Samsung i8910 HD: Launch Date, Reviews and Offers for the i8910 HD

Samsung Omnia HD

We’re all familiar with the Samsung Omnia i900, a phone which we sang the praises of at the end of last year, but now it’s time to meet its big brother, the i8910 HD!  Samsung have been showing this beauty off at the Mobile World Congress and there’s no doubt it’s a deeply impressive piece of kit.  Obvious comparison’s will be drawn with the HTC Touch Pro, but there is one key difference between the two – Touch HD = Windows Mobile, i8910 HD = Symbian S60 5th Edition!

The HD tag isn’t just about the fabulous 3.7″ OLED screen either, as the i8910 HD’s 8 megapixel camera has the ability to shoot video in glorious 720p at 24fps!  The camera wil also feature face and smile detection, dynamic range adjustment and thanks to the built-in GPS, geo-tagging too.  The phone will be available with either 8GB or 16GB of internal memory, plus a MicroSD card slot for add another 16GB.

Naturally the i8910 is a 3G phone with 7.2mbps HSDPA support, Wi-Fi, A2DP Bluetooth version 2.1 and a 3.5mm jack plug.  Anyone wondering how those 720p videos are going to find their way onto the big screenshould direct their gaze towards the HDMI socket, ready to provide perfect hi-def pictures!  Add in DivX/XviD support out of the box, an FM radio, stereo speakers and a 1500mAh battery for plenty of go and you have a serious challenger to the Nokia N97 for most eagerly awaited phone of 2009!  It’s likely to be out during Q2, so it’s not even that far away!

7 thoughts on “Samsung i8910 HD: Launch Date, Reviews and Offers for the i8910 HD

  1. I have always been a fan of sony ericsson and nokia phones and I never had a samsung phone before. At first i wanted to wait for the release of sony ericsson idou but having compared the omnia hd to the idou … it makes me consider buying the omnia hd instead of the idou. First of all, the screen of omnia hd is 2 inch bigger than sony ericsson idou and thats 3.7 inch AMOLED display compared to the idou’s 3.5 inch TFT display. Secondly, the battery life of the omnia hd is bigger than the idou … having compared the specifications from … however the idou has a stunning 12mp camera and i’ve noticed that sony ericsson makes the best camera phones in the market. For me, the only feature that stands out of the idou is the 12mp camera and the 8mp camera of the omnia hd is very good anyway. I don’t really need a 12mp camera phone because i’ve got a proper camera that far exceed the 12mp of the idou. In addition, I can’t wait until November or December for the release date of the idou. I’d guess it’s probably worth the wait but the idou is not for me.

  2. when does it hit the shops…having just had to send the i900 (the most perfect phone ive evr had) back to my supplier only to be told it cant be replaced as they are out of stock and are not getting anymore in as waiting for the devastated and feeling almost faint with excitement at the thought of this phone instead but until then im feeling bereft…is it anytime soon….

  3. By the time this phone is released, 12.1 mp Sony Idou will be launched which may be a better phone. Samsung bring a lot of new models every few months but their web support is poor compared to Sony Ericcson or Nokia.

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