Mobile Phone Weekly News Round-Up – April 11th


It’s certainly nice to have a few newly announced mobile phones to talk about in the Weekly News Roundup and what better to start with than the sleek Nokia Tube. Although it sounds like Nokia’s first foray into the world on online video, the Tube is actually the codename for a future touchscreen model which running the 5th generation S60 Symbian software. What makes it even more exciting is that the Tube is not top of the line; something we are still waiting to be revealed!

It looks like LG’s next ultra-slim, ultra-cool model will be the KF750, a 5MP camera phone which will slot into their prestige Black Label series. Like the Nokia Tube, we have a more in-depth look at it here. Perhaps more exciting than these two put together, are the pictures of the next Sony Ericsson flagship, the P5. The first look came via a Sony Ericsson blog and then again, with a different picture this time, from a German forum. The P5 is supposed to be packing quite a feature list including a 5MP autofocus camera, GPS and a P1-esque keyboard hidden underneath the slider.

Sony Ericsson P5

With its 2nd May release date closing in, there’s plenty of hype surrounding Iron Man, the Robert Downey Jr. starring, Marvel comic based action movie. Not to be left out, LG have made 100 KF970 Shine Iron Man handsets in the colour of the title characters awesome armoured suit. But this isn’t just about looking fancy; it’s about the gold sections being actual 18-carat gold too! We think it looks fantastic, but finding one is not going to be easy.

LG Iron Man

Our final phone is the somewhat unusual WM2 from Van Der Led. Yes, we can hear you saying ‘who?’ and ‘what?’ so we shall explain. It’s a watch and a phone and it’s rather super. Besides the obvious joy of pretending to be Michael Knight talking to KITT, this handy device has Bluetooth, 1GB of storage, a media player and an actual keypad on the wrist strap. Don’t feel so cool now do you iPhone users!

Van Der Led Phone

Aside from this clutch of new hand (and wrist) sets, Nokia have finally launched their oft-delayed, much-talked-about, online gaming system N-gage of the 7th April. All sorts of gaming joys supposedly await those who download the application to their phone or PC, all of which can be done through the N-gage website. Seeing as we’ve waited long enough for it to arrive, Nokia have launched an incentive where games developers can win as much as €40,000 for their game idea. This at least shows Nokia understand innovative products will be key to N-gage’s success.

Lastly, we mentioned Japan’s almost total commitment to 3G in last week’s roundup and how Europe has yet to fully embrace the high-speed network. BBC Click’s Rory Cellan-Jones writes and interesting post all about 3G in the UK and how operators are seeing a big increase in actual data usage rather than simply calls, plus a discussion about the overall cost of using the system; it makes for interesting reading.

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