How to Use Fake Call

The Samsung Jet, Apple iPhone and many others have a great feature to help you get out of meetings, and any other awkward situation, the application in question is Fake Call. This nifty tool lets you ring yourself; you can even go as far as recording a message to play down the phone, to relieve any suspicions.

So, if you want to go the whole hog and truly fake call yourself, then the first thing you need to do is record a message.

  • Go to the Main Menu and open up Settings.
  • Click on Application Settings and head to Call options, in here you should find Fake Call, then Fake Call Voice.
  • Turn the Fake Call Voice option On and hit record.
  • Talk into the mic as you would with a normal voice call, then hit the end button to stop.
  • Choose Set Recording for Fake Call.
  • Hit Save.

Now to set up the Fake Call function.

  • Go to the Main Menu and head to Setting, go to Application Settings, Call, Fake Call and choose Fake Call timer.
  • Pick how long you want between activating the feature and receiving the voice call.
  • Click Save

To make the voice Call all you need to do is hold the volume key down while the phone is locked and in idle mode, wait for the set amount of time to pass and then act surprised when you get the call.

One thought on “How to Use Fake Call

  1. you should be able to put a name to make it believable..
    like your mom, girlfriend, boss or whatever..
    in an actual situation.. people have the habit in showing the screen that someone is calling.. “wait… (shows screen of the phone) i have to take this call my boss is calling..”

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