Samsung Wave – Say Hello to the Future

Samsung are certainly hoping the Wave is the future, but is the smartphone buying public ready to embrace yet another new operating system?  We think the answer is yes, but perhaps not for the reasons you expect.  The Samsung Wave, also known as the GT-S8500 was introduced with a huge fanfare – dancers, a light show and TV presenter Jake Humphrey did the job – at this years Mobile World Congress and it’s the first Samsung mobile to feature their newest operating system, Bada.

You may remember Bada from late 2009, when Samsung unveiled it as their in-house OS, stating their intention had been to build a smartphone system for everybody, and what better way to get us excited about such a thing than debuting it on a brand-new powerhouse phone like the Wave.

Categorising the Wave as simply Samsung’s range-topper would be to label it as just another powerful mobile phone, but this is a lot more than that.  Think of it as Samsung’s Nexus One.  It shares many features with Google’s phone, it has a stylish but slightly faceless design and runs the company’s own operating system.  It’s designed around the current hardware pinnacle, while representing a departure from the manufacturers previous output.  What separates the two is who the phones are aimed at.  The geeky crowd look dewy-eyed upon a Nexus One, but with the Wave, Samsung intend the average mobile user to be enchanted by a handset with smartphone power and feature phone accessibility.

A Brave New World?


Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset may feel like the only 1GHz option on the block, as it seems to inhabit almost every new superphone introduced onto the market recently, but Samsung have chosen to use the ARM Cortex A8 1GHz chipset instead.  Introduced with the codename Hummingbird during the middle of 2009, the Wave is the first phone to include the highly energy efficient chip.

Samsung have yet to confirm the RAM and ROM figures for the Wave, but the phone will have a 2GB or 8GB version along with microSD card memory expansion.

Bada itself won’t really be seen, as Samsung have opted to use TouchWiz 3.0 as the Wave’s user interface.  The Android-style icons, multiple homescreens, applications and widgets will be familiar to all smartphone users, along with anyone who has previously used a TouchWiz-enabled mobile phone.  Now do you see why Samsung have great expectations for the Wave?  Just think of the number of people using a Jet or F480 Tocco who are ready for the next level!

The whole system feels super-fast and highly responsive to your touch, with screens zipping by and applications opening instantly.  This really will dispel any mistaken notion that smartphones are slower than their feature phone cousins.


Is the Wave a great looking phone?  Well, that’s for you to decide, but there is no denying it’s instantly recognisable as a Samsung phone, with an all-in-one metallic shell covered with subtle curves and the now-familiar diamond shaped Home button flanked by call and end keys.

Dominating the front panel is the 3.3″ Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen.  Even if you’ve only seen video of it in action, its pin-sharp level of detail, stunning contrast and deep black levels are all clearly visible.  Samsung have been at the forefront of OLED screen technology for a while and the Wave’s 480×800 pixel resolution item confirms this.

What Else Can It Do?

  • Connectivity. Naturally, the Wave is a 3G phone with GPRS and EDGE data connections along with HSDPA and HSUPA.  Wi-Fi is also built-in.
  • Bluetooth 3.0. The Wave will be one of the first to feature the latest version of Bluetooth with its super-fast transfer speeds.
  • GPS. Assisted GPS is built-in, as is a digital compass and Samsung Mobile Navigator software.
  • Media Player. With such a strong processor onboard, it should come as no surprise that the Wave is great for video, however it may surprise you to hear that the phone is perfectly happy with 720p HD video playback!  The phone supports DivX/XviD out of the box, along with the regular MPEG4, WMV, H.263 and H.264 file formats.
  • Two Keyboard Options. Select either a landscape or portrait virtual QWERTY keyboard or revert to a standard alphanumeric items.  Again, another great way to help smartphone newcomers adapt.  Handwriting recognition is also onboard.
  • 5 Megapixel Camera. Joining the 5 megapixel camera is face and smile recognition, blink detection, geo-tagging, autofocus and an LED flash.  On the video side, the camera will shoot at 30fps and 720p.
  • Music Player. The Wave uses Samsung’s DNSe technology along with an equaliser to adapt the sound to your preferences.  A 3.5mm jack socket will let you use your own headphones and the phone also has an FM RDS radio.
  • Widgets. This being based around TouchWiz, there are plenty of standard widgets and even more to download later.
  • Samsung Apps. Potentially, that which makes or breaks Bada as a true Android/iPhone alternative.  Many top names are already producing applications for Samsung, and they are likely to also be working on Bada versions.  The powerful processor and gorgeous screen make the Wave perfect for many of the high quality games iPhone owners enjoy, so we can’t wait to see what they have on offer at launch.
  • Samsung Kies. This is the new sync software which the Wave will use.  A very clear and simple to use system should see everyone happily syncing new apps, music and video with the Wave.  The phone will also support apps being downloaded directly onto the handset.

