First Pictures of Alienware Android Cell Phone

Google and Dell are on the point of launching a new mobile phone to run on the Android operating system, probably at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona that’s going on at the moment. Dell have tried to enter the mobile phone market once before but their range of PDAs was a complete flop.

Well, would you buy a Dell phone? Exactly.

Dell have also recently acquired Alienware, the trendiest tech company in the world, an expert in Video, Gaming, and Audio, and a company crying out for a mobile phone.

So here are the first pictures of the Alienware mobile phone!


  • Classic Alienware eye catching design
  • Large screen with high resolution
  • Superb video gaming capability
  • Fantastic Audio
  • Built on the Google Android platform

Alienware cell phone image 2

It’s well known that Dell want to enter the mobile phone market. Rivals such as Apple, Hewlett Packard and Asus already have mobile divisions, and last year Dell poached Motorola executive Ron Garriques to run their new global consumer group.

But so far their efforts have come unstuck, the uninspiring Axim PDA handset was dropped mid 2007, and Strategy Analytics Director Neil Mawson gave the following verdict “It makes sense for Dell to have a high-profile entry back into the market because its last effort with PDAs pretty much flopped.”

Why was this? The increasingly dull associations with the Dell brand? Maybe they should change their name to Dull. One thing for sure is there wasn’t exactly much of a stir when the last batch of handhelds were introduced.

Alienware vs dell

The brand did get a shot in the arm however in 2006 when Dell acquired Alienware, the mega-stylish American laptops and desktops manufacturer, known for their expertise in video, audio and gaming.

Alienware are famous for their eye catching designs and innovative technology, only last month they launched the ultimate in video gaming experience, a giant curved monitor that fills the entire of the gamer’s peripheral vision. Conclusion, Alienware cool, Dell not cool.

alienware curved screen monitor

The argument for an Alienware mobile phone is overwhelming. It would have the striking design to make an impression in a mobile market dominated by fashion phones, it would instantly be the coolest phone on the market thanks to the popularity of the Alienware brand, it would have the marketing muscle of Dell behind it to push it beyond its established niche and into the mainstream, and it would be the mobile gamer’s dream, just as video gaming on mobile phones is starting to enter the picture.

To add to the excitement there have been rumours recently that Dell and Google are on the point of making a surprise announcement at the 3GSM World Mobile Congress with speculation growing over an iPhone-challenging mobile device.

The first wave of phones built on the Google Android Open Development Project are due this summer, what price an early announcement of a real Google phone to sink our teeth into.

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230 thoughts on “First Pictures of Alienware Android Cell Phone

  1. damn, I’d totally get one of those if it weren’t a droid…unless they manage to fix the charging issue…After 2 becoming paperweights from the same exact thing, I’m all about the iphone now lol

  2. I think that this phone is a very cool and i like the idea of dell making a coming back plus I think Its time Apple got a competition. But when will this phone come out and what age group is this aimed at if it is for teenage boys do you really think that the parents are going to buy them something that expensive its not often you see a 13 year old with a Iphone 4 is it?

    • Hi garagexkast,

      Unfortunately, the Alienware Android phone never took off so there is little chance of finding one to buy anywhere. It was rumoured back at the start of 2008 so it’s pretty out of date now. There are plenty of interesting handsets out there with much better specs and you can always spice yours up with a case! If you would like to know what kind of smartphone would be most suited to you, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to help you out.


  3. A very predictable design and not very memorable! All over a poor design and bad selection of materials/ finishes. This risks diluting the brand which is very dangerous – not to mention loss of revenue.

  4. Cool idea, but the bottom is not functional, , i like things different than others, it might be interesting, but needs to have UMTS/BLUetooth/longbat/GPRS/edge for slower networks. HC storage and like Sony walkmans be able to connect my favorite airphones.

  5. Euh … guys, I hate to burst your bubble, but…it’s REAL!!!!!
    I’m in China right now and guess what,….I just bought the damn thing for my brother!!! yep he’s a alienwarefan so i said to my self what the heck;anyway it looks awesome,cool and handles great, hope my bro likes it.
    me myself, i’m waiting for the nexus one from google/HTC…

  6. I just saw a real thing – the Alienware cell phone last weekend.


    Shenzhen, China. Of Course. Exactly looking like the concept picture, and made of some real heavy alloy. So the phone actually weighs like 3 regular phones together. YES, there are the blue lights too. SOOOOOOOO COOL right?

