Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

The day has finally arrived as Sony Ericsson’s teaser website hinted it would, ending our long period of speculation – for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has been officially announced for release in early 2010.  The big day has clarified many points, firstly the issue of the name has been cleared up – the X3 has been dropped and Infinity is something else entirely – secondly, the rumoured specification list has turned out to be largely accurate.  Before we get into anything else, here are the standout points:

  • The OS is Google Android 1.6, also known as Donut.
  • Inside is the Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon processor.
  • An 8GB MicroSD card joins 1GB of internal memory.
  • The touchscreen is 4″ in size and sports a 480×854 WVGA resolution.
  • Assisted GPS with Google Maps.
  • On the rear is an 8.1 megapixel camera lens with an LED flash.
  • A 3.5mm headphone socket.
  • 3G with HSDPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Available in Sensuous Black and Luster White.
  • Weight will be 135 grams.

Long time followers of the X10 will recall seeing an early video showing what became known as the Rachael UI, now given its official name of Sony Ericsson Timescape and Sony Ericsson Mediascape.  Rather than being a full blown UI in the same way as HTC’s Sense, these are applications which can be set as your homepage and are reminiscent of MOTOBLUR and Palm’s Synergy.  Timescape is used to aggregate all of your communication feeds from SMS to Facebook and Twitter and displays all updates in a scrollable tiled list, while Mediascape does a similar job with your media content stored both locally and online, where one page shows all your music, photos and videos.

It’s here we discover the Infinite virtual button, which when pressed displays a page for a single contact and lists all of their communication activity from photos shared, Facebook and Twitter updates.  Sony Ericsson’s idea is to integrate all of these commonly used tasks into one place, negating the need for separate applications.  In Mediascape, the Infinite key displays related content stored on your phone and pulled from online sources.

A clever addition to these two applications is a new face recognition program which not only works when you’re using the camera, but is intelligent enough to recognise faces in any picture stored on the X10 and link them with all their communication activity.  Visually, the X10 is as expected, with a very sleek and slim casing plus the large, bright screen – easily making this one of the best looking Sony Ericsson phones we have seen in a while, even improving on the Satio.

Competition wise the X10 will be up against the HTC HD2, with Windows Mobile 6.5, that stunning 4.3″ screen and the Snapdragon platform, and in a short while, the Android 2.0 powered, QWERTY equipped Motorola Droid/Milestone.  Early reports from Sony Ericsson’s unveiling present a picture of the X10 being a work-in-progress, with an amount of tweaking needed before the phone is ready to hit the shelves.  This shouldn’t be anything to worry about, as Sony Ericsson have merely stated a Q1 2010 launch window for the phone, leaving plenty of time to polish the very exciting final product.

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  1. Well, it seems quite complicated! To think that there used to be phones the size of bricks! I found the Timescape very posh, although i personally cannot say im overly impressed with the whole layout of it. I am keen on the part where you can click on the contact and all there data comes up, well done sony! A top-notch phone all and all i say.

  2. I want your x10…I wan the handset…Please give me the handset…ououooo…I want xperia x10…ououooo…I want the handset…x x peria peria x10 x10 hot hot give me that give me the handset (music by-Bad Romance,Lady Gaga)

  3. The Sony Ericsson Experia X10…

    With Timescape there’s communication all in one place
    That’s enough to put a smile on anyone’s face

    Facebook, Twitter & messages all in one view
    But the best bit for me is The infinite view

    Use this to see all the info related to a contact
    It’s really that simple and what, I believe, the iPhone has lacked

    You can see all the SMS that you send and receive
    In a conversation style view, Sony did well to achieve

    And all for one contact and all in one place
    you see their Emails, tagged photo’s & social network updates

    For your videos, music & Pics it’s the mediascape app
    With a dedicated home-screen you can access with one tap

    It’s scrolling is simple or there’s the traditional view
    And with one touch of the finger you can see all pics in a thumbnail view

    The infinite button takes you to related local and online content
    Being a heavy web user this app is heaven sent!

