How to Avoid Losing your Mobile Phone

Lost Mobile Phone

How many mobile phones have you had to replace before they were out of date because you lost yours somewhere? Check the lost and found of any bar or restaurant and you’ll see that it’s not uncommon for people to simply leave their phones behind when they’re out and about. Hopefully you’ve got everything on your phone backed up so that you don’t have too many hassles when replacing your lost phone. However it’s a lot better for you if you don’t lose it in the first place, right? And wouldn’t it be nice if we could teach our kids to avoid losing their cell phones too?!Here are ten ways that you can make sure you stop losing your phone:

Make it a habit to check that you have it. Call me compulsive but I always check that I have my mobile on me before I leave any place that I’m at. I check it before leaving my house, before leaving the coffee shop I ducked into for two minutes to buy a latte and before leaving any event that I’ve attended. This way I can guarantee that I know the exact place where the mobile phone was lost which makes it a whole lot easier to find. Usually all I need to do is have someone who’s with me call the phone and I end up finding it somewhere close by.

Zomm Wireless LeashTry the Zomm Wireless Leash. This is a new gadget designed specifically for people who regularly lose their mobile phone. It’s a good solution for folks who can’t remember to check for their phones on a regular basis (or who just don’t want to be bothered. This is a keyring that is wirelessly connected to your phone. Whenever the keyring or the mobile is lost, the Zomm device will buzz to let you know that you’re leaving the mobile phone behind. This works well unless you happen to leave your mobile phone in the same place as your keys and lose them both at the same time! It was created by a mom who was tired of hearing about her kids always losing their phones so it might be a good solution for parents with this problem.

Always keep your mobile phone in the same place. This is one of those tips that you should have learned a long time ago about all of your items. If something has a place and you always put it in its place then you’re a lot less likely to lose track of it. Make sure that you have a set place for where you keep your phone when you are out. Always keep it in the same pocket of your purse or in the same section of your briefcase. If you keep it in a jacket pocket then make sure it’s always on the same side. Knowing where your phone is supposed to be will help you easily realise when it’s not there so that you can retrace your steps and find it.

Don’t put your mobile phone in your pocket. One of the most common ways that a mobile phone gets lost is that it gets put into a back pocket. As you sit down and get up, it wiggles its way out. Naturally it ends up getting left behind somewhere (or worse yet, dropped into a toilet!) Ladies may want to avoid putting mobile phones in their pockets at all since women’s jeans tend to have small pockets that phones easily slither out of. Instead, keep your cell phone in a jacket pocket or carry-along item like a backpack or purse.

Set the alarm to go off several times per day. This can be a headache but it’s a good way to avoid losing your phone. The alarm will go off and you’ll automatically know where your phone is. If it’s somewhere that it’s not supposed to be then you’ll be able to hear it. Once you get used to the alarm, you’ll notice when it doesn’t go off and then you’ll be able to tell if you are so far out of range of your phone that it must be missing.

Have other people ask you if you have your mobile phone with you. If you don’t want to set an alarm then maybe you can rely on the people in your life to help you out. Ask the folks that you spend the most time with to try to remember to ask you regularly if you’ve got your mobile phone on you. It may turn into a big joke but chances are that with the help of everyone else around you you’re going to be able to avoid leaving your cell phone behind anywhere that you may go.

Put an ID label on your mobile phone. One good way to avoid permanently losing your gadgets is to make sure that people who find them have an easy way to get them back to you. Although some good Samaritans will call the folks in your cell phone’s address book until they find someone who can get the phone to you, most won’t. Make it easy on them by putting an ID label on the phone so that they know where to return the handset to. Better yet, register your mobile phone with one of the online services that helps connect people to their gadgets and then use the label provided by them to make sure that anyone who finds your phone knows how to return it to you. This protects your anonymity, while making sure to get the phone back to you intact. In the UK you can also register your mobile phone with the National Property Register to ensure that it gets returned to you if it’s stolen and the police come across it.

Phone TrackerInstall tracking software. This software is most commonly used by suspicious spouses who want to track where their honeys are through their mobile phone locations. However, people who have a serious problem with regularly losing their mobile phones might choose to install this tracking software onto their own phones. This way you can get online and check where your mobile phone is when you’ve lost it.

Use Phone Finder applications. These days most of the best things that you can do with your mobile phone are available through app downloads. Finding your lost phone with apps is possible, too. For example, there’s a Windows Mobile phone app called Phone Finder which you install on your phone. If you lose your phone, you simply text it. The app uses the GPS on your phone to tell you where the phone is located once you’ve sent this text. Android users can try WaveSecure which lets you lock down your phone and locate it using your computer.

Wait for Prototype Goggles. This product isn’t out on the market yet but it’s a concept idea that might be good for people who regularly lose their mobile phones. Basically you would wear a camera on you at all times. You would teach the camera to recognize your mobile phone. If you lost your mobile phone then you would tell the camera that you want to know where your mobile phone is. The video would be played back to you to show you where the last time your mobile phone was spotted would be. Is this something that you would wear?

2 thoughts on “How to Avoid Losing your Mobile Phone

  1. Nice article and useful tips…!!

    These preventive actions work when you have a bad habit of misplacing things here and there. However these small actions prove of no use when someone deliberately steals your mobile.

    Kathryn has mentioned a thing called tracking software, I liked that idea because that not only helps in case of lost but also in case of theft. In the’s yearly function there was a presentation by an Indian company they showcased a brilliant product named “Maverick Secure Mobile” and got the DemoGod 08 award. I think that this is a new dimension in the mobile security arena.

  2. Some really useful tips there, I didn’t realise there was so many phone finder tools and apps now. I especially like the keyring that lets you know when you’re leaving it behind! So clever and it reduces the time period the phone is left so it’s less liable to get stolen. I lost a phone in a lecture once when it fell out of my coat pocket, and I never saw it again even though I knew where I had lost it and returned fairly quickly :(

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