HTC and Samsung Both Committed to Android

1.JPGAndroid phones are going to be coming out of the woodwork in droves over the course of the next few years. Many handset makers will be using the Android platform but there are two companies that are specifically committed to development of Android-based handsets in the next 1-3 years. Both HTC and Samsung plan for a large percentage of their mobile phone handsets to be Android-based phones in 2010.

HTC has announced that 50% of its handsets will be switched over to Android platforms in the upcoming year. Samsung’s plan isn’t quite as ambitious as this one but the company has reported that 30% of the phones that it produces in 2010 will use the Android platform. This means that there will be dozens of new Android phones for us to play around with next year. In addition to those that are released by these two handset makers we will see others created by additional companies.

This shift also means that there’s going to be a clear drop off in the number of phones that are based on the Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms. HTC was the largest Windows Mobile platform device maker to date and will be dropping half of those phones in favor of the Android platform. Last year a full 90% of Samsung’s phones ran on Windows Mobile. By 2012 the company expects to have that number down to a mere 20%.

Samsung also plans to completely phase out Symbian phones by 2011. Those new devices that aren’t switched over to Android will reportedly be switched over to the new Samsung OS that was recently announced. There has been a lot of skepticism about the launch of this new operating system. However there seems to be no skepticism about the proliferation of Android-based smartphones to come in the near future.

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