Sony Ericsson Satio : A 12 MegaPixel Beauty

12 Megapixel Sony Ericsson SatioIf you need proof Sony Ericsson are proud of their 12 megapixel camera phone, how about the fact they showed it off at a press conference before the official start of Mobile World Congress 2009, where it didn’t even have its official name or finalised operating system!  They know how important a new smartphone is these days, especially for them,  as the Xperia perhaps has yet to find its true audience.

So, the mobile phone formally known as the Idou is expected to hit the shelves sometime in the Autumn of 2009, but will it be worth the wait?  The Satio was initially expected to use a new Symbian operating system, but has now been confirmed as running Symbian S60 5th Edition with several tweeks made by Sony Ericsson to give it a ‘family’ feel.  Does anyone need to question why they chose 5th Edition, when we can see how well it performs on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic?  Watch this YouTube video to see how fluid and smooth it’s looking too.

Despite Samsung swooping in and potentially taking the ‘first 12 megapixel camera phone on the market’ crown, the Satio will still be equally eagerly awaited thanks to the Sony Ericsson CyberShot reputation.  Snapping at a resolution of 4000×3000 and in both 4:3 and 16:9, the Satio also features both a xenon and an LED flash, face and smile recognition, BestPic, an active lens cover, plenty of shooting modes and a VGA video recorder.  Touch Capture is a clever feature where tapping the screen/viewfinder sees the camera focus on the spot and take the picture.

Additionally, the Satio has a GPS receiver, 3G with HSDPA and HSUPA, Wi-Fi, A2DP v2.0 Bluetooth, FM RDS radio, 3D games and Sony Ericsson’s excellent music and video player.  The screen is a 3.5″ in size and displays a resolution of 360×640, plus the phone uses a powerful Arm Cortex 600mhz processor.  In a change from their usual Memory Stick Micro expansion slot, the Satio will accept MicroSD instead, a change set to roll out across the range.

The Satio has dispensed with both the CyberShot and Walkman branding, instead incorporating the best of them both (surely making it a CyberMan?), so music and photography fans won’t find themselves split between which top-range phone to purchase, as the new Satio will please not only them, but smartphone and gadget fans too.  Despite there being still a few months to go until we see it, we’re confident the Satio will satisfy!

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  1. sir i want to know the full features of this mobil & actuly what will be the cost of this mobil in indian rupees can u inform ……i m intrested in purchasing this mobil…

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