometimes needed).

    it is opening up the market, increasing competition, driving ineffective firms out of the market, thereby eliminating waste, increasing efficiency, thereby advancing society and human endeavor. These unlocking people are heroes, nay, “gods”.

  10. “You ungrateful swine don’t deserve mobile phones from these philanthropic gods (yes, gods). I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Jesus Christ himself was a shareholder in dialaphone.”

    Dude, your killing me with these! Cannot stop laughing, especially when people take you seriously :D

  11. does the rebal sim thing work in any country? Ill be moving to the states from the uk and will want to get an american network provider other than at&t because everyone says they are crap

  12. To be honest i dont have a clue about this to much, i want an iphone and i am thinking about getting one pre-owned from CeX a shop in the UK, im affraid to but it now with the pospects of getting an iphone that doesnt allow me to ready my texts, not allowing me to get the apps i want, not beign allowed to update my software when i like, leaving me with an outdated and overall BROKEN iphone. i would be happy to pay the £35 a month as i feel it is a usefull peice of kit but im stuck in a contract for another 15 months or so, the way i see it is i have 2 choices, i pay out of my contract, wait for it to finish, try and claim that i dont get a signal and im not happy with the service allowing me to back out of the contract or pay my contract aswell as paying the £35 a month which isnt realy an option seeing as i am 15 and only earn £30 a week. I would get an iphone from France but i have been told that it will not work unlss it is unlocked leaving me in the same dilema, tbh im pissed off, why cant O2 keep the phone to hemsefs but prehaps charge £100 to unlock the phone lagit and so we dont get any problems?

    O2 are greedy bitches, not that the other comapnies arnt but in a competative market and in the economic downturn the customers need choices and possibilities, not broken iphones

    If there is a way for my Orange sim to work in an Iphone without the prospects of no texts, no edge or nothing at all????

  13. Alot of the wesbites that claim to unlock iPhones are just fakes. I have spent over £100 of softwares and not one of them actually work as described or even at all.
    There is only one that works and thats
    They have been around the longest and their software actually works.
    The sim cards work also if you want to go down that route. Is the best sim method.

  14. After reading WAQAS RASHID’s first posting, I thought, as did AOKI, that WAQAS was being sarcastic. But, judging from his dedication, he obviously is not. WHAT PLANET HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING ON WAQAS?

    The main reason I started scoping out the postings here is so I can unlock my Iphone 3G. Why? Because I, like so many others, have been screwed by a telecom company here in Norway, called NECTOM. I have dealt with dozens of telecom companies, most of which offered poor service. But none compared to the appauling service at NETCOM, or should I say NetCON! Since the company hold a monopoly of distributing Iphones here, I took the time to pen a 4 page letter to Apple, informing them of Netcon’s incompetence and predatory business practices, including billing mixups, extra surprise charges, and, in one case, a customer service agent that was told to lie to us (we overheard it). If anyone wants details, send me an e-mail. I’d be more than happy to send you a copy of the letter.

    Anyway, the point of all of this is we finally paid our contract off. We simply could not take it anymore, especially the hours on the telephone talking to them (which we were charged for by the way). However, we are having problems getting an unlock code from NetCon. I was hoping to avoid more hours on the phone with these people by unlocking the phone myself.

    But, as WAQAS points out, that is irrational and immoral, largely because the telecom companies are good samaritans. WAQAS! Look at the evidence around you, and rethink what is means to be rational and moral!

  15. Has anyone else heard of rumours that Vodafone (UK) will soon be offering the iPhone (Summer ’09 I think)? I think the exclusivity deal with O2 had a time limit on it and now allows for other networks to offer the iPhone on their tariffs. I just hope the value for money is way better than Apple and O2..

    On O2, for £35 a month you get 600mins but you have to pay £159 for the 16GB iPhone..
    On Vadafone, with the Nokia 5800 (Nokia’s veriosn of iPhone), for £25 amonth you also get 600mins but the handset is FREE..!! so that’s £120 less in line rental over the contract period and less £159 phone price.. so altogether a saving of £279!!!

    If Nokia and Vodafone can offer a half decent value-for-money deal.. Why can’t O2 and Apple? Answer: They’re a bunch of GREEDY PIGS!!!

