Nokia N8 – Return Of The King?

Nokia N8 Review - Dialaphone

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  • Aluminium Unibody
  • 16GB Internal Memory
  • Ovi Access
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  • 680MHz Processor
  • Symbian OS
  • Unresponsive Screen
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The Nokia N8 is the Nokia phone everyone has been talking about. Why? It’s the first Nseries phone to be released following the N97 Mini in September last year, it will debut Symbian^3 and it will be the first Nseries to use a solely touch-based interface. It’s fair to say there is considerable anticipation surrounding the Nokia N8, as this high profile release has plenty of competition and Nokia need a winning device to maintain their position as the world’s number one handset manufacturer.

The early renders that appeared on the Internet didn’t do the Nokia N8 much justice. The 2D images made the design look dull and uninspired and the spec list, although impressive, didn’t capture the headlines thanks to an almost silent official release day. Has this general apathy towards the N8 ruined its chances? We don’t think so, as when you really take a good look at the Nokia N8 you’ll see that it’s exactly what an Nseries should be – subtle, beautiful, powerful and perhaps most importantly of all, desirable!


Perhaps the most important thing of all concerning the look and feel of the N8 is the material used in its construction. This is a premium device for Nokia, so they have shunned the plastic used for some previous Nseries phones, and shied away from good-looking by fragile alternatives like glass; instead settling on hard-wearing and attractive anodized aluminium.

The metal frame will be available in five colours; dark grey, silver white, blue, orange and green and the pictures of the N8 show that none of these are overbearing, but rather subtle shades that give the phone a real individual style. The use of aluminium hasn’t added to the weight either, with the N8 tipping the scales at 135 grams – around the same as an iPhone 3GS.

Visually, the phone is dominated by the 3.5″ capacitive touchscreen. It has a resolution of 360×640 and is an AMOLED item capable of displaying 16 million colours.


Nokia haven’t shouted about the processor running the N8, and that’s because it’s not a 1GHz chip like so many other top-end smartphones on the market today. It’s a 680MHz ARM processor, which is still speedy enough and a big step up from the 434MHz chip used in the N97 Mini! Processor speed isn’t everything though, as here it will be combined with 512MB of ROM and 256MB RAM, plus 16GB of internal memory. There is also a microSD card slot to boost this to 32GB.

As we mentioned earlier, the Nokia N8 is the first device to use the Symbian^3 operating system. This new version is an evolution of Symbian S60 that we’re familiar with today, but with plenty of performance and interface tweaks, multi-touch support, improved graphics and three customisable homescreens, just like Android.

With Symbian^3 comes support for HDMI-out, and the N8 has a mini-HDMI port hidden under a cover in-between the 3.5mm headphone socket and the power button along its top edge. Inside the box there will be an adaptor to allow you to plug the N8 directly into your TV.  Why would you want to do this?  Read on…


The sleek lines of the Nokia N8 are broken only by a raised plinth on the back of the handset, which houses the lens and flash unit for the camera. Rated at 12 megapixels and sitting alongside a xenon flash, this is no ordinary camera for the snap happy, as Nokia have designed this with the keen photographer in mind. The 28mm wide-angle Carl Zeiss lens has autofocus, a manual shutter and allows ISO settings up to 1200, aperture at f/2.8, macro focusing from 10-60cm, and has an ND filter for improved low-light shooting, plus face and smile detection.

The camera also shoots video in 16:9, at 25fps in 720p, which is exactly the reason you’ll want to connect this up to your HD TV! Videos can be saved as either H.264 or MPEG-4 files and when using the HDMI connection, the N8 also supports Dolby Digital Plus audio.

It’s also worth mentioning that the N8 has a front-facing VGA camera for video calls, that works over 3G.

What Else Can it Do?

Connectivity. The Nokia N8 is a 3G phone with HSDPA and HSUPA. The built-in Wi-Fi supports 802.11 b,g and n standards and can be tethered to another wireless device.