    To summarise; for me this is the ultimate phone
    A contender for the iPhone and easily as well known

    Timescape, Mediascape plus much more
    This phone has it all, with apps galore

    This review took me a day and an age
    I hope it makes sense and we’re on the same page

    I’d love to win this phone cos I’m THE phone nerd
    And winning an X10 would be ALL my prayers answered

  4. To call this mobile phone a stunner would be an insulting understatement- the phone has everything you could ever possibly want! A beautifully shaped phone with an amazingly large touch screen, features such as Mediascape and Timescape which will never leave you bored, a dazzling 8.1 megapixel camera and pretty much all the memory you need to last you for hours of entertainment. What more could anybody want?!

  5. Awesome UI. I have to admit , Sony X10 has the BEST UI out of all the other Android’s. Sony really focus on 2 main things that most users and young adult users would appreciate in a smart phone, Timescape & Mediascape. Great thinking Sony. This phone will sell.

  6. It looks like it would be fantastic at organising music and photos. Have been playing with the HTC Desire recently, which is fantastic for social apps – I love the way it integrates twitter, facebook, phonebook etc, but it’s lacking in other ways, and it looks as if this might be better suited to my needs. Would rather have well organised systems for managing the music I already own, rather than the free music on the Nokia X6 for example, which then can’t be transferred to iPod or PC. The X10 looks like it would be good fun to use.

  7. When I was a kid, an android was a complicated, clunking pile of user-unfriendly metal. And the “sexed up” androids like Star Trek’s Data were plain socially awkward. It seems not any more though if Timescape in particular is as useful as it first appears (or should that be appears first?). Basically, as a certain Meerkat might say, it looks like the X10 finally makes using a smartphone “simples” :-)

  8. It looks easy to use. I love the way the icons on the screen move about, it looks really intuitive. I like the way everything is being integrated into one place, so you do not need to look everywhere for your updates. Looks a nice phone

  9. My honest opinion, I don’t think either of these 2 videos really sell the phone’s capability. 1:30 and 2:30 mins on applications that I would expect on a multimedia handset is time wasted (they could be shorter or explained quicker).

    The Face Recognition program (as mentioned in the text below the vids) should be emphasized in a short video. That way you can display the superior camera and it’s tagging feature to give the Sony Xperia X10 the ‘Ooooo’ factor.

  10. This snapdragon would love to take a bite out of that donut with its sensuous black exterior and lightweight body. The Xperia looks like an xperience for the senses.

  11. love to Xperience the new and Xciting features on this large but very innovative and fully featured mobile phone, its going to take some beating to get past this one! Lets hope I can win this one! SMART, INNOVATIVE AND one to show off!

    loads of exciting one touch features at the touch of a finger, plenty of entertainment and loads of memory to use for different applications, definitely time to replace that other mobile and move on and up and fly high with this one.

    Fingers crossed!

  12. I’ve been a Sony Ericsson fan since when they were just Ericsson.
    Unfortunately my favourite phone of all time, the P1i has given up on me.

    The P1i is kinda like the X10′s great grandfather, from another planet.

    If you were able to go back just a few years to when it launched and show how it would evolve into things like Timescape on the X10, it wouldn’t even be comprehensible.

    Remarkable how far the mobile phone has come in 10 years.

  13. Looks fantastic! I love touch screen and will never go back to boring old fingerpads! I think scrolling with the touch of a finger os the best thing yet invented in the mobile phone tech world. Now they just need to work harder on a telepathy or eye blink version!


  14. This phone looks to me to be the best phone out there right now. Mediascape sounds absolutely fantastic! Who doesn’t like music?! Timescape looks and sounds really innovative. From showing a history of all communication with your contacts, to the online benefits. This phone really does sound as if it has something for everyone, from avid music fans, to everyday people who access online social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It also looks really fashionable and so much easier to use than the Nokia I have right now.

  15. I remember when I was growing up, back in them days cassette tapes were the only means to record and store your music & video. To see the Sony Ericsson Mediascape I can’t help but marvel and appreciate just how convenient and time saving something like this really is.
    To have all your music, videos & photos at the touch of a screen in one handy sized gadget that fits in your pocket is just an amazing example of how far technology has moved forward.