  16. Only in America where it is about the all lowly dollar that it is legal to lock a phone. In Europe you can not sell phones locked. The situation in Europe is that ‘locking’ is contrary to EC Law. This approach is standard in Europe and Asia, where consumers would not tolerate a market comprised solely of locked cellphones.
    No one would ever question whether consumers have the right to tinker with their car or to use the same television if they switch cable or satellite providers, yet the telecom industry has somehow convinced the public that unlocking their phones – consumers’ own property – is wrong.
    This is why America has screwed itself…. where are your morals, your humanity for that fact. I could go on about the massive dumping of cell phone because they are locked and numerous other problem created by this infringement of consumer rights.

  17. hi

    i bought a 02 locked iphone 3g on v2.2.1

    no software can unlock i tired all

    i had to purchase a rebel sim from http:\\

    this worked for me on my Orange sim and am very pleased as i had this orange contract for years and i have aq free data allowance i was not using in my nokia 6300 as the screen was to small

    the iphone 3g is perfect and best phone ever i would say


  18. I unlocked my Iphone, and I put another SIM. I can receive calls but I can’t make. It said emergency calls only. It said also, Different sim detected, connect to Itunes which I do. Itunes posted: “The SIM card you inserted in this Iphone doen’t appear ti to be supported.
    What to do please

  19. lol at the original poster who is nauseated! So they festoon us with minutes and text messages do they? For free? No, they don’t. They charge us hundreds of pounds every year in contract costs. Give it rest you brainless fool.

    I can download tens of GB worth of data over my broadband connection for less than £20 a month. That’s value. £30 a month for 75 minutes of talk time, 125 texts, and slow 3G internet access is not good value. Mobile phone companies are milking the public like cows, and they deserve all they get thrown at them.

    Waqas Rashid, you are so full of fail it’s unbelievable. We’ll welcome you back when you decide to come down from that morally high horse of yours…NOT.

  20. I have seen the error of my unlocking ways and will repent my sins to the cellular Gods
    let it henceforth be known that I worship at the altar of the one provider
    may my minutes be broken or warbled
    may my texts be truncated and delayed
    may my service be only emergency
    may my offer of upgrading to a tri-band handset made in Malaysia by a bunch of mutilated kittens expire and my 3g sim card spontaneously combust
    may my tariffs be terrifying.

  21. I actually asked O2 why on earth they’ve got iPhone locked to their network. Answer was – they have the exclusive right to sell this product in UK. Also mentioned most of their post pay handsets are unlocked. Guys comment.

  22. What the f**k is this Waquas on about. If you buy aan Iphone in France it is illegal to lock a phone to any network. It´s about customer choice. Why should you be tied to one network and one type of phone. What about supply and demand. How many could have iphones could have been sold if they were unlocked to any network. By they way it is a very good video except for the fact it still doesn’t tell you how to do it so what was the point of it?

  23. Waqas? Has anyone ever told you that you’re an ASS! If not, let me proudly be the first. I have never come across anyone who is so self righteous over companies that lock phones. Don’t you know that the phone companies will gladly unlock another companies phone just to keep or get you as a customer? How illegal is that if they unlock other company phones. T-mobile and AT&T both do it. If they all sold unlocked phones it would all come down to who offers the best service. As for your hahahaha.. At&T is very well aware of people unlocking there phones…Do you really think apple cares? They still get there money one way or another. You need to go inform AT&T or 02 and see what they have to say or do about it. They will do NOTHING or maybe say something to make you feel good so you can come back to us acting like a 5 year old child that just got his big brother in trouble..hahahahahaha…

  24. I have an O2 contract witha different phone. If I buy the phone on pay as you go can I then put my existing O2 Sim into it and it works or do I need to unlock it still?

  25. I have informed Apple about people unlocking phones. Next time they release a new software version, they will make sure nobody can unlock it. Now who is the one laughing. ME!!HAHAHAHAHHAHA

  26. Waqas….. you work for Apple ha ha ha

    You need help, i suggest you read globalisation and its discontents. its the people that suffer and not the companies.

  27. Nice read this thread, though I must admit to getting slightly bogged down and skipping to Waqas’s comments. Crazy :)

    Anyway’s gotta an iPhone, don’t mind paying me monthly ransom for it, did mind not being able to do what I wanted with it, so jailbroke it, heck, only way to get some decent stuff rolling on it.

