Microsoft’s Project Pink on the Horizon?


Microsoft Zune

The rumours date back to 2006, but now, it looks like there might be some substance to the self-branded Microsoft phone buzz. Previously, Microsoft have denied speculation of a ‘Zune’ phone, but with the new Zune HD’s technology unnervingly similar to that of a smartphone, well, let’s just say it would be foolish to ignore it.

For a long time, the words ‘project pink’ have been a hot topic for Microsoft bloggers, and there has been no end of speculation¬†about the ‘secret hardware, software and service’ package. Now, 9to5Mac have announced they’ve received information that Microsoft will launch two new phones in 2010; they also claim to have pictures of the devices, however they are yet to surface. While 9to5Mac may not be at the forefront of Microsoft news, Microsoft blogger, Mary-Jo Foley keeps a watchful eye over developments. Considering she has gone to the trouble of re-posting info about ‘project pink’, it would be rude to overlook it.

So this is what we’ve got, Pink is definitely still an active project. The Microsoft-branded phone will feature services like the Zune video and music store. It will be built on Windows Mobile 7 platform, which is currently still in development, but if the rumours for January 2010 are anything to go by, it could just make it. The two handsets said to be codenamed ‘Turtle’ and ‘Pure’ could be the final product of Microsoft’s efforts to combine Danger, (the social networking, media company it bought) and Windows Mobile.

It looks possible that the handsets could make an appearance in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. We’ll have to wait to find out but for now we can drool over the idea of a phone that could run across Zune, Xbox and Windows 7.

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