    • Great, hnavig sworn off Sony-Ericsson after far too many underwhelming devices now they release something that sounds like it might actually be worth buying Talk about a quandry!

  16. Timescape sounds fantastic, I would never miss an email/message/tweet ever again – Infinite Content View would let me see all messages to/from a contact without scrolling through hundreds of older messages – Infinitely brilliant!

  17. Mediascape and Timescape have attempted a seamless blend of social networking and media accessibility. It looks like they might have got this one spot on.

  18. Usually more complex technical applications mean they are less user friendly, but with Timescape and Mediascape Sony have finally managed to bring real technical progress to the user while making it seem very easy!

  19. It looks like suc a great phone!!! It has the sexiest design ever with such an awesome user interface and I bet it will have the best user experience too!! And that large large touchscreen will be perfect especially for watching videos and photos with such a cool UI! It also has a really fast processor so the phone will be really quick!!

  20. I’ve always thought Sony Ericsson phones have the most beautiful looks, and this one is no exception. I hope the camera is as good as the other Sony phones.

  21. The Infinite feature looks amazing!
    To have all the information about my friends filed away by person really makes it feel that you’re communicating directly. Also it’ll save loads of time not having to log into Twitter then Facebook etc.
    And being Sony Ericsson, we know how swish and intuitive the whole system will be. So excited!!!

  22. wow, Sony are always coming up with brilliant new techy items i cant keep up! this seems fab though not only integrated with the best technology but also very stylish!

  23. A very welcome edition to the mobile phone markey, I am not a technological genius by a long shot but I feel the market has been too one sided with apple as the main players,some good phones have emerged onto the market recently but none so far have rivalled the iphone until this phone, I think the x10 just may be the phone that will create the ruch and awe just like the iphone did, move over apple sony are back in town!!

  24. I need something to bring my kudos up with my 14 year old daughter as she is so embarassed when she’s with her friends and my phone goes off and I bring out my trusty nokia 3210.

  25. - trouble is, nobody is going to store all the pics/music on their phone, so they’re relying on another laptop etc or online – I just wonder in practical terms how convenient it’s actually going to be moving stuff around all over the shop to enable it to ‘migrate’. It certainly looks fantastic and glossy in promos, I’d just like to hear a bit more about real-world practicality, hopefully sites like this will oblige….

  26. The “Infinite Content” looks amazing, very clever and very useful. I hope the voiceover said Infinite Content as the stilted voice made it difficult to hear exactly what she said. Maybe I need a good phone like the X10 so voiceovers sound clearer?!

  27. mediascape is a great way of organising all the music, i like the level of interactivity the owner has. The screen is a great size and the touchscreen puts it up there with the iphone – would love the opportunity of road testing it for real

  28. Wow, this phone looks so revolutionary! I have to say that the Mediascape app thats built in is so innovative that anyone would just fall to their knees at this phone (including me!). The Timescape app is pretty amazing too, being able to view all of your contacts and friends in one place is really well thought through.
    Facebook and Twitter built into the Timescape would be really beneficial for me as normally I have to switch between apps in my current phone.

  29. Both these apllications look very impressive in the videos. I would be concerned that they would be a big strain on the phones processing power and would really on at least having wifi connection as 3G and GPRS are probably still a little too slow for this amount of content. I can also envisage a lot of time spent with the phone setting up all your contacts with their respective facebook and twitter accounts!

    However this is essentially nitpicking, the phone itself looks fantastic without being an obvious and overt “fashion phone”. Would be very interested in buying, just hope the interface is as quick as it appears in the videos as user-friendliness really is more important than how many clever features you can cram in. Good luck Sony Ericsson!

  30. The curved back feels great in your hand, stylish, shiny, sleek. The single camera shutter button on the right-hand side of the phone equals minimal fuss. This is a sexy grown up phone – looks like my iphone will be relegated to the Phone Graveyard that is the kitchen drawer.

  31. This phone is great, It organises your music in every which way possible perfectly.

    You can’t fail to find what you’re looking for, it’s an OCD delight!