    Nope. It runs on MTL – the chinese phone ‘OS’ which can code into various home screens like the Blackberry interface, Nokia and even Android, oh and the notorius iPhone OS@ MTL. By pushing up the upper half just like a Nokia 8XXX phone, the blue-led lit keyboard is revealed. The whole movement was actually very well-made, from the ample experience of copying the Nokia and the Vertu. (It weighs and feels like a Vertu – but I guess one has to really get a chance to see a real Vertu before understanding that)

    Its cute. The Enter key is the small Alienhead. Thing is they tried to do the blue light thing with a bunch of Micro-LEDs, which you can make out easily. If they spent just a tad more effort, in making the sliding shell more 3D and hide the LEDs, I would have bought the thing right there.

    Price tag is $350 RMB, so works out to about USD$50.

    PS. all the Ferrari, Porsche, even Audi R8 phones they are making now have such a good quality fit, heavy-solid metal, stitched leather decor and to top it off, a luxurious Wooden/Leather/Aluminum Box that just looks so good. If only they have a better OS!!

    • Well, even if you are doubting on this news … This mobile phone IS available in that design … but (and that breaks my heart!!!) it is NOT from Alienware, it is a chinese thingy … i wanted to buy it, but it was so waste captured in chromed plastic … horrible …

      but it is not that far away to make a mobilephone like this ..

  7. Looks crazy. But there will be a market for it, so why not? All it can do is drive other phone manufacturers to make their offering more high end and maybe someone will make an ‘iPhone killer’ that is actually what the iPhone should have been.

  8. it’s one of the greatest phone ever. all of you are so yesterday with your old shoes and old Watches. all of you are two scarde to see some changes in life so take your head out of your*%$#@. and injoy what life has to offer. give me one and I’ll show it off and then all of you will be kissing my %&$#@ point blank. you bunch of yesterdays news.

  9. Great post Jon! I have been following the #p2 effort since you started it, and although I have understood its purpose this post does a really great job solidifying the full rationale.

  10. It sux that the Majority of Individuals in here “Can’t See Straight” because that phone concept is By Far the Sickest’ design out there hands down. Let me pose a question to all you Haters out there about it, What phone out there on the market now can beat that stylish beauty?

  11. I am an advocate of alienware, but I am unsure about the new phone. One of the resons I love my laptop is because it’s unique, stylish a diffrent. I don’t mind spending the extra money for alienware, mostly you pay for what you get, and that’s including paying for the name. Also from a female prepective I think the phone is cool and diffrent I’ve seen hundreds iphones but if someone had an alienware phone I may look twice.

  12. Wow guys…. I think your being a bit harsh on ALienware. I mean maybe that phone is not in your interest but What the hell? Its better than DElls, and Its Pretty unique compared to other phones. Who here agrees with me?

  13. It is just the front of the new Area-51 Alienware case, slapped onto a phone. It looks interesting but is too much of a direct application of Alienware’s design language.

  14. it would be cool touch screen, but i think the menus are fine (jasim).

    If you mess with the menus and things like that to make them “cooler” you will make it too complicated, you want it to be fast, nice, but simple. Also you dont want to mess with the menus and what not because you will probably get more glitches as we’d seen with other phones.

  15. I think if i whipped out that phone, it would kick all my friend’s phones’ butts

    I think you who say it is “horrible” are just scared.

    Coolest set up of a phone.

  16. listen listen every1.this is in no way what an alien phone would look like!some guy has designed this for dial a phone,if u read the bottom of the picture!and i have an alienware pc and there cool as f*#k so i would buy one.stick the iphone up your sphincter lol

  17. I wanna buy that phone dude! that is sooooooo awsome! and can you call aliens on that phone? mail it to my house the one that i want is the fist one. I don’t care how mutch it cost! i would rather have that phone instead of a limo or mansion dude! i really like, love and want! alien ware is better than dell and verison! and other brands!

  18. Hmm it’s still vapourware so who’s to say. I like Alienware stuff generally. It looks almost good but it looks clunky and plasticy. I’d have to hold one in my hand to know for sure.