Any Downsides?

  • The Unknown. For a new OS to be a success, it must first be embraced.  Only time will tell if the Wave, and therefore Bada, captures the public’s imagination.
  • Applications. Without a healthy app store, a smartphone today simply won’t make it.
  • Style. As a piece of technology, the Wave is really superb, as an exercise in design, it’s possibly a little too subtle.


The Samsung Wave is perfectly placed to exploit the current interest in smartphones by attracting their legions of feature phone users over with the minimum of upgrade fuss.  If you’re already using a smartphone, Samsung’s inclusion of all the must-have features, a super-quick processor, a stunning AMOLED screen and the promise of a packed app store, means that you’ll likely to be joining the queue for a GT-S8500 Wave too!

397 thoughts on “Samsung Wave – Say Hello to the Future

  1. I agree that it would be better if it were running Android.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Bada has enough clout to develop really good apps?

  2. May I point out that the ARM Cortex-A8 is the Core component of the processor… This is fairly common to the generation of processors such as the Hummingbird and A4 processors. The snapdragon is an exception as it uses a “Scorpion” core.. This is supposedly uses less power, something that Samsung and Intrinsity have optimised for their A8 core :
    The chips themselves break down as follows:

    TI OMAP 3430 :
    Cortex-A8 Core ARM 7 Reference design (2.0 DMIPS / MHz)
    65-nanometer CMOS process
    + Integrated POWERVR SGX 530 graphics coprocessor (7-8M Triangles/sec)
    + Integrated TI DaVinci C64x+ DSP (video processor)
    Found in the Motorola Droid/Milestone, iPhone 3GS, Nokia N900 & Palm Pre

    Qualcomm QSD8250 :
    Scorpion core ARM7 compatible (2.1 DMIPS / Mhz)
    45-nanometer CMOS process
    + Integrated gpsOne Assisted GPS
    + Integrated AMD Z430 Ati Graphics core (22M Triangles/sec)
    + Integrated GSM/3G HSPA modem
    Found in the HTC HD2, HTC Nexus One/Desire & Acer Liquid

    Samsung S5PC110A01 AKA Hummingbird
    Cortex-A8 Core ARM 7 avec Samsung optimisations (2.0 DMIPS / MHz)
    45-nanometer CMOS process
    + 512 MB L2 Cache
    + PowerVR SGX 540 graphics coprocessor (90M Triangles/sec)
    + Integrated GSM/3G HSPA modem
    + Integrated Assisted GPS
    Found in the Samsung Galaxy S & Samsung Wave

    Intrinsity-Apple A4
    Cortex-A8 Core ARM 7 avec Samsung optimisations (2.0 DMIPS / MHz)
    45-nanometer CMOS process
    + PowerVR SGX 535 graphics coprocessor (28M Triangles/sec)
    + PowerVR VXD Video & Audio
    + Integrated GSM/3G HSPA modem
    + Integrated Assisted GPS
    Found in the iphone 4 & iPad

  3. My Name is sudhakar, I am loving this new Samsung Wave and Social hub service. I am here to share my knowledge in SNS on Samsung Wave. I hope we can share some tricks on the phone.