  28. In Response to first post:
    WAQAS RASHED You are a douche bag! You obviously work for a network operator who doesn’t have to deal with:
    - foreign customer services.
    - staying on hold for 20 minutes.
    - Poor network connection.
    - BS phone bills that don’t make sense sometimes
    - International roaming charges.

    Network operators are hustlers, they are worse than insurance sales people. Its everybody right to have full functionality on any purchased item weather its a cell phone or a computer. I am going to install linux or whatever the hell I like or want to do with it on my pc/ipod. Its my property after purchase. How much more money do you A holes want by blocking/restricting our phones to a single use of network!
    Whats the difference? Just like everybody is being f***ed with bad mortgages, carriers with monthly plans is the same con on a smaller scale. Unemployment has risen to 9% and is still rising. All the people that have lost jobs and were on a 2yr plan, GOD help them.

    Other Posts:
    Everybody please make sure that you have a contingency plan before you quickly unlock your iPhone. Find solutions that will will backup your software or include a option, to restore to original settings. Google/youtube ziphone and iPhone restore.

  29. All,
    Here’s a hint – Google: REBELSIM
    You can update your iPhone and it will still allow your sim to work.
    No need to hack the phone, install other software and doesn’t void your warranty!
    I would suggest you get the full package however (Programmer and cutter) been using mine since I had it, and it is superb.
    All you do is hole punch your sim, put it in the sim tray with the rebel sim and then it tricks the iphone into thinking it’s still locked to the operator network.
    The programmer is only used to update the rebel sim when a new update is out. So that you can continue to update the phone as normal or restore when needed and then update the rebel sim. The whole process takes less then 5 mins!! The initial cost of the kit will be around 25 pounds, but its a good investment!

  30. I have a iphone working fine, with unlocked. i just started updating the latest updates from itunes, then after updating overall progressiinstalled perfectly,but thereafter i get a messages incorrectsim “insert an unlocked and valed sim to activate iphone.
    pls help me what should i do to restore the previous settings.
    iam looking for the best solution the bring back my iphone to previous state
    thanking you

  31. my bro was using iphone(first one n not the 3g) for abt 7 months ,very smoothly . he unlocked it by placin a chip kind of thing on the sim then inserting in the iphone. but i accidently updated its oftware while using itunes and now its locked i think. at top left it shows “no service ” and “slide for emergency calls”. now wat should i do. plz help guys

  32. Dear dhiraj please get your iphone unlocked by a moblie professional expert and dont even try to register it with at&t service with itunes otherwise you will have to pay $49 per incorrect activation with at&t. the mobile expert will download crack files and will fix your problem. I lso suffered with the same situation. So best of luck!

  33. today i update my ipone with itunes & new version 2.01 & my phone is lock & dont know what to do about that.

    please help me otherwise my father is going to kill me…

    any1 there to save my life….
    waiting for the reply.

  34. I am gobsmacked, my mrs have been using her iphone for a year now, plugged it in to a laptop to download i tune and immediately ask if I want to uograde to a new software, and I click yes, after all has been done succssfully, the phone is now blocked and asking for a new sim and I am f****d if I am unable to get all her contacts and family fotos back.

    Please HELP

  35. Okay, I’m really confused.
    Firstly I’m buying an iPhone but I have a 3 contract.
    I’m going to hopefully be buying one from ebay.
    Do unlocked iPhones work on 3?

  36. i just update my iphone thru itunes after updating now it wants a VALID sim………
    can any one help me to find that valid sim????????????/
    and from where i can buy that valid sim is that avilable on earth or i have to go on MARS to find that sim??????????????????
    by the way apple claims its support service is best in the world now where they ran away??????????????/
    may be there iphone is also locked?????????????????????????

  37. helow

    i up grade my original i phone from 1.2 version to 2.0 version and there after immediately my i phone was locked and now it dose not start after unlocking what should i do to unlock my phone

    alay bhatt

  38. David june yes iphones can be bought without a contract try ebay these u can buy an ipohne unlocked and ready to use for you just DONT UPDATE if your not sure what you doing as this will likely Relock and un-jailbreak it.

  39. I’m in Ireland and want a friend in America to buy an iphone for me. What is the deal with at&t contracts? Can an iphone be bought without a contract? What should i do?????!! Also will there be unlocking software for 2.0 and is this safe? One last thing – what’s firmware? Sorry if these are stupid questions – please help!

