Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro – A Mini Marvel!

Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10 mini pro retail video update

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The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, fine phone though it is, didn’t exactly carve itself a niche in the market, as its 4″ screen, Android OS and Snapdragon processor could already be found on several other devices. However, when its siblings appeared a short while later, they were right there at the start of a revitalised phone genre.

The Xperia X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro are those devices and they fit into the tiny phone category that Sony Ericsson have always done so well. We’ve looked at the X10 Mini before, so now it’s time to take a tour of the X10 Mini Pro, a small smartphone with a talent for messaging.


When you first hold the X10 Mini Pro in your hand, you’ll marvel at just how compact it is, especially if you’ve come from another smartphone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard like the Nokia N97 or the HTC Touch Pro2. It’s hard to believe that such a small device could hold a QWERTY keyboard, much less a usable one, but it does and with just a tiny size difference over the X10 Mini. The Mini’s dimensions are 83 x 50 x 16 while the X10 Mini Pro measures 90 x 52 x 17 – noticeable, but only just! It’s in the weight that you’ll know something is different, as the Mini Pro comes in at 120 grams.

Otherwise the design is very similar, with a 2.55″ TFT capacitive touchscreen mounted on the front panel above three physical keys for Home, Menu and Return. Whereas the X10 Mini came with a selection of interchangeable rear covers to give your phone a splash of colour, the X10 Mini Pro must be satisfied with the stock black one.

On the sides of the device you’ll find the volume rocker switch and shutter release, while on the other there is a microUSB socket. On the top the on/off key is flanked by a 3.5mm headphone port.


Delving deeper into the X10 Mini Pro reveals the same hardware as the X10 Mini. The phone is powered by a Qualcomm 600MHz processor which although sounds a little under-powered in these heady days of 1GHz speedsters, it’s actually perfect for the job in hand.

Take the video performance for example. Although video files are watchable – but there are only a few supported codecs, so don’t expect any DivX love here – you must ask yourself just how many videos you’ll want to watch on a 2.55″ screen. We don’t think it’ll be many, and it’s likely to be the same situation when asked about graphics-heavy games too.

Also, the X10 Mini Pro uses Google Android 1.6 as its operating system and displays it on a QVGA, that’s 320 x 240 pixels, screen which is the lowest resolution that Android will work on, so the processor is hardly being put through its paces when faced with ordinary tasks such as telephony, messaging, social networking and web browsing. For these reasons, the X10 Mini Pro feels perfectly powered to do the jobs it was designed for.

What else can it do?

Camera.  The X10 Mini Pro shares the same 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and an LED flash as the X10 Mini. Results are good too, plus there is the option to select geo-tagging and to shoot VGA video at 30fps too.

Connectivity. The X10 Mini Pro is a 3G phone with both HSDPA and HSUPA support, plus you get Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP.

Android and Timescape. Sony Ericsson have tweaked the Android operating system for increased usability on the X10 Mini Pro’s screen. You’ll see a shortcut in each corner and homescreens are limited to one widget for example. Then there is Timescape. This is a social networking aggregation widget that looks and functions a little like Coverflow on an iPod, and is a great way to keep up to date with your friends! Android 1.6 may be a little old, but it works really well on the X10 Mini Pro, plus there is access to the Android Market with it extensive library of apps too.

GPS. Assisted GPS is complimented by Google Maps and a digital compass.

Memory.  A microSD card slot will accept cards up to 16GB in size.

Multimedia. In addition to the aforementioned video capabilities, there is a music player and an FM radio too.

Any Downsides?

If you plan on keeping your X10 Mini Pro for many years, be kind to the battery, as the super-small chassis design means it’s non-user replaceable. An equaliser on the music player would have been nice too.


If the thought of typing out your messages on the X10 Mini’s touchscreen alphanumeric keypad fills you with dread, you need the X10 Mini Pro. The keyboard is very well designed, has a precise feel and keys that fall naturally under your thumbs. With the keyboard snapped back into place, the X10 Mini Pro reverts to almost exactly the same tiny dimensions of its brother too! Just like the X10 Mini, the Pro fills a niche that few others do, and does it really, really well!

254 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro – A Mini Marvel!