  19. the alienware is just the same as the other phones If I was u i would just go out and buy something else that makes it a lot easer to talk to poeple and text on

  20. Okay you can’t say it sucks yet, because this is just a concept for now, I would like to see a little more ingenuity in this phone, because it just looks like an Alienware skull skin on a regular phone, but the features look pretty cool. Who know, its NOT an ugly piece crap like the retards on top are saying, BUT it doesn’t show as creativity are i would like. I have an Alienware computer at home and to hear that alienware was making a cell phone? Well i just had to see it. Not the best thing to happen BUT again who know they might change the design of it. God know that almost every single ‘cool’ cell phone out there has had atleast SOME kind of face lift before it became popular. like the sony Ericsson, which their are multiple versions of, the original design was not as popular as everyone thought, so they reinvented it and made it better.

    I do like the screen extending to the edge of the screen, so far I haven’t see alot of phones out there that have done that. I would like to see the grill be a little smaller, not to small but enough to show that the screen is actually bigger than the grill. I would also like to see some sort of touch screen system on it, and I don’t mean that touch sensitive numbers crap, I mean PURE TOUCH SCREEN. I don’t like the theme of the menu, I had expected alienware to make atleast a more creative menu than that simple concept, so I hope they can make it better, OR hopefully we will be able to download themes from alienwares site.

    Anyway good luck to them…


  21. Will this phone run World of Warcraft, be your only friend because you can’t get girls, and act as a word processor for a high school teacher hitlist just like Alienware?

  22. I’m not usually offensive but that phone looks like the designer went to toilet for a dump, looked at the tiolet paper after he wiped his ar*se and thought oooh… theres an idea.

    I will not be buying this phone.

  23. hi well what can i say im a little down as they will never come out,…….. but wow if they did id get one as long as they where as cool as there other alienware stuff as a fan they should look at sony ericsson mob,phones grate all round phone plus they need to make it the best of the best plus make it do some thing new other phones DONT do like make it a traker o and make it do every thing beter than the best phones out there…anyway i still wont one ………ps if you do one let me no as id love one just to be that guy with a cool phone that no one els has looks good but make it small plz …. may be you could do it with differant software you no ie so you could have only the things you wont ie mp3 player or email you no if u didnt wont email you dont have to have it u could have move ed insted …………. make the case glow when it rings and when u go to talk into it opens up like the phone matrex u no how cool it looks same the phone was sh*t and make the case out of something cool … let me no

  24. 1. where did my comments go from yesterday
    2. this is fictitious phone, its never going to exist, read the blogs. even the picture was designed “by Jas Seehra for Dial-A-Phone” neither Alienware or Dell have even mentioned an Alienware phone!
    3. ive got an area 51 and an alx – dont think this phones gonna cost me more than they did.

  25. What the hell’s wrong with you?Your eyes must be completely demolished!This phone is just the coolest one ever!There has never been a better design ever on a mobile phone device.Maybe you’re just jealous of not being able to buy one cause it’s gonna be too expensive.Could also be that you do not like modern/futuristic design,but in that case pls search for your new home on the graveyard.
    Best regards for Alienware’s mobile device

  26. are you guys serious. its not a real phone. u cant play a game on that thing. and since clearly all u guys do in ur spare time is argue about which computer company is best, then dont you think you would hear more “hype” about it, or at least see someone who has it? even if it was/is a real phone, then seriously guys, someone finally find out how much it costs and were you can get one because i want it. no im kidding. but seriously. its an awesome phone, i want one.

    P.S. kudos to bleh for pointing that out. youre my man bleh. REPRESENT!

  27. It’s all fake, all they (the writers of this article) have done is take an Alienware tower and slightly photoshopped it. I can’t believe you’re all stupid enough to fall for this ahhaha

  28. It looks kickass but… how big is it? cuz it sais that it has “high gaming capability”. I meen, if it’s as big as some small handheld motorolla its not worth it other for its awesome look. i meen, the screen would have to at LEAST be as big as the iphone for gaming to be practical.

    PS: people who think that’s ugly, take the iphone for example: its a black box with a touchscreen and an engraved apple in the back. Then you could take some motorolla or cingular phone: wow, congratulations, you just bought a refridgerator with buttons!