  32. As an anti-iphone person I’ve been waiting for the day Sony brought everything I need in a phone to come out with this beauty – i think i may have cried a little and jumped for joy when the details of the phone hit the web.

    As a self-confessed internet, photography and music geek what else could I need for an all in one pocket size bit of happy.

    I need the X10 in my life.

  33. As an anti-iphone person I’ve been waiting for the day Sony brought everything I need in a phone to come out with this beauty – i think i may have cried a little and jumped for joy when the details of the phone hit the web.

    I need the X10 in my life.

  34. Xperia X10, Android with style. With the handset, Sony Ericsson has brought its own distinct look and feel to the growing Andorid OS. The phone brings a much needed UX to the platform, not simply the brilliant form and design, but also its unique features like Timescape, Mediascape, and auto photo-tagging, that further closes the gap between local vs cloud content and socialization. I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    • And I used to work in rietal too. I guess he wasn’t too happy with me because I wasn’t buying anything from him. Oh well I’m just glad my niece was able to help me out here.

  35. First let me begin by saying…WOW!!! The X10′s Mediascape and Timescape are an awesome addition to the phone. I love how Mediascape easily lets you organize your songs, photos, and videos without any hassle. The navigation and way the media is organized make the phone much more friendly to use. In addition, the Timescape feature looks very promising. Personally, I have never had a phone with social interaction implemented, but this phone looks like the real deal!
    With Mediascape and Timescape combined into one small, stylish handset, the X10 is literally having “the world in the palm of your hand”.

  36. You can say many, many things about this absolute great piece of phone and one thing i know which everyone (and Sony Ericsson) will have to agree is that;

    ‘This is a piece of future design and technology brought to you today by the one and only Sony Ericsson!’

  37. I want to take part in this contest.
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is very cool and stylish. It has a very friendly user interface which make me craving for this phone. The UI is easily understood and manipulated. I like both the Timescape and Mediascape. Reading sms, mms and emails can be done in one shot. Mediascape allows me to browse music, videos, and photos continuously on the device. It is all presented in ultra-trippy 3D stacks which make this phone unique. Lastly, the most important thing that impress me the most is all applications are running as smooth as silk on the phone.

  38. The best thing about the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is that it is powered by Android and that it offers two totally new softwares which allow any user (young and old) to use this phone very easily. These new softwares are called Timescape and Mediascape.

    With the Android operating system, users can sync the new Sony Ericsson with their Google account and other Google services like Picasa.

    The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is a looker to look at as it offers a huge 4in touchscreen and you can also enjoy watching videos and movies in stunning definition on its widescreen by turning the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 onto its side and take truly high quality pictures using its 8.1 megepixel built-in camera.

    An added bonus is that you can download and install great Android apps (like Facebook) from free from one of the largest online app stores – The Android Market.

    • I feel well smart and clever after writing all this.

      It sounds like a proper review by some clever person which im not!

      (i just want this phone – its the best thing since the first iPhone came out which is now soooooo OLD!)

  39. It looks so good that it should be sold with a lanyard to hang it around your neck…**bling**

    Love the apps options and menu design.

    Camera could be better but it’s definately better than the LG I have now!

  40. I don’t NEED most of the applications on here and probably wouldn’t use most of them but oh how I WANT this. A thing of beauty is a joy forever and I would be so tempted to do things on it like taking more photos and videos and downloading music just so I could play with it. The one application replacing several is fantastic as I’m too easily bored having to jump about through menus to do different things connected to contacts or media. I’m not a techie geek and for the most part for me a phone is just a tool for ringing and texting people with some photography and video added in but with something this lovely I could become a real phone bore.

  41. Worth it if only for the Timescape feature. I utilise Facebook/Twitter quite extensively and my current phone is rather slow to switch from one to the other.

    The face recognition is a useful gimmick to have as well, hopefully negating the need to change the titles of photos from a string of random numbers to something recognisable when transferring to external storage.

    I like the design,sleek and sexy and unisex – a big plus.