    Sudhakar M.

  4. I would love this phone if it were a bit, wider? i don’t know i think im just used to having a brick of a phone id be afraid to drop that sucker all the time like i do with my at and lg phone….oops lol dropped it again anyway nice phone bit small for me but good

  5. Only one word can describe this phone and that is “SUPERB”…
    It is the best phone i ever seen…..
    I will fell like the luckiest person in the world to have a phone like this…….
    Only I wish that I could have one……cuz don’t have enough money to buy it….

  6. “ThIs MoBiLe Is GoInG To FlUsH OtHeR PhOnEs





  7. Very nice! I need a new phone, my 2 year old put mine in the washing machine and switched it on. I now have a very clean, but completely broken, phone!

  8. I love the fact that it feels like a quality phone and has HD video recording, a 1GHz Samsung-own Hummingbird processor, a super-slim chassis, the latest Super AMOLED screen and multi-touch support. This is a quality phone and I’m a Samsung phone fan anyway.

  9. This is such an awesome phone, its so sleek and modern, it sounds like it does everything, and what cool apps. I really would love one please

  10. It’s stunning. Samsung products are always well designed, they look and feel good and work well – it seems like the Wave is no exception. I’m impressed by the fact it actually runs fast. I’ve been put off owning a smartphone a bit by stories of the iphone and others being ridiculously slow. I think it might finally be time to upgrade.

  11. My Daughter changes her phone every 18 months, my Hubby gets her old one and I get his, so I have never had a phone that isn’t at least 3 years old. I love the look of this one and would love, just once, to have a brand new phone better than either of theirs :)

  12. Oh my loving Samsung Wave!
    You are tinkling in my eyes!

    You have a unique style and design!
    Who could have produced such an imagination?

    A glimpse of the Wave on the website!
    Luring hundreds to post at eyesight!

    It’s all because,
    Samsung Wave provides the best features of a Smartphone!

    With a finger touch,
    Wave connecting to the World!

    Dear consumers of the Samsung wave,
    Say thank you for the two keyboard options!

    With the Wave GPS at your finger tip,
    You’ll never loose your grip on any trip!

    Samsung Apps will enhance your life
    The music player will make you feel alive!

    All going to wave good bye to their smart-less phones!
    It’s time to embrace and surf on the Samsung Wave!

    Oh Samsung slim beauty Wave!
    I am very obsessed with you!

    I long to hold you close to my ears, but
    I can’t afford you, outcome the tears!
    Yet, I pray to win a Samsung Wave!
    Oh Samsung Wave! Please come to me!

    Come ashore and speak to me!

    My heart is beating with awe and excitement…

    Many thanks to the Admin and good luck to all!!

  13. Hey guys

    I’ve been following this phone for a while and cant wait to get my hands on it. Its priced very cheap when considering the specs but i think this is due to the fact samsung have added their own “new” os bada. From the video’s and reviews ive seen online the new os seem’s to be the best out there as it has all the best features of the other os’s and the added some extra in a nice package. As i’ve said earlier the specs are truely amazing however you look at it for the next two years+ noone can say the spec sheet looks old as most of the stuff on this phone have never been seen before on a mobile device (such as the wifi n, bluetooth 3 and super amoled screen ect). Then comes the design which I really like as its not too big and has abit more character then the other touch screen phones which just look like bricks and to top it all off the body is made from a single piece metal casing…….. I think slick is the word im looking for here. Anyway hope loads of people buy this phone as the more people own it the more apps ther’ll be

  14. I’m currently an i8910HD owner, and have always bought Samsung phones. The Wave caught my eye from last years MWC, what an awesome spec phone…much like the i8910HD was and in some cases still is.

