Mobile Phones Weekly News Round-Up: May 2nd


The NokiaComes with Music‘ download service has been in the news ever since it was announced back in late 2007, joining the oft-delayed N-gage gaming system as another reason to watch the Finnish brand.  Last week, we talked of the huge cost of the ‘Comes with Music’ venture and this week, The Register reported further fallout has occurred, along with a similar, and disastrous, case study from a few years back.  There’s no doubt ‘Comes with Music’ is ground-breaking and is set to be massively popular – but at what cost to Nokia?


Staying with Nokia, certainly a brand who love to be featured in the news, take a look at the three ‘beautiful to use’ (their words, not ours) handsets – the 6600 Fold, the 6600 Slide and the 3600 Slide.  All three are certainly beautiful to look at, mixing various design and material styles in their creation.  The 6600 Fold appears to have a button to open and close the flip (something like the old Samsung P510, we presume) and the 6600 Slide has an accelerometer which reacts to taps on the phones surface to activate the external screen and several other features.  The 3600 Slide doesn’t get either of these gadgets, but instead gets a background noise cancellation feature.  Gadgets which don’t do cool stuff and only make calls sound better?  Pfft, give us motorised flips any day!

At the risk of this turning into a weekly Nokia news roundup, the attention starved Finn’s do have something else to shout about.  Movie director Spike Lee has joined them to create an anthology movie about humanity built around mobile phone recordings submitted by the general public.  It doesn’t mention dates but if you think you can impress the director of Inside Man, Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X, go listen to the man himself here and get filming.

That’s enough of Finland; let’s hop over to London, where Motorola unveiled the new Motorola Z10.  Looking similar in style to the Z8 MOTORIZR, it’s as video focused as that model too.  Where the Z8 came with The Bourne Identity on a storage card, the Z10 comes with all three movies from the Matt Damon-starring trilogy on a card!  Accepting cards of up to 32GB in size, it also has HSDPA support and an autofocus 3.2 megapixel camera.  A tasty offering from Motorola!

LG also look to be releasing an update to an established model, the Prada II.  Famed from its touchscreen interface and fashionable tag, the sequel is rumoured to have a slide out, full QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, a 5 megapixel camera and HSDPA support.  If this spec list turns into reality, the Prada II will have considerably more to shout about than just its looks!


Samsung have ignored the talk of mobile TV broadcasts being low on the list of European users wants, and shown the world the SGH-P960, a DVB-H equipped phone.  At least it has a 2.6″ screen, but we hope with all our hearts that the aerial is fake.

We end with news which, if you’re paranoid and think ‘they’ are out to get you, it would be best if you didn’t read.  In our skies, robotic drones circle listening to mobile phone conversations, ready to swoop in at the utterance of a key phrase or the activation of an expected signal.  These drones have names like Predator and Reaper and can be armed with Hellfire missiles.  It may not be fact just yet, but the technology is there for these planes to track and eliminate you by your phone if a threat is posed.  No need to panic though, we’re sure they will be used responsibly and will never, ever go wrong…unless they’re run by a company named Cyberdyne Systems

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