Battery. The 1200mAh cell offers 390 hours standby and 720 minutes talktime on 2G, and 400 hours and 350 minutes in 3G. The device can be charged using a regular Nokia pin connector or via the micro-USB.

USB Connection. By using an adapter, the micro-USB port can be used to read a Flash drive.

GPS. The Assisted GPS uses Ovi Maps with free turn-by-turn navigation. It also has a digital compass for precise positioning.

Web Browser. This has built-in support for Flash Lite 4, giving you the chance to view most Flash 10.1 content on the Internet through the browser.

Other Features.

  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Music and video player with DivX/XviD support.
  • FM Transmitter.
  • FM Radio.
  • Proximity sensor.
  • Accelerometer.

Any Downsides?

Aside from Symbian^3 being an unknown quantity at the moment, there are reports indicating the N8′s battery will be non-removable. While this does keep the shape and lines of the casing neat and tidy, it may prove annoying to heavy users. Perhaps this won’t be the case when the phone is finally launched.


The Nokia N8 looks fantastic and is sure to be a delight to hold in one’s palm and provided Symbian^3 is a step forward, the highly impressive camera specification should attract plenty of newcomers to the Nseries range. As for the dedicated fans of the Nseries, they’ve got nothing to worry about, as the N8 is shaping up to be one of the best yet.

147 thoughts on “Nokia N8 – Return Of The King?

    • A phone and camera of this quality should feel just at home, with someone who is not afraid to use it, with a plethora of features. This phone can give your life direction, especially a direction through the lens.
      I am an amateur photography enthusiast, I always have a camera with me in one form or another, and its definitely time to take the leap and add some substance to my gadget gallery. The Nokia N8, simply the ONLY way forwards.

  1. We were exploring a hill in our province when I saw this heart shaped bark of a tree. We were so amazed that I took a macro shot using my almost 3 year nokia n82. My friend thought it can only be done by a digital camera. With an n8, I can say that it’s not technology, it’s what you do with it

  2. I notice everyone else’s photos are in focus ! If I win the Nokia N8, I promise to use it to photograph my Imate Jam’s journey to the mobile phone recycling centre and post them on your forums !

  3. I think the photo says it all! All though I am know a crowned Snake player I think its time I moved on to better things… Better things being a Nokia N8!

  4. Even my rather hansom and fierce cat Tak has gone a bit Mr T and ” Pity’s the Fool” who’s using the rather out dated and clapped out nokia (that’s me), he has even been caught trying to bury it in his lit tray (slight exaggeration). Help stop this animal cruelty and let Tak live in a home free of ancient mobile technology, you can make a pets life better.

  5. i said to my daughter id get her a treat for getting her award that was back in july now that i said that,bad mummy i know but i said id buy her something more special for xmas this would be perfect for her as she is in new school now and aloud phones in school to use in break and so i can contact her when she is she be able to use a gd phone like this.that would be a treat for her and a treat for me seeing the smile on her face if she got it b4 xmas .anyway gd luck to all here many deserve it.x

  6. EeeeeKkkkk ive been waiting forever, Wow what a phone sepc in the sparkly blue! got well excitied when saw in on tv ad! My m8s kno what im on bwt now!! Love taking pics but not been able too l8ly my digi cam screen bust so u av to aim and hope! n my phones qualtiy is nothing compared to what this would be!

  7. I was trying to take a photo of the moon which was lit up in orange, my phone only has a 5mp camera and you can’t even make out the moon. I would love to win this as I take alot of photos including long distance. Of course the phone has loads of others features which would get a good hammmering.

  8. Our budding young Spielberg’s are always pinching our phones to make home movies for putting on You Tube.
    With a Nokia N8 they could film in HD with dolby surround sound & replay in all it’s glory on the family TV.

  9. Please send me a shiny new Nokia N8; my current Hulk of a phone (see what I did there?) is so big that I have to resort to getting people to shout instead of calling. Thanks!