    • like @megwag, I’m a Galaxy fan. The new Samsung Galaxy S2 has an 8mp craema on the back and a 2mp craema on the front (for skype). I’m so getting it when my plan is up on Dec 1! My husband has the Galaxy S and he loves his. It has a fabulous craema, as well. I am so impressed with the pictures his phone takes.

    • My husband has the HTC Evo 3D and loves it. It is a thin phone with a very big sceren (bigger than the iPhone). The battery life is great, and it is much better than his past phones. If you have 4G in your area, the data is super fast. The camera quality is good but not as good at the new iPhone 4s. It can take 3D photos and videos, but we don’t use the feature (hurts our eyes & kinda weird). Of course it has all the Android benefits. Personally I love having a keyboard on my phone, and that is the one feature that I miss with many of the new smartphones on the market.

  29. The phone is already out and i have my own now..
    It is very cool and i love it..
    Although, it is slightly heavy, it also very cool..

    I got it for just $550 usd…

    The Battery life is incredible…

  30. it would be much better if instead of the screen sliding, it was fixed and the flashing light thingo was the number pad. It would make me buy one then :D

  31. Dell is way cooler than alienware.
    Alienware = for STUPID idiots who have more money than sense and very low IQ.
    Dell = for more intelligent idiots who have less money.
    Smart people build their own computers.
    Anyway have you seen that video of an android phone running quake?
    Looks pretty good.

    • Dell used to be the top computer cnmpaoy in the world because they had a brilliant system, bought quality parts from reputable suppliers and provided great customer service. As other companies came along to challenge them, HP, Sony, Asus, Lenovo, they were forced to fight to stay on top. Maintaining a position of industry leadership costs money. How do you make more money? One way is to cut expenses. Buy cheaper parts, outsource customer support overseas, incorporate less quality control. Another way is for the Officers to set aside their greed, take salary cuts, and put some of the profit back into the business. The trouble is, Corporations answer to the shareholders, so it’s common for companies to shoot themselves in the foot. They pander to the shareholder to keep the stock high and the dividends flowing, and in the process they force the employees and the consumers to the back of the line. Soon, the cnmpaoy starts to suffer. Employees become disgruntled they don’t work as hard, or they care less about the quality of their work. Very talented people may quit and go work for the competition. The quality of the product and/or service starts to drop, and once the consumer decides they don’t like the product anymore, the profits fall, the stock falls, and the cnmpaoy starts to spiral downward. It becomes like rats on a sinking ship. This is why reputation is so important in business.Dell created its own problems by providing inferior quality products and service compared to what they first produced. If you look hard enough, you’ll find that somehow, someway, it’s all because of greed.

  32. it yje alien ware phone real if so please show me a way that i can see what the price is because i am getting the laptop and i just want the phone

  33. This ios the coolest phone ive ever seen. unlike the usual conformist handsets. This one actually has something to say. I want one bad now!!!

  34. Hey Phil (comment 80)
    Just because you suck your own and it dissolved it dosen’t meant hat you have to go and critisize dell about it.
    Instead of critisizing dell, check to see if your manhood is still there.
    You asshole! haha Phil sucks monkeys cock

  35. WTF???
    i havent read the article cos, well, i dont think it would be worth reading. but about the “trendiest tech” bit i found in the comments, hell, i agree. i fucking loooooove ALIENWARE.

    …and, dude, if they are making a phone, it would be legendary. not the lame-ass fake concept pictures shown here of the ALIENWARE P2 chasis.

  36. tmos prob gonna be the only company in the us to release android, and how would it be a gaming fone, this is BS. Android uses java for its apps, while there are many java games, theyd most likely have to be ported, and the fone would have to have like a lot of ram and a good processor, something that isn’t all too common with TMO.

  37. I don’t know about you guys but my opinion is- it’s a really good concept, but let’s wait and see what’s gonna happen.
    - Check this out :
    * Classic Alienware eye catching design
    * Large screen with high resolution
    * Superb video gaming capability
    * Fantastic Audio
    * Built on the Google Android platform
    -That’s all sound good but usually i don’t belive untill i see, i don’t trust to prototypes.

