How To Fix the White Screen Of Death on a BlackBerry

If you’re a BlackBerry addict, you may have come across the White Screen of Death – this normally comes about after prolonged use, without turning the phone off. You’ll soon know if you’ve got the WSOD, the phone will lock up and the screen will go completely white, bar one tiny error message. Basically, this message means that your beloved handset has died a little inside. If this has happened to you and you can’t get it to pull back to the land of the living or it keeps happening then fear not because we have a nifty defibrillator on hand to kick start your failing Blackberry.

The only remedy for the WSOD currently, is to turn the handset off and take out the battery. Leave it for a couple of minutes before putting it back in and rebooting. Don’t worry if it takes a while to re-start it’s recovering, and will be back to normal in no time, normally three minutes or so.

If you’ve got a hard case on your BlackBerry handset, it can be difficult to get it off and the battery out, if this is the case there are applications dedicated to ‘battery pulling’ and will replicate the action of removing the battery without physically doing so. However, this doesn’t work every time so the best thing to do is manually extract your battery from the phone.

In the mean time, the only way to stop this from happening is to regularly take out the battery or run the battery pull app – about twice a month should do it. That should keep you going until BlackBerry can find a permanent fix.

6 thoughts on “How To Fix the White Screen Of Death on a BlackBerry

  1. what i do is i take out the sim and memory card then i backup all the rest of the things on my phone on to a laptop then i put the new software on again which should take about 5 – 30 minutes then the blackberry should be working again if not then get a new phone.

  2. i recently had to change my danaged screen in my bb 8520 and since doing so all i get now is a white screen,no matter how many times i remove my battery it just starts with a completely white screen….help pls.

  3. I hope BlackBerry make a fix for this- It’s annoying having to take the battery out – does anyone know of any other good apps that do the pull battery trick?

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