  1. I would use this to… prove that one of my parental units actually does snore whilst they are asleep, as the video on this phone could show this. Then I may get a decent night sleep after buying them some nose strips, of course. :D

  2. - hmm..stage one would be to use it to find the owner who makes his dog doo all over the pavement. Stage two would be the fun part, – using it to capture him trying to stamp out the flames on the bag of burning doggy-doo-doo that I leave outside his door after ring the bell……..

  3. I’d take photos of my sis every time she raided the biscuit tin & send her ‘anonymous’ messages whenever she went on a chocolate hunt. I’d tuck it inside the bread bin to catch her snacking on doorsteps of bread & cheese & I’d log her route to the chippy. I might even install some keep-fit tracks & play them in her presence & tweet her day’s calorie count to all her friends.

    She should never have asked me to make sure she sticks to her diet this time!

  4. When I was 15 I “bugged” a boyfriend talking to a friend’s boyfriend. That was fun. So going on from that idea I think I would leave the x10 hidden on a shelf recording in the lounge having settled my friend’s husband and my husband down with a DVD and some drinks. We’d come in wearing outfits which were definitely too tight and each of us would ask the “does my bum look bit in this” question. Then we would go to the kitchen and give them time to say what they really thought … playing them the recording later would be priceless!

  5. I would LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! a new phone!
    Especially the one you have shown!
    It deserves a place on a throne,
    Its a phone I’d be proud to own!

    Keys too close together to press,
    My texts are always a mess!
    mates would no longer need to guess!
    As with that Qwerty pad I would be blessed!

  6. This would be fab, for making discreet txts to my boyfriend whilst at the same time trying to look highly interested in another brainwashing company training conference.

  7. I would use the phone to take some sneaky photos of some of the other people in the workplace whilst the are pulling funny faces they don’t realise they are pulling!

    I hope I won’t get caught as the phone is so small!

  8. I’d sneakly use it to film the mrs promising me a entertaining night in, in return for me doing the house work! – she’ll have no excuses of ‘I never promised anything’ after I’ve done what she’s asked – the excuses she’ll come up with! – no more with this little beauty!

    The entertaining night is all mineeeeeeeeeeeee.

  9. I would sneak it into the Chelsea Dressing room and film John Terry, Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard txting the entire female population of the UK with their free txts.

  10. I would use it to text my local takeaway then I could spend the next 45 minutes using it to internet shop while pretending to be slaving away in the kitchen cooking my boyfriend’s dinner.

  11. I’d hide it in my daughter’s bedroom to record her singing and prancing about when she is supposed to be tidying her room and then use the evidence to make sure her room was never untidy again lol

  12. I’d use the Walkman to drown out the self-important numpties that always seem to sit behind me whilst simultaneously tweeting about the twits.

    Some great things really do come in small packages, and that is true of this fantastic-looking mobile phone.

  13. kool phone i love it i would use it to take picks of my kids and upload them on facebook and with the querty keypad would make it easier to chat to family on fb too and i would beable to see the screen as my screen on my phone is broken and i would love this phone

  14. With a possible 16GB capacity and a QWERTYkeyboard to really get those fingers working… the XPERIA X10 mini pro would set my heart a flutter whilst Tweeting and adding pictures to Twitpic using the cool 5 megapixels camera with geo tagging facilities … What more could a girl possibily want???!

  15. I’d probably use it to go on facebook whilst at university to talk to my friends.

    Also whenever I get a new phone I always have to make prank calls, so I’d be pranking my friends and family every week! :D

  16. I would use this phone to keep in contact with my very best friend while at work. She works long hours and I don’t get to see her that often :( I really need a new phone as the one I currently have is years old and has been taken everywhere with me. It has knocks and scratches, but this phone looks absolutely fantastic!

  17. Id use it to keep in touch with my son whois miles away in university
    Id phone him to make sure hes in then surprise him with a visit and give him the phone as agift for working so hard
    he is studying law and wants to become a barrister xxx

  18. I would use this phone to text my girlfreid secretley at work, making sure my boss doesnt see,or even making a quick phone call to my mum, asking her to come for a cup of tea round mine when i finish work, but so discretley that my boss wouldnt see me, or even update my facebook status, on how i have do boring work all day, but the only enjoyment im getting from work, is that i get to spend quality time with my sony ericsson xperia min pro. :)

  19. The phone is so small and compact I could easily reply to texts using the QWERTY keyboard, while pretending to enjoy watching Tellytubbies with toddler.