  38. i am a deprate bitch and I’m telling everyone to fck off cause I’m a skank like that, now i don’t give a flying shit about whatever the fuck phone yall dombasses are talking about…with your ugly ASS

  39. Cool idea, but the bottom is not functional, , i like things different than others, it might be interesting, but needs to have UMTS/BLUetooth/longbat/gprs/edge for slower networks. HC storage and like soy walkmans be able to connect my favorite airphones. :D

  40. The iPhone concept is a great concept, touch screen, wireless for hotspots, touch screen, virtual voicemail cool features, but what about the rest of us power users who need a fully functional PDA that can be syncronized with our planners and contacts, and still be just as sleek and sharp as the competition. Can we please get a nice slick phone for the rest of us non apple lovers who don’t feel the need to go buy a phone that isn’t even 3G compliant. Its a waste of money to buy something that is already out of date the day they built it. I may be ranting but i don’t see any of the other phone manufacturer’s even attempting to create something to compete with the iPhone. I want to buy a new phone, but please give me something worth buying.

  41. Uh, people have you not heard of satire? That is what the author is doing here, taking a satirical look at a marriage between Dell, Alienware and Google. Lighten up and do try to take things less seriously. And they say us Americans are uptight!!

  42. calm down people
    Dial-a-phone heard a rumour of alienware/dell making a google android phone. They have simply created an artists impression of what the phone might be like by using other alienware products(eg desktop pc). Alienware is a repectful and cool company, so I’m sure that if they were to create a phone it would probably be very attractive and compact phone, or at least something futuristic
    Just let the blog author have a little fun, as I’m sure if this was what you were paid to do you’d be interested in a phone like this

  43. Ughhh…This was created by dial phone..for some place in the UK…How the hell is that related to Dell? Is alienware a British company…

    Did someone check their facts before writing this bullisht or did they jut see some pic on the internet that said alienware phone?

  44. Who the fuck would buy that piece of shit? I’d beat the shit out anyone I see with it and ram the phone up their ass.. only homos and star trek nerds would get that

    • I’m having troblue figuring out what best suits me. I’m just not that good with computers, so i am having troblue grasping everything. PLEASE HELP! I really want to make more money, and I do beleive your program will work if I could just get started.

  45. ….You people have *ZERO* sense of cool. my first response was “wow” — something that doesn’t look like a small silver (or whatever color) turd.

    It looks really cool…now the big thing — what is price going to be like –
    and what about battery life & such…

  46. Jas Seehra – Your illustration looks like it was designed by a five year old with a very limited imagination. It shows a complete lack of effort on your part. Why didn’t you actually design something that looks like a phone, and incorporate a few small elements of Alienware’s case designs? That may have been at least tasteful. Instead you just copied the case design and added a keypad. That’s just lazy. By the way, generally designers just design the phone, the engineers are generally better with the features.

    Nick – Your article read like a 10th grade English project gone wrong. You write like a 15 year old. e.g. – “Why was this? The increasingly dull associations with the Dell brand? Maybe they should change their name to Dull.”

    You wind up coming off like another Alienware fan boy with too much time on his hands.

    I wasted 2 minutes reading this drivel, but then I spent a real good, worthwhile 4 minutes talking shit about it…

  47. This is one ugly ass phone, nothing like what a GOOD alienware design would look like. It offers nothing extra for interface from a normal phones, but its bulky and simply bad.

    Not an iphone killer. Not a good rendering of what might come out of alienware… just stupid stupid stupid.

    Do not enjoy this article. Laugh at it. For your own sake.

  48. I doubt Google or Dell would approve something like this, only a niche market would like this phone and they need something that everyone will love if they want to take on the iphone. They need to come out with something better than the iphone in looks, functionality and features to get the attention off of Apple and get android the attention they want.

  49. No way in hell would it happen. While Dell owns Alienware, Alienware is still pretty much run as a seperate company. And there’s no one at Alienware who would even be able to do prototyping of a cellphone.

    Also the face-plate wouldn’t look like their old Predator2 cases because I know for a fact they’re trying to get away from that design as a whole.

  50. Talk about cheap marketing dial-a-phone ! Lets make up a story or get a weak rumor, produce a mock up picture ourselves, post it on the site, let some gullible people visit the site that will “digg” and syndicate the article, so more and more people people visit our site selling phone ! Mercy on those who believed this article !

