Don’t Get Too Excited About Vodafone’s £10 Handset

Vodafone stirred up a lot of excitement at Mobile World Congress by announcing that they are going to be releasing the world’s cheapest mobile phone handset ever. Don’t get too excited, though this handset is aimed for sale in developing nations, not where you live.

The Vodafone 150 is a new handset that is set to be priced at just £10. A more advanced handset called the Vodafone 250 will be available at around £20. Although this handset isn’t going to be a great frugal investment for you, it’s still a nice product to see enter the market.

Developing nations are able to make great use of mobile phones when they become accessible in their area. One of the things that people in these areas are now able to do because of mobile phones is advanced banking. Mobile banking in third world countries is getting incredibly popular and Vodafone wants to aid in this by creating this new handset, which has built-in mobile banking features.

The goal of new handset designs for parts of the world such as Kenya, India and Turkey is to offer increased functionality without raising the price of the handset. In addition to mobile banking, the Vodafone 150 offers voice calls and text messaging. (Text messaging is often used in third world countries as a way to receive improved health care information.) The more advanced 250 also has a colour screen and a built-in FM radio. That’s not a lot considering how advanced other handsets around the world are but it’s a nice start for a low-priced handset marketed at a developing nation.

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  1. Well the things are only valid in your cnutory..and the free service provided is national thatis only valid in your cnutory And going abroad is gonna charge you and the international charges gonna apply.. But still better you call and confirm it from your vodafone care.. Better not to take any chances Was this answer helpful?

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