  10. I would love to win this phone to give to my 17 year old son, He is at college and doing really well – i am so proud of him but his mobile has broken and hes using my old spare phone at the moment which is so not cool for any 17 year old.I am on my own and only working part time so cant afford to buy him a new one for a while.

    Heres a picture of Him with me and my youngest son when he was getting ready for his secondary school prom.

  11. Because as a young child, I was forced to wear German football shirts, and was constantly subjected to doses of high toxic farts. Just look at the trauma on my face. I still haven’t recovered. This phone may help me forget my tragic past.

    • Arnoud comnemts:January 16, 2010 at 11:29 amBasically my Nokia N97 can’t do anything accept show the white start-up screen with the Nokia logo It does absolutely NOTHING else Anyone have a solution for that?[] – []

  12. I think its time i upgraded my N95 as to go from 5megapixels to 12 would be top:-0)Also would be able to get some great pics of my new wee 3month old baby girl Summer & also my son scott aka Bumblebee:-0)

  13. I would love to win this for my nephew, his mam worries so much about him and won’t let him play out without taking my phone with him so she can contact him at all times, it was his birthday a few weeks ago and we had bought him a phone but got burgled 2 days before his birthday so until the insurance pays up, no phone, no playing out.

  14. This was taken on my N95 whilst knee-deep in last winters’ snow, next year it’d be amazing to use a brand new N8 to capture natures’ majesty with an extra 7 megapixels!

    • Hi there. I just thought I would let you know that a year and a month ago I got this camera tattooed on my shoulder blade. Thank you for posting this photograph on the web for me to find.

  15. hi nokia N8 im crzy about you and im in love with u i can’t aford to buy you only you you can choose who do u want to be with, i do miss i realy want to be with you xxxxx

  16. trying to save every penny to buy a proper nokia phone like this one,even my daughter is willing to help by doing more chores around the house and she hates cleanning dishes .help her to have more free time by picking me as a winner and i promise i will share the phone too

  17. every photo is a slice of life captured in a single frame; a 12 megapixel camera within a mobile phone would be so helpful towards capturing those e priceless little moments.

  18. Oh what bliss,getting back to Vietnam without lugging all the heavy stuff I did last time, but still getting the picture. You never know i might even look after it, i left my last Nokia in a Hanoi hotel room, after a mad wade to get to the airport in a flood and a power cut.

  19. Seriously sir its not an excuse.I cant hand in my homework as my lion cub ate it ! he even ate my mobile phone……….try ringing it.I will definately need a new one…….

  20. i would really like to win the new nokia phone because it looks like afabulous product and mr dave stewart is avery brilliant entrrapraneur.he has awonderful knack for business and is one of my all time favourite musicians to ever come out of the uk .thank u very much id appregiate it greatfully sincerly miss kathy steers

  21. i have nokia 6600 i am bore’d with this nokia 6600 pls i want noika n8 which has all the qualities of my type of phone pls give me nokia n8 i love this mobile very much……………………………………………………………………….!

  22. how to relax!
    the end of a oerfect day,
    except for one thing, lost my trusty pocket camera just after taking this, keep missing good pics with rubbish phone cameras, N8 would fix the problem!!!

    It’s no too late to win an N8!!!

  23. i love taking photos but my old phone has stop working its main features including its camera which has really made things hard for me as i take photos so often. Please let me take photos again!

  24. As you can see “old faithful” has had a good and caring life but unfortunately his days are outnumbered. I think I need a new phone with just a bit more technology si if I could have this Nokia N8, I would treat it well and call it “my Nokia m8″!