  51. This phone looks nice! I will buy it! It wont hurt so much, it is just ridges! LMAO!
    And for the computer thingy, that design is the old design, now Dell produces sexy designs! LMAO! :)! I heart Dell/Aleinware!

  52. Um… To all the ‘we are press’ blogs linking to this, you are aware that this is a design for which *Dial-A-Phone* roped someone into, right?

    There is no way that even Alienware would introduce something that hideous.

    Who said journalistic integrity and scepticism was dead? Oh yeah, I did – the moment they joined in the applause at an Apple gig.

  53. Um… to all the blogs linking to this, you are aware that this is the (poor) imagination of someone that Dial-A-Phone dug up, right?

    Not even Alienware would introduce something that hideous.

  54. This is one UGLY product, that only its mother could love. All I want my phone to do is have text message capability, and make phone calls — plain and simple. If I want to browse the Internet, I’ll use a PC tablet, a laptop, or maybe even my platform of choice a desktop computer, but surely not an impractical cell phone!

    Since my cell phone bill is about 40% the cost of my monthly house mortgage cost, why can’t cell phone companies stop adding all these extra useless features and functionality, and just make a fantastic cell phone that is just a cell phone with a battery charge that lasts for a month?

    Come on corporate America, and do not add any C.R.A.P. software to my devices either like Sony, Apple, and Microsoft does (I’ll rip it off and run Linux on it if you do), I want to operate any piece of software I own on any platform I pay for with my hard earned money.

  55. This is one beautiful phone. Makes a good base to develop it further and compete with the iphone!! Improve the screen/software… add a 16gig harddisk(someone has one the size of a penny) and loads of hot software … heck make it all Linux based. The screen bigger…With 16 gigs and an AMD athlon single core for mobile phones and you could really have a mass market super success. But overall the bass design looks good for a more basic mob phone.

  56. Dell seriously wants Alienware to fail, don’t they? This is why the execs at Dell should keep their friggin paws off the design process in a cool company they purchase. We all know Alienware would have designed something much cooler than this if they were left alone to do so and be creative.

  57. This phone is just plain ugly, without much, if any technological advances. The Dell phone is also ugly too. Both of these phones compared to the iPhone, simply provide no gain in technology or functionality.

    I love the Apple hardware, but ABSOLUTELY HATE its software. I was hopeful that this product might be a nice offering, but it is just another piece of junk.

    Alienware as a technology leader? What in God’s green earth has the author of this article been smoking? And, would he mind sharing please? :P

  58. i disagree with you calling alienware the “trendiest tech company in the world”

    maybe 2 years ago, lol. At this point, i would give that title to much more exclusive and less-known companies such as voodoo or falcon northwest. Alienware has a pretty bad rep for being:
    a) unreliable
    and b) super friggin loud

    so i wouldn’t buy this phone because it’s a pretty ugly concept. lol, imagine a phone with the AlienFX lighting system.

  59. Yes the pictures are ugly. So ugly in fast that I suspect they were intended as a joke (I’m not joking). But for everyone who is commenting on how ugly the pics are, please bear in mind that they are NOT from Alienware. Look at the pics: it says they were produced by “Jas Seehra for Dial a Phone”. The Alienware phone my well turn out to be ugly, but it won’t look like this.

  60. check out that rockin joystick i bet that would totally shred mad games for the ulti cellphone gaming xperience! id gladly overpay by $1,000! fo shore ill be the raddest lan party dude out there! HALO3 BABY!

  61. “So here are the first pictures of the Alienware mobile phone!” Is that supposed to a be joke? At the very least it should specify “Here are some drawings that we made up of what *we* think an Alienware phone would look like!”

  62. It’s important to keep in mind that Alienware does not actually have the capability to design and field their own hardware. Their computers are just made from standard components in a gaudy case (and are probably just rebadged Dells now), and even their much-touted curved display was developed by NEC via an OEM in California.

    While I’ll freely admit that they’re masters of marketing, and of separating wannabe gamers from their money, they certainly don’t have the clout or engineering capabilities to compete with Apple on any level.

  63. I’d definitely buy a Dell phone over some overpriced POS from Alienware that’s only selling point is the casing. Whoever designed this obviously doesn’t get what makes the iPhone popular — it’s a sleek, simple design with easy usability, not a bunch of flanges and sliding parts.