  20. As I am an international super spy, this little baby would become an integral part of my daily work through covert ops, undercover surveillance and keeping up to date with what Katie Price is up to on Twitter.

    PS This message will self-destruct in 5… 4… 3… 2…

  21. Small and perfect for your pocket.
    My phone is completely broken, this
    phone would be the perfect phone!
    And just like Rachel Dann said “The
    best things come in small packages”.

  22. I work in a 5 star hotel and we get a lot of big business bosses and famous faces around, I would use the phone to secretly record the way some of them talk to and about other people ;)
    ohh the scandals!

  23. I’ll sit on the couch at home, cruising the Dialaphone website to order another of these little babies for my other half, who would be sat at the other end sulking with jealousy :)

    Cunning needn’t be naughty!

  24. I’d attach it to my cat’s collar, then when I see him sneaking up on a bird, like the thrush he’s just brought me, I could ring it and foil all his hunting plans!

  25. I love the size of this phone – most smartphones have got too big to fit in a pocket.

    I’d tape it to my windscreen so I could wage war on middle lane morons and idiot drivers in general. I’d also be able to sneakily film kids on motorbikes who try to scare horses when they go past.

  26. Swore I would never have a mobile phone, but this looks great,to cover my ownership, I would pretend to be eating a sandwich-the road to obesity, as I know I wouldn’t be able to resist using it

  27. With such a small phone I could blog about my day in the office without arousing suspicion. Maybe start a reality office blog, a place were I can vent my fustration when working with less then desirable colleagues and a boss akin to Ricky Gervais.

  28. I’d probably use it to catch up on TV. If there’s not enough time to watch then I’d use the phone to sneakily access TV listings and set-up my Sky+ player to remote record.

  29. I would use it to secretly blog about fashion! I work in a boring office where you aren’t allowed internet access.

    I’d keep this sneaky little X10 Mini Pro hidden by the side of my keyboard & keep up to date with all the fashion news. I’d be blogging away to my little heart’s content & the bosses would never know! Shhh! ;)

  30. I would sneakily hide it in my parents room to film them wrapping our Christmas presents so I know what everyone is getting!!! Then I would look at then under the tree and make bets on what they were and everyone would be amazed when I got them right!

  31. who will not want to get their hands on World’s First Mini Android phone?? No one..:) now it’s my dream mobile. i love it’s features, and is a great fan of it’s design. This will be the one i recommend for my loving one’s..:)

  32. A tiny Mini Pro in hand, what more could one ask,
    With features and apps for any number of tasks.
    A sneaky browse here and secret text there,
    A GPS rendezvous, an illicit affair.
    Ooops, I’ve said too much I better stop spillin’…
    I’d love an X10 mini more than cakes with crème fillin’.

  33. I would love to win this phone for my son’s birthday on 10 September, he keeps asking for a new phone as he has an old motorola which isn’t very good.
    As i am a full time University student my funds do not stretch to such luxury so this would really make his birthday x

  34. I would use this phone to take photos of my baby because someone stole my phone and it had all my babies photos on. Plus this phone is such a cute size, i would be able to hide it so it does not get stolen.

  35. This phone really does give the term ‘multi-functional’ a whole new meaning.
    And you’re right;the possibilities are endless…

    If I had the Xperia x10 Mini Pro, I’d sneak it in to meetings (those ones where anything outside the window and moving, is a lot more interesting than listening to a Speaker droning on.)

    Size-perfect to hide, I’d flip on the vid and then I’d be away, zapping into Timescape,hooking up with mates and having a good ol’ catch-up. Yeah

  36. I had the xperia mini for 3 weeks and it broke! so gutted, and now im in a 24 month contract with no phone! I loved the phone and the pro looks better, would love to win one!

  37. I would tape it to my cat and set the video and gps running, i’d love to see what she gets up too and where she goes!
    Come to think of it i’d also tape it to my toddler so i could check out his day at nursery without looking like a fussy mum!!

