Mobile Phone Weekly News Round-up – March 20th


Chequebooks at the ready?  This week there’s not just one way to blow a quite obscene amount of cash on a mobile phone, but two, and they are both sparkly!  The first to get all glammed up is Nokia’s E90, which has tired of its everyday business suit and chosen to drape itself in a Peter Aloisson 18-carat white gold casing encrusted with a ring of 408 diamonds.  Despite the fact the tarty E90 will set you back $80,000, pulling it out as you conclude business with a stuffy client is sure to earn you some sideways glances. 


Not wanting to be outdone, the already attention-seeking iPhone has slipped into something less comfortable and considerably more expensive too; behold the most expensive iPhone on the market today, the Princess Plus!  Yes, it sounds like a Barbie accessory, but Ken had better watch his credit card as this Australian-made, diamond-edged, look-at-me phone costs a touch over $176,000!


If you’re eagerly awaiting the launch of the Nokia N96 and were excited to see the UK versions will come complete with a DVB-H tuner for mobile TV (and hey, who wasn’t), then the news that the EU in Brussels have chosen DVB-H  as the official live TV format should be welcome.  So, should we all rejoice in the fact we now have another option to stare at the tube and cease interaction with other humans?  Possibly, but the ongoing question of what will be broadcast and how it will be paid for, has yet to be answered.

Continuing on the subject of minimizing actual contact with humans, the social network MySpace has followed in Facebook’s footsteps and launched its own free (but advertising supported) mobile service in the USA and via Vodafone in the UK.  Take a look at the official page here and don’t forget to check our feature covering some of the best available apps for Facebook users too.

Even though nothing solid has appeared so far this week on the subject of brand new phones, an interesting rumour caught our eye from huge PC manufacturer Dell who may be planning to unleash a mobile phone.  A former Motorola Vice President has been with Dell’s mobile division since the beginning of 2007, so a Smartphone style device running Windows Mobile 7 or, even though it’s been denied, Google’s Android is more than a possibility. 

Staying technical for a moment longer, Samsung have given the world another picture and a lot more information on its previously announced 8MP camera unit for mobile phones and it is rather exciting.  Besides the huge pixel count, it has all sorts of new features including anti-shake and a macro setting effective to 1cm.  We could be seeing it gracing new Samsung phones before the year is out – Nokia had better watch out!


Finally, this German truck driver probably still cannot believe his luck; whether he was telling the truth or not.  It seems he was caught by police apparently using his mobile whilst driving and, this being illegal, was pulled over, whereupon the driver declared his still-warm-from-being-charged phone was doing wonders for his earache and he wasn’t actually speaking!  A phone bill for the Court backed this up and charges were dropped.  Now, is it me (and half the Internet, it seems) that thinks they don’t get incoming calls listed on their bills…

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  1. I agree Thomas. They are very friendly on the freephone number if they think you’re about to place an order, but customer service is a nightmare (and on an 0871 number!) once you’ve ordered. Avoid like the plague. I will be placing my story on every tech / consumer action site there is.

  2. i think this site is a sham as you cannot get a fone number to contact Dial-a-phone so i now miss out on my 6 months half price agreement i would like a reply please as you did not submit my agreement to o2 so i will be telling my friends not to buy unless i get satifaction

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