  40. If you’re joking waqas then lol but you’ve taken it too far.

    If you actually knew what the profit margin on texts and calls is you would realise that mobile networks screw people over every day.

  41. hello everybody.. can anyone help me unlockin iphone.. i hav updated my iphone on itunes to ver 1.1.4… now after installin newer ver its not accepting sim card.. can anyone help me please??????

  42. You guys are the stupidest i’ve ever come across. I unlocked my iphone to 1.1.4 with Ziphone FREE of charge and all i did was click unlock & jailbreak. You fat fucks!!! Lol

  43. I bought an Iphone. Had it unlocked. Works well but having trouble sending emails. I tried to download updated software. Big mistake. My phone has now been locked. How do I unlock this without having to pay another $85?

  44. I have a iphone working fine, with unlocked. i just started updating the latest updates from itunes, then after updating overall progressiinstalled perfectly,but thereafter i get a messages incorrectsim “insert an unlocked and valed sim to activate iphone.
    pls help me what should i do to restore the previous settings.
    iam looking for the best solution the bring back my iphone to previous state
    thanking you

  45. Whack Ass, it remains the case that if their deal was so good they wouldn’t have to lock the phone to their network cos everybody would naturally gravitate to it & any sales they lost to other networks would be compensated by the fact that they didn’t have to pay a huge whack to Apple.

    But I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. This is not a serious piece of kit & defiantely not a ‘killer app’. It’s not even 3G!!!! Looks good, but it’s nothing more than a playground toy, uses soon-to-be redundant technology & is already out of date.

    The next killer app with be a proper ip mobile phone, which requires better conectivity than most providers can currently supply. The fact remains that they are still trying to recoup the cost of the GPRS autions & infrastucture costs & ripping us off with these sorts of deals is one way of doing it. Roaming charges is another.

  46. You guys are f**ked in the head man, people unlock phones because they want to and realistically theres nothing noone can do about it so ya if you have a problem shove your iphone up your azz

  47. Waqas, why rant on about the networks giving free phones and deals etc, the iphone has one of the worst, if not the worst deal going AND you have to pay almost £300 for the phone.

    Why not unlock it and continue to get 600 mins, unlimited txts and free home broadband like i currently do?

  48. Waqas.. When I read your post, it reminded of Seinfeld and what he said to George.. You know, you really need some help, and a regular psychiatrist couldn’t even help you. You need to go to, like, Vienna or something. You know what I mean? You need to get involved at the University level, like where Freud studied, and have all those people looking at you and checking up on you. That’s the kind of help you need. Not the once a week for eighty bucks, no. You need a team, a team of psychiatrists working around the clock, thinking about you, having conferences, observing you, like the way they did with the Elephant Man.

  49. locked phones are lame. while us and uk can get the phones now we here in dubai have to wait ages for it to get here or get them unlocked and pay enormous prices. is that fair? BS! give us the unlocked phone now!!!!!!

  50. I am getting my iPhone for £200 unlocked in the UK and the above, what HollyDee has quoted, is what I have heard but I am not to sure if this is tue. I have an o2 sim as it is and am going to be using that so i am presuming it will be ok.

    Any ideas?

  51. Ok, firstly, for £35 on average you reveice 500mins and 500texts -ish right? But for the iPhone you have to pay the initial £269 and THEN £35 and you ONLY get 200mins and 200texts. You can’t turn round and tell me that isn’t a rip off!

    I mean, I’m a student. And like many students I have no money but was extremely desperate for the iPhone, and would have happily paid IF:
    a) you got more minutes/texts for your moeny
    b) the contract cost was less
    c) you didnt have to pay the initial £269

    But now looks like both Apple and O2 have lost out on a whole section of the market. Boohoo for them!

    I was seriously considering getting an unlocked iPhone and using an Orange SimFree contract, although I’ve heard the internet, youtube and texting doesn’t work properly .. is this true?!

    And when the firmware upgrades will I have to re-unlock it?

