Samsung Monte – Robot in Disguise?

There are a number of mid-range touchscreens entering the market. In the past, a smaller budget meant a less impressive spec list and unresponsive screen. This is definitely not the case with the Samsung Monte. Take a quick glance at the spec sheet and you will soon see that this sleek entry-level handset packs a load of high-end features.

The most impressive of these is the Monte’s connectivity collection. Boasting quadband GSM, dual band 3G with 3.6Mbps HSDPA and a range of local connectivity options WiFi, Bluetooth, MicroUSB, and a MicroSD card that can handle anything up to 16GB. Regardless of whether you log onto the net via WiFi or through a carriers web connection, the browser is impressive. The Dolphin Web browser is the same that we have seen previously on the Samsung Jet. Based on the well-known Webkit design the Monte’s browser is extremely responsive with finger-friendly features, such as one-finger and double tap zoom, kinetic scrolling, and effortless panning. There is also full Flash support onboard, something that is still considered a rarity, even on high-end Smartphones.

Coming in at 108.8 x 53.7 x 12.4mm the Samsung Monte shares similar dimensions with most of its competitors and weighing just 92g, it’s very pocket friendly. Despite being average size and weight for the mid-range class, the exterior is by no means ordinary. The bold paintwork is a definite eye-catcher, and bears an uncanny resemblance to the well-favoured transformer BumbleBee, or at least we think so. Unfortunately, the Monte is no friendly autobot, but it does have a torrent of hidden weaponry. The Monte sports Samsung’s Touchwiz user interface. Touchwiz 2.0 Plus, various improvements have been made to the system recently, hence the additional word. The jump from Touchwiz 2.0 to 2.0 Plus sees a big emphasis on visual features, the new interface is moving closer to the look and feel of Samsungs new Operating System Bada, which will debut next month on the Samsung Wave. The interface looks fresh and is easy to navigate; the homescreen is made up of three different panels, each with ample space for widgets. Because of its capacitive screen, a simple finger swipe is all that is needed to switch between the three. The widget tray has moved from the left hand side of the screen to the bottom, and is brought up using the gear mechanism at the top of the page. Many will be happy to know that Smart unlock has also been included in the Monte package.

Onto entertainment facilities and the Samsung Monte again exceeds expectations. The music player has all the features to which we have become accustom, 3.5mm audio jack, MicroSD card, Fm Radio with RDS, Playlist function, and decent speakers. The standard audio presets are all available, with dynamic and surround sound options too. DNSe technology provides more options to improve sound quality, externalisation, music clarity, bass enhancement, and megabass. There’s even an option that lets you record radio broadcasts.

The camera set is a mixed bag, while 3megapixels is at the lower end of the snapper scale, the added features work to improve picture quality. Smile detection’s onboard as are a number of different shot options including panoramic view. The Monte has a great photo editor packed in, providing quick photo alterations and uploads to the web. Geotagging sets the Monte apart from the rest of the mid-touch crowd, allowing users to add geographical data to their images.

There are a number of preinstalled applications to suit a variety of needs, Office Document Viewer 2007 allows users to open Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents straight from their phone, while Palringo opens up communication options to instant messaging from GTalk, ICQ, AIM and MSN. Naturally the Social Networking sites all feature, Facebook and Myspace have their own dedicated apps, while Twitter and Bebo can be accessed using widgets. There’s also Emoze, an app that provides push email for Gmail, Outlook and Facebook emails.

210 thoughts on “Samsung Monte – Robot in Disguise?

  1. think about the older person, we like new things but the eyes and fingers a’int so agile when you reach 70. We like the sun so let us see it in a bright light. We can sing about SAMSUNG.

  2. its a a shame about the camera being smaller than Im used to, but id be willing to overlook that and give this beauty a go. Looks like im staying with samsung!