  25. i need the Nokia N8-return of the king because i want a phone that is subtle, powerful, beautiful and desirable. Though i cant afford it. And i would be grateful and will gladly be a promoter if given to me…thanks

  26. I would love to win the nokia n8 because i currently own a motorola v3 RAZR and this phone is ancient…but it can still take a good photo. (photo is a water fountain in the shape of a dandylion)

  27. Hi! This photo is from my mom’s office. Please help me to have the nokia N8, because I need those stuff all in one. Computer woth a nice memory, and a processor, an HD Camera with 12mp, HD TV, Mp3 player, with notes and calendar. and a phone that will help me to communicate my clients. Im a musician, a fresh graduate and Im working partime networker, help me to achieve my goals and dreams, using nokia N8. Thank you so much!:D

  28. Do you really want me to look like this for the rest of my life because that’s what you’re asking of me without my Nokia N8!

    I would show you my pic but I keep getting a fatal error message……..memory allocation is all gone! :(

  29. it looks great – I’m into photography, but only have a basic phone – to have an excellent camera I could use as a phone and browse the internet – I’d just love it!

  30. this is my husband with the friends he made using his old phone I need to win the N8 not so he can make better friends, but so I can meet a better husband, he’s the one in the middle btw…lol.

  31. On the left is a very old nokia, an 8310 to be precise, after having my favourite phone stolen in 2008 I couldn’t buy a more advanced phone for quite some time as I spent my money on HD camcorders and such, still, that 8310 survived years longer than the C975 and as for the SE Vivaz on the right? Not even 2 months :), Sure, I could take video with the other 2, they had colour screens and a million more features, but they didn’t have Snake! Both old and new Nokias never cease to amaze me with features and build quality :D

  32. Hello,
    I would like to win this phone because of following reasons.I create theme for symbian phones under the name TheShadow.I don’t have an own touchscreen phone to test themes created by me.I would be happy if i won this so that i could test and enjoy my own themes.The below given image are latest icon pack created by me.soon to be released with themes for symbian phones.

  33. i deserve to win becasue i smashed up my terrible iphone in order to prove my allegiance to your fantastic Nokia N8.

    Please note: I will ALWAYS refer to my new phone as “my N8″ like people do to their iphones (I did for a short while I admit, but I stopped. Why do people do that!?).

  34. This crafty pigeon pulled a fast one on me.
    After snapping it so close thinking it was a ‘bird a la mort’. It conjured a Lazarus/Phoenix from the ashes trick (obviously without the flames). I took fright, my phone went into flight.
    Ergo I deserve your Nokia N8 mateys.

  35. Picture this…. an English magazine editor-in-chief in Bangkok working for a leading travel magazine… She meets the most exciting people visiting the city, talks with all the bigwigs in town, eats and reviews the best food available in this metropolitan city, features luxurious fashion brands on her pages, and almost never manages to capture any of it on camera… Her mobile simply doesn’t have what it takes, and unless she is with her photographer misses opportunity after opportunity… Imagine the benefits of carrying the sassy Nokia? For herself, for the magazine readers, for the magazine facebook, the magazine website and the up-and-coming e-Mag… What more can I say? Did you say you wanted a picture…. SORRY, IT’S THE SAME OLD STORY…. THE PHOTOGRAPHER IS NOT IN TODAY, AND MY MOBILE DOESN’T CUT IT! Am off to see the Malaysian Ambassador at the celebration for….!

  36. this mobile is a big offer to the next generation,to me also because it had all the features, we need.who dosent want to a mobile like this,so thats why i want to win it for my better futur.

  37. I have the, No, I did have the sony ericsson W950i, But it has stopped working. I cant afford to buy a new phone cause I’m a student… So i need a phone and thought I would try my luck here. :)

  38. Took this with my Nokia N95, just before my little doggy died, and treasure this photo.I have two new little doggies,and I could create more memories,with a Nokia N8 with a 12 mega pixel camera, as I don’t possess a digital camera.

  39. Here is the picture I took at my nieces 3oth birthday on saturday. Unbeknown to me the new 18 month upgrade my family nagged me to accept-(sounds like slackterry) does NOT have a flash! (insert lots of rude words here)

    Need I say more.

  40. the last time I had to go to a wedding I fell asleep and nearly missed it; with the nokia someone might be able to wake me this time, or at least I’ll be able to phone in and not miss it….