  52. im sorry m8 but they overcharge you for text messages and phone calls, they only give u free phones so that you stay with them and keep PAYING them so sit down and shut up

  53. You state its a mere £35 a month, that is a rubbish deal considering you can pay much less for a contract and recieve more minuets and texts. I bought an unlocked iPhone for £200 and put in my o2 contract sim which gives me 500 mins and unlimited texts every month.
    Best thing I can cancel the contract whenever I want. Why the hell would anyone want to pay £35 a month for a crap deal which locks you down to a 18 month contact when you can do the exact same as I have.

    I think my deal is well worth it ;-)

  54. im here in UK just saw the iphone from O2 priced at 269 pounds, but you need to activate it by selecting a plan, its locked into O2 network. You can go to apple store in the US, theyre selling it at 399 USD, no need to get a plan, even if you’re not from that country they will still sell u the phone, its up to you how to unlocked it hehehe.

  55. ha. Waqas is a bloody sucker….
    he’s talking crap…
    so, are you calling the whole of France (and the other countries that say all phones must be sold Unlocked) “clawing consuming monsters” ?! Because that is all we are discussing here… just unlocking the freaking phone so we as British citizens are not ripped off by paying a fuck-off monthly charge. Pissed off with us Brits getting ripped off and every other bugger getting a good deal. so fuck off Waqas…

    cheers. had to let that out…

  56. I have an unlocked iphone that I have put my orange card into, the only function that
    i can use is the phone itself to make calls, could someone please tell me how I can/if I can access you tube, web, maps, weather.

    Much Appreciated

  57. I’m not so sure if Waqas was joking or not.(thums up if he was,hahaha) I know a Chinese guy who is 38 years of age and has been living in UK for the past 20 years. He genuinely believes that Dalai Lama is a head terrorist leading groups of gorilla army fighting against China. He also believes that Chinese gov’s are keeping Dalai Lama out of Tibet is part of their effort in trying to preserve peace between their people and the tibetan because if Dalai Lama was to return to his home country, the tibetan would become spirituallly overwhelm and start a war with the Chinese!! He also said that all exile Tibetans are terrorists or criminals.
    I kid you not. One day i will record what he says and youtube it. His name is FRANCIS LEE.
    Anyway, my point is, if there’s a Francis Lee then perhaps Waqas’s statement was not a joke..eventhough his name suggests it. :)

  58. You sad, sad, intolerent people. This is tragic, that post was so painfully obviously a joke and its clear that everyone took it seriously… A really depressing window on society and intelligence.

  59. omg. waqas, do you work for 02?? maybe you work for Apple. You sound like an imbecile. if you want to get all involved in peoples lives become a politician. if people want to hack stuff, thats fine. it shows that they have one hell of a lot of intelligence.

  60. The iPhone in the UK is locked – no solution as of yet however it can now be jailbroken (turns it into an iphone basically with the functions of an iPhone)…. the unlock solution is apparently hours away or perhaps it’s days because they’ve all been saying 24 hours away since the 9th.

    The iPhone in France has to be purchased by someone with an address in France, and it is unlocked on ALL french based networks, but as soon as you take it out of the country, you can’t use a local sim card in it without jailbreaking and then unlocking.
    of course by the time it’s released in france, they’ll be on like firmware 1.1.3 or something which will make it even harder to unlock.
    Your best bet is to buy one from the states and unlock it for free using the iphonedevteam’s tutorial guide… if it’s on 1.1.2 then downgrade it and then unlock it.

  61. Waqas you jackass

    You go on about what the networks give us for free!!1 like phone, free text, free calling time, but you forget to mention that they make us sign an 12 or 18 months contract. Do you really think people are that stupid to think that these networks are giving away freebies??? they make their money from the contract that covers their so called free phone/text/calling. So don’t go on blabbering on about how good the network companies are, you and they can kiss my ass.
    They make billions of pounds. They are greedy just like music labels, something that costs them peanuts they charge arm and a leg.

    As for the iphone, Apple has become greedy as well, they did deals with the networks and they make money from contracts. If you ask me they made a big mistake doing this as many people will not buy it due to network restrictions. They would have made more money if there was no restrictions

  62. re Anonymous comment of “legally owning” and doing what you wish,there is the small matter of intellectual property which is still maintained by the company and likely to be in the small print of the agreement \ seal on the box, i.e. the classic line of not to reverse engineer or modify the item (think xbox chipping etc)..