  3. I’m a recent convert to Samsung phones and this is looking like something I may have to buy soon! Very stylish looking and sounds like a good spec, but then again, I’m always swayed if its shiny and new : )

  4. O.K. will admit I am not a phone nut – as long as I can call people, and maybe take the odd photo then happy. This phone seems to do that plus more so would be more than happy!

    They really did let the creative director go through all the cliches with the promo advert though. Why would you show your phone as if in a wind tunnel? Are they suggesting that it will fly aerodynamically if you chuck it?

  5. Looks like a very nice phone indeed! I’ve previously owned a Samsung phone and it was the slimmest phone ever with the most wonderful photo and video playback…

  6. Another good looking phone. Loads of connections, can be used as a portable media centre. Does any know what the battery life and internet browersing like on this phone.

    Will wait for user feedback before purchasing.

  7. Would defiantly recommend it for the dolphin web browser, however they are still playing catchup to the big 3, the design is stereo typical mid end smart phone, the orange colors help it stand out from what would otherwise be a bland phone with a average to poor camera, unfortunately despite being new its already years out of date and still playing catchup in most areas.

    I also question how many people who would honestly use this with the powerpoint apps, its so gimmicky its like they don’t even bother doing focus groups of what people who want a modern phone who lets face it like to show it off, not do work with.

    Without going into real detail i’ve given up saying any more, its not worth the time or effort into a product where the company have also had the same feelings. I expected more from Samsung as they can release stunning products when they want to.

  8. Ooo,just watched you tube vid’s of this phone and “I LIKE IT”, like the gadgety look with the apps pages, the feedback feel from the touch screen best of all is the charger loads from the top so no more having to fidget around the charger when texting whilst it’s plugged in, bout time some one did this, most of the kids at my youth club have the genio so might get this one to show off, lol, having 4 teenage kids myself price and coolness are a must.

  9. This phone looks awesome. It looks similar to the Tocco Ultra which I have and if thats anything to go by I reckon it’s top dog. The features on this phone look great too and comes with bluetooth and wi-fi to communicate with the world. Touch Screen technology also shows the development of technology and will ensure to satisfy its customers.

    Awesome phone, cant wait to end my contract to get one!

  10. Average phone, body of the phone looks pretty cheap, camera is dated, depends on final price how interesting it’ll be for public. But don’t think it’ll have many buyers.

  11. An excellent phone with plenty of features but with somewhat ‘traditional’ styling. It would be nice to see a real ‘wow’ design to match the features!

  12. I’ve never been a fan of Samsung mobiles – couldn’t get to grips with them at all … but, in light if this review, I think I’ll have another look.

  13. Wow, this phone looks great. My e900 has just died on me (after years of faithful service) and I think I’ve now found a replacement. Can’t wait to get this!

  14. Like someone says in another post, these phones are really slick, too slick. I’ve broke 2 by dropping them. Maybe some rubber on the side would help. Otherwise it looks fantastic.

  15. Leaving early, running late its the convenient way to communicate. Look good as you go – no hidden expense – Samsung affords confidence. I’ll be using the Samsung Monte for excellence.

  16. Like a lot of phones it looks good but does it perform up to its spec??? Only time will tell. Hope they have improved from the TOCCO’s poor performance. Still looks good though!!!

  17. Once again Samsung have come up with a top phone.The music player has brillant sound like found on any good mp3 player,the phone its self is very stylish and certain not a phone your be ashamed to take out of your pocket.
    Also its great for social networking whilst on the move.
    Only downside I’d say was the 3mp camera if your looking for a phone with a camera for top notich photos,but then at the end of the day its a phone and not a camera,and you wouldn’t expect to make calls on your camera!

  18. Its ok – not what i’m after, i’ll be waiting for the WAve or X10 maybe a htc one im undecided but i wish they would do this kind of funky design on one of those

  19. Nice looking sleek phone. Samsung are very good at making very attractive phones. I just wish all companies – including Samsung – would realise that these phones are very slick but also are very slippery in your hand. Therefore design them with a more grippy feel!

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