  64. Striking design, however, those ridges could be cutting depending upon an individual’s finger size. Hence, the question becomes: how much creature comfort is associated with the design. That is, is it an eye catching object with too sharp edges for a significant fraction of the target market?

    Being a physical disaster need not damn it too failure if it catches enough eyes. Look at women’s shoes. Torture chambers that sell.

  65. Only 3L1T3 GAM0RZ would buy that hunk of crap. Who wants to make calls with a piece of overpriced Roswell-esque plastic?

    Jas Seehra just made sure that he/she will never find work as an industrial designer.

  66. Wow, hideous and absurd mock ups.
    Dell will once again will fail miserably. There are so many competencies that Dell does not have in regards to mobile phone design, manufacturing, and software integration. It will probably be some lackluster Chinese hardware design with the Dell label slapped on. Besides what is the synergy of selling PCs and phones?


    This is fan art. Not a design of an actual phone. In fact, there’s no hint whatsoever that Alienware is designing phone, just an author claiming “Dell not cool, Alienware cool” several dozen times with a claim that they should make the phone.

    I’ll go back to my Blue Peter project now…

  68. Alienware stylish? You’re joking right? They are the tackiest computers you can buy. Who wants a computer that looks like some sort of alien fish? There are plenty of PC makers (usually Japanese) who can make actual nice looking/stylish systems, as well as Apple of course.

    Alienware also isn’t even popular except within a small niche of hardcore gamers who drag their ugly overpriced computers to LAN parties and don’t have the skills to build their own systems. I’d say the market for an ugly phone like Alienware would build (such as your mockup) is pretty small indeed.

  69. Alienware is a performance leader. I’ve never heard of Alienware being “cool” or a leader in design. Based on those illustrations that further confirms that they should stick to PCs.

  70. Alienware was incredibly awful as a stand-alone company: completing orders weeks or months later than scheduled, installing the wrong components, and even accidentally shipping two customers each other’s hardware (and refusing to rectify the situation)!! Rumor had it that Alienware faced potential lawsuits in Florida due to situations such as these. It was definitely a company in trouble, and not a good company at all once it started catering to global customers.

    Conclusion: Alienware is not cool at all.

    Dell started in much the same way: as a small business, it was awesome. People who were around when Dell first started making PCs know exactly what I’m talking about – Michael Dell would randomly call customers asking them if they had any issues, questions, or concerns…
    …then Dell expanded and is now reputable for being one of the worst PC manufacturers to buy from today.

    All of the former Alienware customers know better than to buy an Alienware phone, or anything from the company anyways. They, just like Dell, are now the laughing stock of the educated tech sector.

  71. If for nothing more, the iPhone takes the cake for simplicity in design. This concept of the Alienware phone is absolutely garish, if anything. This could hardly be good for Google if Android were running on this monstrosity. Hopefully, if they do decide to come out with an Android-based phone, Alienware will keep the design simple without losing their signature look. It’s all about the KISS, and Apple gets it….let’s hope for its sake that Alienware does as well.

  72. As slashdot points out, artists renderings of what YOU think an alienware cellphone would look like DEFINATELY ARE NOT “the first pictures of the Alienware mobile phone!”

    And I really hope that those cheesy renderings aren’t anything close to what Alienware will produce, if in fact this story has any merit at all. Producing a cellphone design based upon the latest tower is a horrible design choice.

    If there’s an opposite of FUD, this qualifies.

  73. This looks like a cheap POS. The grill is taking up way too much space, space that could be used for a full QWERTY keyboard. If I’m going to spend money on a phone I’d rather invest it in something where the designer used the space on the phone wisely, something with some guts to it like an iPhone, a Smartphone or a Pocket PC…

  74. Is this serious? This is the “google” phone? It looks like a toy. Sure, the features and functionality might be great, but it should be slick…something that would “look good” on everyone from teenagers to business professionals.

  75. cool idea and all, but that design is god awful. what is the purpose of the bottom half? sure it makes it look more like that (ugly) case, but it’s total wasted real estate. cell phones do not require a hilt.

  76. God that phone is UGLY! i see no design mindset has been applied to it..and they have just taken the Alienware Aurora case and made it compact enough to suit a phones electronics..awful.

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