    Since people are paying a small fortune for the iphone,whats the problem with chosing whatever network you want, its not the same as when you get free phones that have been subsidised by the network, or is there some implication that 02 subsidises the phone?

    The easiest way for people to protest at this is not to actually buy the phone at that price, surely apple would have to revise this if they have such a glut of stock on there hands and dont make there targets…

  63. Waqas, Apple have taken metals & plastics and arranged them in such a way as to produce an object which is capable of x, y, z. Once I purchase that object from someone who legally owns it, I may do with it whatever I choose. This includes using it in place of a tennis ball, throwing it at my therapist or taking it apart and making a work of art out of its components. It also includes reprogramming it or altering its configuration in any way I see fit. This is neither a crime, nor morally problematic. From your name, but more so from your comments, I suspect you are a muslim. In my opinion, you should have your hands chopped off for using such a demonic, pagan device as a computer in the first place.

  64. Is everone forgetting the bottom line.. If you got money and/or time to get it unlocked.. go for it. Its your view. Mr Waqas- Do you always do what is correct? I mean did you ever watch a pirated DVD? Ever I mean?? And with due respect to the company- hackers round the globe will do what they want to do. Protect your equipments in the best way you can.

  65. First of all O2′s handsets do not come unopened for all networks.

    Just pay the charges. If O2 are robbing you then why are they letting customers who have upgrade before 18 September upgrade free of charge instead of a term fee. Of course the charges are slightly higher. The network has to make some money from this as O2 only receive around 5% of the charges you pay for the handset.

  66. “whats all the fuss for? I bet ya’ll heard the iphone’s exclusive to o2 in the UK and as o2′s an “open-network”, all their phones including pdas always come unlocked.”

    Sorry mate I’m afraid your wrong. O2 is NOT an “open network” and whilst a lot of o2′s handset’s are indeed unlocked, some are actually locked.

    And I can assure you the iPhone will be locked when it is released on o2, because o2 have paid a fortune to Apple for the rights to sell iPhone (outbidding every UK network).

  67. Ok guys, stop the verbal sling match. Go get the iphone for almost free at But if you want to buy one at $600, for moral reasons or otherwise, go for it. Its a free country.

  68. I have an unlocked i-phone using an Orange SIM card. I received some dubious text messages looking as if they were Russian and since then if I try and open the text messaging application it opens up and then closes the application. I have sent myself some more text messages and the iphone now says there are twelve unread messages but I cannot get to them.
    everything else is working fine and its a great bit of kit.. any ideas on resolving my problem thanks Peter

  69. Waqas Rashid – translates in English to complete C**T
    Charity? Networks giving everyone free texts and minutes. Have you seen how much they charge and rip people off?
    Yes in good old Britain we are idiots to put up with paying so much more than the rest of the world for things.

    Go and get an overpriced phone and then pay extra for having the latest thing, wouldn’t it be good if everyone in the UK said no to the overpricing and didn’t buy things untill they priced them more fairly. Look at the overprices PS3′s etc…

    iphone 8GB in US = $399.00 = £195.00
    iphone 8GB in UK = £269.00 =£74 quid more.
    Then it won’t be long until the 3G versions come along with higher specifications and you won’t have the latest iphone.

  70. LOL – Waqas Rashid, looks like you received a proper verbal beatdown and ended up looking the complete fool you are.

    I really can’t add anything except point out the obvious fact that huge multinationals make money precisely by selling us stuff at a cost less than it takes them produce whatever the latest fad may be – they don’t do it for our benefit dumbass. And to be hard-edge, if you were a ‘rational moral animal’ (which incidentally makes little sense but I’ll be charitable and switch my Babel Fish to ‘idiot’) you’d see that the whole idea of personal property and thus the foundation upon which the whole edifice of capitalism is constructed makes less sense than your initilal post.

    So, sit down Waqas and go think about the world you live in for longer than it took you to two-finger type that crap above.

  71. “mere £35 a month. And then think what you get in return. Minutes and text messages worth up to £180″

    The messages and texts are only worth £180 because thats what the same network charges for them on payg. Your an idiot. Buying a handset and having it unlocked still means you have payed for the handset. Infact, buying a handset and paying the tarrif and then unlocking the handset and using another sim card infact benifits the company as your paying for the minutes and texts and not using them!