  38. Id use it to document my 3 year old daughter and forward the footage directly to the family. Its ideal for this, being so small, she wont see me filming and so not only will she be more natural but wont try and grab the camera and drool over it. My friends will be the ones drooling over it as I show it off! Its cool as….

  39. I would secure the camera carefully to my cat’s collar,turn on the gps and find out once and for all just what he gets up to each evening, how far he goes, and whether he’s simply a fat cat, or in fact he’s doing the circuit of numerous houses to get food.

  40. i love the look of this phone ,this will be ideal for fitting in my pocket at work as all the lastest phones from htc nokia blackberry etc all on the little big side now days ,and the sony has at all in this little package that the others have in larger form

  41. Would love being able to secretly film & record moments of utter fooldom – particluarly when we’ve been on the “Falling-Over / talking twaddle,” juice! Would also love to be able to record self telling hubby all those things he swears I never mentioned!
    Oh and to be able to secretly surf & text during dealy dull meetings would be make this phone worth several times its (rather light!)weight in gold!
    Cracking piece of kit!

  42. I would use the phone to call and text people to tell them I had a better phone than them, and if they didn’t believe me, I send them a picture of it (from the phone) then I’d e-mail them some information about it (from the phone)and I’d do it all from outside their own houses (that I’d found using the GPS on my new phone!) Sneeky as anything!

  43. I would sneak it onto a rollercoaster and video the ride by holding my arms in the arm – the ride operator’s would never see the phone or suspect anything

  44. The ease of the keyboard design would enable me to type faster so i would use mine to send hubby a quick saucy message.I can then quickly snap the keyboard back in place and quickly put it away so no one knows.This is the perfect size phone for quickly doing what you need to do then put it away super fast ha ha perfect phone for quick sneaky moments because it’s small no one will even notice you have had it out.This phone is a perfect best buddy.

  45. I’d keep this beauty of a phone as a blackmail threat to my friends and family. They’d better be nice to me or I’ll get every embarrassing moment on video and slap it onto youtube or facebook! All that power, thanks to a tiny little phone!!!!

  46. I would use this wonderful little gadget to spy on my cheating husband… I would turn on the gps and leave it hidden in his briefcase… I can then track where he has been. He may well tell me ‘i have been working late in the office’ but i will know he has been to see his bit of stuff…

  47. I’d post it to Area 51 and put it inside a big cake, leaving the video running. As everyone ate the cake it’d be able to record more and more of the alien secrets.

    No clue how I’d get it back mind you to do anything with it – planning clearly isn’t my strong point :)

  48. I would use this phone to expose the worldwide illuminati lizard plot to take over the world via brainwashing the masses, I will use this phone to open the eyes of the people like morpheus did with the blue pill on neo. I will achieve this by recording a shapeshifting Elizabeth the II and Al Gore discussing what condiments they like on their dung beetles. After I do this the people will crown me king and i would spend the rest of my days living in the opulence and grandeur which the x10 mini pro helped me get accustomed to.

  49. If I won… I would order a pizza whilst enduring 15 Year old daughter’s attempts at following a recipe in my kitchen!!! Can I hide it behind the rolling pin?

  50. What a fab phone! I would sneakily ring our house phone just as my partner was reaching for the last choccie! Of course as they got up to answer it I’d scoff it!

  51. Would love to win this for my other half the sneakiest thing he would do with it is sneakily take pics of peoples mad hair styles and send them to me, we have a rogues gallery of bizzarre London hair! I’m in the lead with a lady who had a hairbrush stuck in the back of her matted hair!

  52. If I were lucky enough to win this phone I would hide it away from my old fashioned, non conversational husband who doesn’t believe in mobile phones. Then I could text all my friends on the sly and have someone to talk to!