  41. The N8 camera looks a superb upgrade to the excellent N95 8GB I used to take this shot of an office building in Manchester. Look forward to getting creative with it …..

  42. I so need to practice taking photo’s….. and would love to win the fabulous mobile. My mobile phone has a sundial on the front to tell the time so you can tell how old it is!

  43. I deserve to win because I was devastated to see the results of the photos I took while at the quarter final match of Ghana vs Uruguay in this year’s World Cup… Unfortunately, the small screen on my mobile did not accurately portray the blurry collection of pics I took and it was not until I returned from South Africa and loaded them onto the laptop that I realised that my digital memories were such a disaster.

    If I had this incredible N8, I’d surely never have to experience such a feeling of despair and regret and could share future photos with all my friends and family, instead of letting them fester away on my pc, never to be seen by another soul(aside from you of course…have to show proof of the horrific event).

    Sad but optimistic,

    Harry J

  44. my n95 meant I had no need to get a camera. Upgrading to the N97 changed that so I now need too carry two devices, I NEED the N8 to get my life back on track, my chickens agree, if I don’t win I’ll set them on you !!!!!!!!!

  45. I need to win the Nokia N8 because i’m currently using this VERY basic handset as my last phone broke at work(i can’t even text on it with my sausage fingers) I’ve also got a stomach bug and keep being sick,so i really need cheering up!

  46. 30 seconds after this photo was taken of my hubby and our dogs, they all jumped on him. It was so hilarious but my silly old camera phone suddenly decided to show me an error message, and proceeded to turn off and thus i missed the great photo op.

    I really need a better phone, so i dont miss out on any more cute, crazy memories

  47. With a very young family growing up, I would love this Nokia N8. With its fantastic camera and HD video, it would be brilliant to cature photos/videos of my girls growing up – especially the embarrassing ones :D

  48. Shortly after this picture was taken, the dog (topsy) jumped up at the ball, in an effort to not hit him with the bat, my son whacked himself on the head with the bat, no lasting injuries just hurt egos and a dog having off the swingball!

    With a phone liek the Nokai int his comp, I can be more on the ball…..and take the actual action as it happens! xxxx

  49. I love snapping random photos but my current phone isn’t up to the job. The Nokia would get me snapping again like I used to! The photo I have attached was snapped on my old mobile – a K800i & shows just how quick my finger is on the button!

  50. In 2004 at a festival in Reading, torrential rain was going to hit.
    Camping, well, we were just dreading, but we made the best of it.

    Back in those days, my mobile brick was all I thought I needed
    But if I wanted to take a decent pic, it never really succeeded

    Fast forward to the current date, I still have that mobile phone
    Texts and calls are all I make, which means my mates just groan

    So as we leave the festival season, with memories fading and faces blurry
    Next year I’d love to have a reason to say ‘I’ll capture that’ and not have to worry

  51. I need to win this phone because my little Jack Russell called Jaffa Cake is such a little poser and now I’ve moved home I’d love to have better pictures of my dogs as I don’t see them very often any more.

    • It would be fab to have the N8 at hand when I’m up the hills. Not only would I be able to keep in touch with my family and send them great photos but I wouldn’t get lost!

  52. as you can see from my photo anybody with this dress sense who is also obsessed with Fishing is going to need all the help he can get making friends having a kick ass phone that people will ask me about would definitely help

    and if it didn’t I can still use the N8 to check the weather on-line to see if the weather is right for going fishing (the weather is always right for going fishing but it’s nice to know)

    when I catch a fish can use the 12megapixel camera to get a really good photo of it to show my new friends and when I can’t catch a fish I can always listen to the FM Radio

    right I’ve got to go the weathers perfect for Fishing

  53. hello,

    iPhone is great I know, people are going crazy about it. But Nokia gadgets are especial in their own way. And I really value the new trend of the latest Nokia phones of drifting towards open-source OS. GNU-Linux could use some of their Glow you know!

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