Android’s Future Predicted – Looking Good.

Here’s an interesting companion report to the AdMob figures we looked at last week regarding the favoured phone OS’s when browsing the mobile web.  Well-respected research analysts Gartner Inc. have given a sneak peak at their official figures projecting the market share of mobile operating systems in 2012, and while the majority of trends seen in the AdMob report play out here too, there are one or two surprises.

Here is their forecast in full:

  1. Symbian: 37.4%.
  2. Android: 18%
  3. BlackBerry OS: 13.9%.
  4. iPhone OS: 13.6%.
  5. Windows Mobile: 9%.
  6. Maemo: 4.5%.
  7. Linux: 2.1%.
  8. webOS:  1.4%.

The key aspect of Gartner’s prediction is where it places Android, indicating it as chasing down Symbian for the coveted number one spot.  Seeing as Android currently has a 2% market share, the promises made by many manufacturers to release multiple Android phones has obviously made a big impact.  The Android boost evident in the AdMob charts will only get larger if the sales pan out as expected too.

But what of webOS?  A 1.4% share is hardly the stuff of Palm’s dreams, especially with newcomer Maemo being placed significantly higher.  Gartner clearly don’t share Palm’s optimism concerning their latest OS, a feeling also evident in Windows Mobile not passing BlackBerry – Mobile 7 is going to have to be very special to change minds concerning Microsoft’s ability to produce a winner.

These figures are based around an estimate of 525 million smartphones being sold and Gartner is expected to present these figures formally at the forthcoming ITxpo in Orlando.

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