Mobile Phone Weekly News Round-up: May 16th


Following the flurry of new mobile phone official announcements and unofficial leaks we’ve experienced over the last few weeks, this week is a little quieter, with just Samsung making the F400 official and Nokia making some noise about the upcoming N78 (above).  We say noise, but it’s only thanks to some online spotters that the promotional page and the handset specs were found on Nokia’s N-series website.  It’s a Symbian phone with A-GPS, a 3.2 megapixel camera and 3G with HSDPA connectivity by the way, but what’s the story with the numbers above the keys?  In some pictures they’re there, in others they aren’t, are they built into the backlight?


Samsung’s F400 (above) is a dual slide (think N95) music phone with a set of stereo speakers hidden away and revealed by pushing the slider down.  Powering these little noise-makers is an ICEPower amplifier by Bang and Olufson, a purely digital affair which has a low power consumption but plenty of power.  The phone also comes with a 3 megapixel camera, 3G and HSDPA, a 3.5mm jack plug socket and a circular d-pad which looks like a speaker!

Nokia bigwigs should be patting each other on the back this week after having come top of the pile in a survey-you’ve-never-heard-of called ‘Brands we Love, Brands we Hate’, run by some marketing company suits who are eager to poach some new clients.  Interestingly, Nokia’s own N-gage gaming service turned up close to the bottom of the list (meaning they hate it) along with McDonald’s and The Sun newspaper.  Seems a little harsh for the innocent gaming service!  Nokia expect to receive unsolicited pitches from said marketing company soon.

Some interesting new tech developments have been discussed this week, the most exciting of which is 3M and Samsung’s tiny projector which may find its way into mobile phones sometime soon.  This little gadget will let you project an image or presumably, a video on to a surface directly from your phone, something which those who give presentations for their jobs will welcome, and everyone else will use for watching downloaded video in the pub.  Feel free to watch 3M’s buttock-clenchingly awful promo video on their website and check out the circa 1980′s remote control style phones they use too.  Nokia provide the second interesting piece of information from the tech-side by suggesting that by 2010, half of their phones will feature GPS, including the non-smartphone handsets.


Sony Ericsson have employed the talents of Usher (the singer responsible for songs such as You Make Me Wanna and Confessions, Part II rather than someone to show the to their seats each day) to promote their forthcoming Walkman-focused phones, the W980i (above) and W350.  These unusual phones will need all the help they can get in order to convince the attention-span-challenged they are in fact phones and not just music players.  Usher will be providing exclusive content and a competition to win the opportunity to join him at a video shoot.

Concept phones are always an interesting prospect as it’s always fun to see what the manufacturers could be selling us mobile users in ten years time.  However, not all concepts make you want it now rather than never and often shy away from the cool, shiny futuristic look.  Provoke Design, one of Nokia’s preferred design houses, have come up with these creations projected for 2012, including a couple-centric phone and something far to pink to publish a picture of here, but these become almost desirable when your other choice is the S-Series (below). Its concept blurb talks of today’s phone designs leaving a lot to be desired; however we humbly suggest they are not the people to change this, as the S-Series makes use of wood in its construction and resembles an ugly version of Sony Ericsson’s W580, making every other phone pictured in this article look light-years ahead in design – somewhat defeating the object of this supposed design revolution!


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  1. has a mini projector in a MOT qwerty phone. MOT is shopping it around now!
    search youtube ‘microvision’ ’3M projector’ ‘pico projector’

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