What to Do if you Drop your Phone in Water

No matter how careful you are, that day will come when you spill drink on your phone, drop it in the toilet or even in a puddle. Here’s a tried and tested checklist of how to save your mobile if it gets wet.

  • First thing’s first, get it out of the liquid and fast, even if it has made it’s way down the toilet, you need to be quick and delve inside to retrieve it.
  • Turn the phone off. This may sound simple but so many people try and make calls or go through the menu to check it still works. If it has turned itself off in a valiant effort to save itself then leave it, if you turn it on it will only do more damage.
  • Take the Phone apart. Again a pretty simple task but one many people don’t do. The best way to dry out your phone is by separating the battery, sim card and memory stick.
  • If it fell into water, pat the remains dry with a warm towel. If it was a sticky liquid, salt water or mud then give it a quick rinse under the tap. Getting it wet all over again may sound crazy, but imagine what the sugar or grit will do to the phone’s insides!
  • Dry it out. There are a few methods to get your phone back to good health. If it’s just damp then you may want to settle for a radiator or airing cupboard stint. If it’s pretty much soaked, the best and most successful option is rice. Put your phone in an air-tight container and cover completely with uncooked rice. Because it’s a natural absorber, it should soak up all the excess moisture.
  • Put the box in a warm place to speed up the process, try and leave it for at least 24hours to make sure it’s completely dry.
  • Never try and use a hairdryer, or cooker to dry out a phone – it will only damage the mobile further.

If you’ve got any other suggestions feel free to share them below!

7 thoughts on “What to Do if you Drop your Phone in Water

  1. I just been really stupid and dropped my blackberry curve 8520 down the toilet got it out immediately it’s now in rice. But the red light thing at the top has moved so I’m not sure if that means there is water in it or sumfin, should I hope 4 the best or just replace it?

  2. Just dropped my Blackberry Bold in the toilet last night at around 10.45 and I jut used a rowel to dry the surface water off it and took the battery out to do that but it was still turned on and it was still working for about 45 mins and then it started going all crazy and pressing letters I wasnt pressing and not letting me use buttons so I took it apart and tried to dry it even more with a towel and then I put it back together and turned it on and it still didn’t bloody work and then I took it apart again but put it on the radiator for about 15/20 mins and put it back together and it still was going crazy so I took it apart again and used the electric blower heater thing that I have and then I put it on my radiator for another 20 mins and when I pit it together it started working and when I woke up on the morning the screen was frozen on the lock screen and I treks taking it apart and putting it back together 3 times and it just keeps going crazy. It cost like £400 and my dads gonna kill me! Any other suggestions? :(

  3. just spilled coffee all over the face plate of my Blackberry Bold which cost $550! I dried it immediately, turned it off and took everything out….praying it still works! the inside of the back where the battery goes was still completely dry so i am hoping for the best!

  4. Dropped my phone down the toilet like 30 mins ago…damn…it was the nokia 5800 xpress music….i have it in rice and all now…i will go mad if it doesnt work…paid 499 euro for it…:( hope it does work :D

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