    This is my problem though, after Samsungs total disregard for the i8910HD pretty much only months after it’s release, I’m now wondering will Samsung off ANY after sales support in the form of firmware/software updates. My experience with the i8910HD has left a bitter taste, I really hope Samsung with the Wave and Bada will be able to restore my confidence in them and their product.

  15. There’s something about a Samsung Wave
    Something about it that I crave.
    With a music player, camera and lots lots more
    I’d be the first at the mobile shop, knocking down the door.
    To own this piece of technology would be a dream come true.
    There couldn’t be anything better except for maybe two!

  16. WOW! This looks great, I’ve already got a Samsung Omnia i900 and this looks like its even better than my current phone, and its excellent

  17. Like the sound of this new generation Bluetooth technology, and the phone has a lovely sleek appearance. Would love to win for my boyfriend he;s in dire need of a new phone.

  18. How can something so small have such amazing specs?! It’s more like a entertainment device than a phone!! Samsung never let us down ;) Great review too. Deffo on my Christmas list.

  19. To have the Sumsaung Wave would be a dream come true! Its stylish, light and most probably the best touch screen on the market, I love Samsung, and would like to have the opportunity to show it off to my friends ….

  20. Dear Team dail-a-phone,
    I took about 20 mins to read the full article. THIS PHONE IS JUST SIMPLY AMAZING!!!! . Hands/Hats off to dial a phone and Samsung. Both are working as (x+y) 〖^2〗=x〖^2〗+y〖^2〗+2xy . Means, buy one get one free offer. And the divine words “Categorising the Wave as simply Samsung’s range-topper would be to label it as just another powerful mobile phone, but this is a lot more than that. ” built a passion for me for the Samsung Wave. Samsung is going to make good money from this phone. (Remember That!)
    Abhishek Verma

  21. OMG! it looks gorgeous!
    I love Samsung phones.. The screens are amazing..
    They are the best manufactuer of screens..
    They make screens for Sony TV’s for gods sake
    Just shows how rubbish Sony stuff really is when they cant make their own!.
    I would soooo love this phone..

  22. I have had my Samsung u600 for about 3-4 years now and it’s served it’s purposr wonderfully. I’ve dropeed it on the floor numerous times and even dropped it in the bath once and it survived! However it is nearing the end of it’s life – it no longer plays videos, photos turn out dark yellow in colour and the backlight doesn’t work unless I hold it half open. Therefore I’ve been thinking about purchasing a new phone.

    There are so many on the market now with so many new features that it is quite daunting! I thought that maybe an iPhone or a HTC may be good, but they all sound so complicated to use.
    This new Samsung Wave sounds like it would be perfect for me. It is made by a company that I trust and sounds like it wouldn’t be too complicated for me to use being a smartphone newbie.
    The video and camera capabilities are just what I need, and seeing as I’m about to get my first car, the GPS features would be very handy and would save me from purchasing a seperate sat-nav system.

    All-in-all, I think that this phone will be a big hit, and I will be first in line when it hits the shops :-)

  23. The Samsung Wave is all the rage,
    which is why I’m leaving a comment on this page.
    The phone looks good, the phone looks smart
    the phone really is, a work of art.
    It’s highly responsive to your touch,
    I really couldn’t ask for anything much
    more than this
    and to own one would be absolute bliss.

  24. My boyfriend bought a Nokia smartphone from dialaphone but unfortunately I’m still left with my Sony Ericson from 2004! I would love to show him up with this one, teehee!

  25. Really great looking phone samsung, could do with one of these to replace the one my GF flushed down the toilet!! She must have thought my phone was S**t!!

  26. Just Wicked!!!! Samsung enabling us to update our firmware and fixing bugs this phone is easy on the eye, smart look, wicked coverage, Best looking phone, Bing Bing!!!! what more can you say

  27. This phone looks sooo cool. I do think that this could be Iphones biggest competition. It looks super sophisticated and would love to be seen with one of these!!