  72. As for the unlockied iphones, They do not care as someone somewhere has bought it to begin with. So whoever’s bank balance it is that benefits from the original sale will still go up.
    Also i think you are all missing the point why doesn’t Apple sell the phones at a higher price, unlocked, with a global relase straight from the apple store? They would have sold a 1000x times more by now don’t you think?

  73. Right all you geeks and nerds listen up!!!!
    Let me put everyone at rest here. I can exclusively confirm that the iphones will not be locked as per o2′s “Open Network” attitude. Happy?
    So all of you nerd’s and geek’s stop wasting your lifes on meaningles forum chats and get a life

  74. oh mumma! tasty blog. “Mr Loombastic being faantastic” had to screw it up. Question for Mr enligthened and Principled.. Mr Waq, what networks your phone on if you have one.

  75. whats all the fuss for? I bet ya’ll heard the iphone’s exclusive to o2 in the UK and as o2′s an “open-network”, all their phones including pdas always come unlocked. so relax n give Waqas a break.. the lads got principles n standing firm even tho some of us find it hard to believe.

  76. I’m not being sarcastic. I am disgusted and bewildered by these vile accusations, and indeed your flippant attitude to this serious issue.

    Sealy, not only would that be wrong, it would be illegal.
    The question is: should legality and morality be synonymous?

    I posit that they should. If to do something legal is not necessarily to do something moral, an illegal action is certainly an immoral one. You are sinning not just against your fellow man (let us not forget that these are men who run the networks. They are not simply corporate amalgams; rather, they are living breathing human beings, with hopes and fears; dreams and aspirations), but also against the state.

  77. Waqas….. I’m loving your Sarcasm.

    Tell me oh enlightened one, would it be wrong to purchase an iphone and have it unlocked so it’ll work in good old Great Britiain?

  78. “Hey pal, don’t try to make us believe that phone companies are good samaritans!!!

    Why not? Are you so cynical and hardened that you fail to believe in the goodness of humanity? Why is it so improbable that, just once, someone is trying to do some good? Think of what you pay a network – for example a mere £35 a month. And then think what you get in return. Minutes and text messages worth up to £180! A free handset worth up to £500! And the customer service! Such things are dreams made of. AND THEN on top of all that, benevolent companies like dialaphone throw free games consoles into the mix!!!!
    I’ve never heard the like. You ungrateful swine don’t deserve mobile phones from these philanthropic gods (yes, gods). I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Jesus Christ himself was a shareholder in dialaphone.

    “The phone weren’t made to be locked in the first place, can you tell me why the networks locks them up?”

    Excellent question Mr Bond. As it happens, the good-hearted network bosses are looking out for YOUR interests. You see, people today are rather stupid. They are easily bewildered and led astray by shiny things and implausible offers. So, to prevent the naive public from wandering into dangerous territory and signing up for deal that, while looking good, would in fact ruin their life, they make the phones so that they will only work with the very best of deals. A farmer doesn’t put his chickens in a hutch to take away his freedom – he does it to protect them from the scary fox-riddled outside world., Of course, he steals their foetuses and eats them, but that’s besides the point.

    “Network give us minutes, sms and handsfree, are they doing this for charity?”


    “You must be from a country that does not care for freedom.”

    Nice try George Bush.

  79. Waqas, aka Wack Ass!!
    I can’t believe you fall for that morality bull. Think as if you were buying a car and you are only limited to use their maintenance service and only one type of gas station. You must be from a country that does not care for freedom. TTYL Wack Ass!!

  80. Waqas, you certainly got an interesting view.

    The phone weren’t made to be locked in the first place, can you tell me why the networks locks them up?

    Network give us minutes, sms and handsfree, are they doing this for charity?

  81. LOL

    I got £5 on Waqas Rashid being some lowly AT&T employee!

    They make billions out of people like us, so dont try and “festoon” us with your preaching.

    Go festoon your colon

  82. I find phone unlocking to be morally repugnant. Have you people no respect for the networks? They do so much for you. They festoon you with minutes and text messages, offer you the latest handsets for free. And you ungrateful swine spit in their faces. For shame.

    Learn to exist in society as a rational moral animal, not some clawing consuming monster, swimming through a pool of your own effluence to try and screw everyone over at every possible opportunity.

    I feel nauseous. Or should that be nauseated?

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