Top 10 Smallest Mobile Phones in the World!

The saying has always been that bigger is better but that doesn’t hold true when it comes to mobile phones. Despite that an increasing number of people are choosing bigger phones which offer web features and QWERTY keyboards, there remains a large market for phones that are ever-smaller in size. People don’t want to carry around bulky accessories so a phone that is thin and compact is a coveted item. Because of this, handset manufacturers around the globe are competing to come up with the tiniest design while maintaining the calling features that customers desire.

Take a look at the ten smallest mobile phones that are leading this global competition today:

1. Modu Mobile


This phone is new on the market but it’s already been named “The World’s Lightest Phone” by The Guinness Book of World Records. It weighs just over forty grams and has dimensions that are just 72 x 37 x 7.8 mm. In other words, the Modu Mobile is miniature. However, the phone is capable of doing a wide range of different things including SMS messaging, MP3 playing and taking photographs. Some of this is done through attachments that may add bulk to its initial small size. Nevertheless, even with attachments, this phone is setting the benchmark for small cell phones across the globe. It isn’t on sale yet but will be in certain markets by the end of the year so those of you who want to be on the cutting edge should start thinking now about getting your fingers on this phone.

2. Haier Elegance


Before the Modu Mobile came into the market, the phone that was dubbed “world’s smallest” was the Haier Elegance. It markets itself as being the size of a lipstick case while offering all of the features of a full-size phone. Weighing 64 grams and measuring 9.1 x 3.5 x 1.8 cm, it remains one of the smallest phones available today. The tagline it goes by these days is “the world’s smallest unlocked GSM mobile phone”.

3. NEC N930


One of the smallest phones on the mainstream market is the NEC N930. It’s bulky compared to the Modu Mobile but remains small at 85.5 x 54 x 11.9 mm in size. Weighting 72 grams, the phone can has all standard phone features including SMS, games and a camera. It is also Bluetooth-enabled. The main reason that this one has done so well in the market isn’t just its size, though; it’s the fact that it’s considered a sleek, attractive phone that is hip to have in your hand.

4. Xun Chi 138


Weighing in at only 55 grams, the Xun Chi 138 is a close competitor to the Modu Mobile in terms of being lightweight. It uses a touch screen with handwriting recognition to avoid requiring a keypad, a feature that many of these small phones are starting to implement. This one’s available in China where it can barely be seen in the palms of its owners because of its small size.

5. Cellwatch M500 Watch Phone


Why bother carrying around a tiny phone in the palm of your hand when you can strap one onto your wrist instead? One of the favourite small cell phones on the market today is the M500 watch which looks and functions just like a wristwatch but also has all of the calling features of a modern mobile phone. Because of its design, it only appeals to a certain niche market of shoppers but has got attention for being different than everything else that’s out there.

6. Samsung SGH-E888


Although it weighs more than twice what the Modu Mobile weighs, this phone by Samsung is one that many are still calling the smallest in the world. That’s because it’s one of the ones that is most frequently seen in use in different parts of the globe. Measuring 87 x 47 x 23 mm, its features include a swiveled camera and 80 MB of memory.

7. UTStarcom Slice


This one measures a bit bigger than the other small cell phones on the market (109 x 46 x 10.2 mm). However, it makes the cut because of its light weight which is just about 65 grams and competes with many of the more compact phones that are being sold today. This phone is considered fairly simple and is not designed for the sophisticated cell phone user but will meet the needs of the person who wants a lightweight phone to carry around for basic calling purposes.

8. LG Migo


People who like LG phones will find that this is the smallest one that they can wrap their hands around. It weighs in at just under 70 grams and offers basic text messaging and calling features. In the big spectrum of small cell phones, it doesn’t stand out. However, it’s an affordable option for the low-end phone buyer who wants to think small.

9. Pantech C300


This one was originally called “the world’s smallest flip phone” and remains a trendsetter in that part of the market today. It weighs a little heavier than 70 grams and measures 3.4 x 1.7 x 0.8 in. It has all of the features of a modern cell phone and is available in an affordable price range. However, it tends to receive mediocre reviews in terms of quality which some say is what you sacrifice in exchange for the small size.

10. Firefly Mobile


This phone is designed for kids and its design is definitely kid-sized. The features that it focuses on are those preferred by teens and tweens around the world so it doesn’t offer the features that adults might want. However, it does serve a certain niche in the market. It weighs just over 60 grams and can easily be carried around by kids of any age. For youngsters that are looking to be trendsetters, this is the phone that’s currently favored.

And Finally

Here is size of future mobile phones :)

Mini mobile phone

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102 thoughts on “Top 10 Smallest Mobile Phones in the World!

  1. Those are some really tiny cell phones. I wish that they made the land line phones that size. The ones that I have right now are pretty big and bulky. I need to get some telephone equipment systems put in my business. I will have to shop around and see if they make phones in smaller sizes. Thanks for sharing!

    • I currently have a Nokia N80 phone and plnniang to upgrade to N93 but I’m having second thoughts. The Nokia N-Series offers a variety of smartphones/PDA capable phones according to your liking. For instance, the N93 specializes in Video and Imaging w/ the additional features of a smart/PDA phone. The N80 actually is a well-rounded phone. Wi-Fi (or wireless internet) are optional for some smartphones too. So just look for an unsecured signal around your area, connect, and you’re ready to surf the net. This will not count with your current carrier’s internet service. It’s Wi-Fi! Usually, phones with an Operating System tend to perform slower but has the ability to do multi-tasking. Phone crashes (when phones just suddenly freeze or restart) are quite common too so if it happens don’t get all nervous. Well anyway, Blackberry phones are mostly known for their celebrity status but I heard Blackberry users actually like the functionality and simplicity of the feature packed phones. Personally, I think Blackberry phones perform extremely well and are user-friendly. Samsung phones are also a great choice but I grew up with the Nokia phones. Before picking up a phone make sure to read the features of the phone. You might end up buying an over-priced phones with features you don’t need. I would rank Blackberry 1st, 2nd Nokia, and 3rd place goes to Samsung. This is based on my experience.

  2. LOL ….can’t believe some people think the last tiny phone was real you must be LOL as well.
    The great advantage with something a small as the Pantech 300 is it could incorporate a strap and be used in place of a wrist watch. I use a phone watch and find it extremely convienient. I put in on every morning and take it off at night so its always there no matter what I am wearing or doing. The designers need to address the ergonomics though to make using it easy.

  3. I used to have the Pantech C300
    I would like to say …. The buttons are a little bit TOO small
    The memory is crap
    Screen is too tiny
    The only good bit is it can fit in your purse and places that a normal phone wouldnt fit in …
    Well thats about all i have to say …
    Overall rating – 1.3 out of 5
    Now i have the Nokia N97 its the best phone evr!

  4. Err… the LG Migo and Firefly Mobile are both children cell phones. Parents can assign a phone number to the few keys. It’s mainly for emergency calls, you can’t do much with them. Not even teens and tweens would use them.

  5. I want to buy the last phone on the list and the chinese Xun chi 138 or the Pantech, how can I purchase any or all of them? I need a phone now, I just lost my Panasonic 55, a very small phone that I loved. They no longer make it, I don’t know why because it was a success around the world. I can’t stand all the mini computer phones being pushed down our throats.

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