  42. this is the moment, its finally here.
    the long awaited phone of the year.
    face recognition, plenty of apps
    who will be spotted first by the paps?
    this phone is amazing, one of a kind.
    now send me one please, if you dont mind

  43. for a dedicated app phone this is great. My husband is a life long Sony fan and looking at this video I can see why. Where Sony lead everyone else is trailing in their wake. I am now hankering after one of these so I can see what all my friends are up to. Never the same on multiple apps/screens on facebook. The slide function bringing up the different screens is making me drooool. Great to see some different technology which makes apple and blackberries crumble

  44. This the android phone I Been waiting for if I can win I can be happy forever need this phone I Benn working wit a old Nokia hook me up mediascape And timescape well be used by me everyday

  45. Mediascape is the ultimate media player for android, if we take android naked like nexus one or milestone, the media player honestly suck ! but with mediascape everything is so easyer, look better and have a great advantage on top of other android phone, it the case of timescape i must say that i was not sure about the lag and stuff but the time i got hit in my hand in vegas make my mind change, in our lives, we want to know everything, and everything faster, we want to show something to somebody, we want to do it faster, unstead of opening 10 application you only need to open one and its defenetly one of the big orth of getting nd Xperia X10, i really dreaming of getting one and winning one should be the best way to get it, thanks for your video it make me even more hungry for it !

  46. It has to be an improvement on the crappy Sony Erricson C903 with it’s awful sheet aluminium keyboard!.. I bought it online so never saw the actual phone! BIG MISTAKE.. So Now after deciding never to buy anything bearing the name Sony ever again and returning to the excellent quality and reliability of good old NOKIA!.. However IF I was to win this phone and IF it would accept a “3″ sim card it would possibly restore my faith in Sony.. John :)

  47. Wow this phone is amazing it reminds me when the new Windows Vista OS was coming out with 3D look. Touchscreen the the wave of the future. I’m considering getting a Iphone but this phone has given me a 2nd thought. I truly one I win it.

  48. Wow i want to settle down and have babies with this phone. ☺☺☺ The robotic voice over those videos ^^ doesn’t help advertise its brilliance though. :/

  49. The phone looks great and it’s nice that they’ve added some transitions to the selection of items, like the swirling icons reforming into a new menu. My wife has the iPhone and she’s always raving about the way the menus and that slide around, shrink and grow, etc,.. so it’s good that Sony have incorporated that now.

    Maybe it was just my connection going funny, but the part where he is watching the video looks to be really jumpy to me. I hope that video isn’t laggy at all and it was just my net connection. Otherwise, it looked very crisp. Due to the robotic nature of the clip, I can’t tell if the viewing mode switches on phone tilt or if you have to manually change between portrait and landscape mode.

    All in all, the phone looks to be a big step up from previous Sony mobiles, so I’d love to have one to replace my Samsung D900.

    All the best to everyone who entered!

  50. This is Sony Ericssons big comeback!
    They flopped wit the Satio and Aino, if we’re being honest. They needed a big handset to re-launch themselves in 2010 – the vivaz one looks ok, but its not good enough to go against the iPhone. The X10 has the potential to go all the way.
    It’s on my wish list for sure.

  51. Its a good phone and really want one but i cant cope with
    (or elergik to) touch screen thingee i am wondering i am the only one or other people are having problem with touch well.

  52. The X10 dioesn’t have a HD Screen but it still looks good. I think Sony Ericsson have finally taken a step back and done their research before throwing money at another cybershot or walkman phone – The X10 looks cool and from the videos i’ve seen the software looks impressive. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  53. ooohhhhh Android technology! The Sony Ericsson X10 looks awesome, and its about time SE pulled there fingers out and produced a half decent mobile phone. This could see my return to SE handsets for the first time in 5 years!

  54. Had a go on one of these as my mate works for sony, its amazing could quite possibly be what pulls me away from the iphone! very smooth touch screen well done sony!

  55. This is a pretty sweet handset, and everyone is bigging it up. Can’t decide whether to go for the Sony Ericsson Vivaz, or the Sony Ericsson X10 though!!! Anybody got any suggestions?

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