Leaked HTC Roadmap Reveals 5 Android Handsets and 3 WinMo Stunners

Handset leaks are all part of the mobile marketing plan, we all get very excited, or disheartened when we catch a glimpse of an alleged handset. When a leak hits the big time, for those few days the device in question gets more attention than page 3 of the sun. Sometimes, revelations are taken a step further and we get actual dates, specs and images all at the same time. This leak is of epic proportion, because what we’ve got here is what looks like HTC’s entire Q1 -Q2 2010 roadmap.

First -The Android Generation.

HTC Android Roadmap

As you can see they’ve been split into different sections to optimise market reach. Let’s take a look at the different categories and the handsets (albeit codenamed) that fall within them.

Design / Lifestyle:

  • HTC LegendHTC Legend. Spec-wise it’s very similar to the HTC Hero, as is the design. The Legend’s an Android handset with a 3.2″ capacitive touchscreen. Key features include the 5mp camera, GPS, WiFi and 3G. It’ll run on a pretty snappy 600MHz Qualcomm CPU and carries 256MB of RAM. It’s expected to arrive sometime in March 2010.
  • HTC SalsaHTC Salsa. The QWERTY option, it’s got a 2.6″ landscape QVGA touchscreen and there’s WiFi, 3G, and GPS onboard. The Salsa has a 3.2mp camera and will be available from June 2010.


  • HTC TideHTC Tide. This device is heavy on the social networking side of things with integrated Twitter, Facebook, and Microsoft Exchange email. The Tide comes with a 3.2mp snapper and has the usual connectivity options onboard. This will make an appearance around April 2010.
  • HTC BuzzHTC Buzz. Another handset with socialites in mind. It’s got creativity written all over it with customisable back covers, similar to the Tattoo. It has a 3.2″ screen, and again features all your usual connectivity suspects. We can expect to see this next May.


  • HTC BravoHTC Bravo. The single shining light in the performance category is the HTC Bravo. Sporting a 3.7″ AMOLED touchscreen, with HD 720p video recording capabilities as well as DivX support, this will be HTC’s multimedia giant. Running on a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU this will leap onto the market in April next year.

Next – The WinMo Handsets.

HTC Windows Mobile Handsets

All of the Windows Mobile Handsets run on V6.5 and all fall under the same title.


  • HTC PhotonHTC Photon. Sporting the largest screen of the bunch the Photon grabs a sufficient 3.2″. It has a 5mp camera and all the connectivity options we spoke of in the Android section. The Qualcomm MSM7227 comes in at 600MHz and it will be showing us exactly what it can do in April 2010.
  • HTC TrophyHTC Trophy. This is pretty much identical to the Photon, except it has a slightly smaller screen coming in at 3″. The 5mp camera’s onboard as well as all those connectivity options we are used to. But we’ll have to wait until May 2010 to spot the differences.
  • HTC TeraHTC Tera. The odd-one-out so to speak. The only Full QWERTY Slider of the group. There’s a 3megapixel camera to flaunt and again a host of connectivity options. This is another April bloomer.

Source: XDA Developers

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