  28. A wave…it says Hello, and it’s a big hello to this little phone.
    A says fresh water rolling in ….and this is a welcome fresh player on the Iphone market.

  29. Wow, what a gorgeous phone! I’ve had many Samsungs and loved them all – can’t wait to get one of these and put all my friends with iPhones to shame!

  30. The best things do indeed come to those who wait…
    FINALLY something to beat the iPhone!

    Now pass it here so that I can start bragging to all and sundry!

  31. Looks like a great phone with fantastic features! Hoping the battery, whichthe quickly depleting of is a curse of all smartphones, is up to it!

  32. I Have been a Samsung Convert for years now and think they are the best phones on the market. would love to win this because otherwise have to wait till the price drops to the bottom of the sea (wave pun!! ok very bad one) to afford one :)

  33. Already had a play on this at the Gadget Show live. Love the fact that when you’re using the keypad in texts it vibrates like a proper keyboard would. The little things count!

  34. its look like nice,good and very future related phone
    if any body see……
    deffinently they want to buy this one
    because of i have also that idea………
    but i dnt have that much money…….
    but i vl buy it one

  35. This phone looks good and easy to use. My current phone has some serious usability issues so this is one of my main niggles and I think this would solve the problem! I reeeally want one!!

  36. A supuberly designed phone for the modern person – the amount of applications on a single phone is amazing. You’ll never get bored with this phone.

  37. looks like a wonderful and astylish and a very reliable and a smooth phone . It has all features which a phone should have. Hope i should get this phone soon in my hands
    thank you

  38. The Samsung Wave: It’s stylish, sophisticated and offers superior features and benefits. The Wave leads the way in Smartphones & beats the i Phone hands down!

  39. I haven’t seen many adverts on this phone yet – but I’m sure I will. It looks like a real contender. I might have to get myself one!

  40. amazing… love the styling, i’ve been shopping around for a new phone for a few weeks now and have been torn between sticking with blackberry or changing my brand…think i’m gonna have to change my brand now…sorry bb!!

  41. i would absolutely love this, apart from the obvious pun ‘what better phone to ‘surf’ the web on than a ‘wave’ lol, joking aside, i dont even have a mobile phone, i have 2 cups and a bit of string lol.looks gorgeous though xx

  42. Gotta have it! Im in the dark ages with an old Motorola V3. This would so give me loads of street cred. Love it. This is better than the iphone.

  43. I currently own a Samsung Soul, which when it launched just over 18 months ago I believe was an amazing phone in my opinion! I still love it & love the Samsung phones, so this one is definitely on my list of new phones to check out!!

  44. Does anybody actually read these comments.

    Yes its a nice phone and would be wonderful to win but do people have to kiss ass to try and win one.

    lets be honest with our opinions and not creep.
    Samsung seriously need to bring out a big style competitor to the Nokia’s and iPhones of the mobile world.
    Is this it well who knows. Give me a try and i will let you know.

  45. It’s a good looking phone & the screen is fantastic. In theory it could be one of the greats – here’s hoping Samsung give it decent firmware support

  46. The specs on this are really nice. My contract is up for renewal but there are no handsets I like. This one would be a most worthy replacement for my dusty Xperia X1!

  47. I already have the Nexus one,I would like to get my hands on one of these to see how they could possibly replace Android. Like to check the screen out too.

  48. The Samsung Wave looks and sounds like a fantastic phone that will be brilliant if they do have all the apps that they say there is going to be, I would be proud to own one x

  49. This bit of the article is SO funny: “Just think of the number of people using a Jet or F480 Tocco who are ready for the next level!”

    We Jet users are still waiting on Samsung enabling us to update our firmware and fixing the multiple bugs the phone has, let alone worrying about the next level. I would think if most of us want the next level, it wont be from Samsung, given their appalling history of not supporting the Jet. A case of once bitten, twice shy.

    Samsung should have put Android on the Wave, then it would have been a world beater.

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