  53. I’d use it to take sneaky videos of my mates and their drunken antics and upload to U-Tube for the world to see! Either that or with camera quality like that I’d take pics of the girlies cellulite to upload to Facebook! hahahaha ;)

  54. i would walk into the MD’s office of the company i work in before the monday management meeting, plant the phone behind a plantpot and record any info that can gain me leverage for a raise, because all this talk by them about economic downturn and not making money is pie in the sky.

    make them pay i say thanks to my song ericsson xperia x10

  55. There once was a woman named Girtie
    Who won a new phone with a QUERTY
    In the blink of an eye
    Of which no one could spy
    She’d managed to text something flirty

  56. Sony Ericsson has been loyal to me ever since i started using a phone but this one i must say is too good to be stated.Covering moments with my friends and making it best with the X10, capturing every single beautiful moment with my family, covering mother nature and making her more beautiful with this device, sharing all this with the world, regaining lost moments with the best quality music, covering all my fashion shows in this mini-multi pack, reaching out to my customers and giving them quality time, and finally connecting each moment with my loved one without the others even knowing of it through the Qwerty keyboard.I dont know if i will be able to bag this phone with the whole world after it but even if i dont i would like to thank everyone out there at Sony Erissson for making such an innovative device which is a Min-Multi pack.

  57. oh wow! with a fantastic battery life, camera and video, i could capture all the highlights of my summer festival weekend….and then instantly upload to make my mates wish they had bought the spare ticket i had!!!

  58. really cute compact..packing a whole lot of power within its small nutshell.

    very innovative techniques used by the ericsson guys to de-clutter the user interface with corner shortcuts.

    a smart energy saving phone with proximity sensor..and android OS.

    what more can one ask for guys..

    i just love this phone :)

  59. I would use it as evidence by secretly filming conversations between my fiance and I, and then playing them back when he disputed something one of us had said! Mwahahaha!

  60. I would sit it on my desk, next to some cadbury’s miniature heroes and a small can of coke and pretend I’m a giant texting ‘fe fi fo fum’ to various people.

  61. I would use it for facebook “research” while the blind date is visiting the toilet… “My interests are long walks on the beach, latin dance and keeping fit… What yours too! What a coincidence..!” Score!

  62. it is best phone from my opinion as it has all the function of all expensive phones like iphone and n series of nokia… but this is not expansive than other…i should buy that one to pack my laptop….and it is also too mush pretty having a dashing style…

  63. sly, dishonest, devious, mean, low, base, nasty, cowardly, slippery, unreliable, malicious, unscrupulous, furtive, disingenuous, shifty, snide, deceitful, contemptible, untrustworthy, double-dealing.I can be and do all this with this new Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.With this phone, I,m complete.

  64. The phone I am using at the moment doesnt even have a camera! its a temporary one cuz i broke mine. lol my upgrade feels like a lifetime away, would proberly take me forever to figure out how to use a phone as amazing as this one! xx

  65. WOW, i’d love to be lucky enough to own such a sneaky, innovative little gadget like this! Not only could I set it up on the sly to listen in on my partners conversations…you know the ones I mean, when the voices swoop to an all time low when you leave the room, i’d also be able to catch whoever keeps nicking the last biccies and denying all knowledge….fanflippintastic! Plus I could avoid getting wrong for spending too much time online by doing it from my phone – sneakily of course lol The possibilities are endless!! ;-)

  66. I’d hide it discreetly near the computer keyboard and video my other half when she enters her facebook password….it’s always had me curious what she gets up to on there, especially after some of the stories you hear!

  67. That Sarah Jones is on the line again wanting to know what I’m doing tonight! It used to be hard work keeping up with the Joneses, but now I’ve got my new Xperia X10 Mini Pro they want to keep up with me.

  68. For years, I have used a Nokia Communicator smartphone, first the 9210, then the 9500, then then E90. Always, the same comments: “That is a big phone, it must be OLD.” As if. “No, I say, consider it a tiny laptop…”, and people were always amazed what I could do with them.

    I have looked at the X10 mini pro, and I would love to get my hands on one of these, since the great set of features is hardly credible in a phone so small. The comments “That is a tiny phone!” would be even more ironic, of course… but I value features over form. In this case though, the X10 appears to be win-win in both regards.

  69. I would tuck the Xperia X10 Mini Pro into my pocket and listen to the music player or FM radio at work…my long hair could cover the earphone quite nicely…perfect!

  70. Fantastic Phone.
    Would be really useful for checking internet before going to bed. Also really cool to have always in the pocket to take picture whenever you like.

  71. I would loved to have this phone! Its all about being mini and small!
    Winning this would solve all my problems, wearing skinny jeans would no longer be a problem, would aid me in making a mini city and pretending to be gaint! And finally the phone is jsut the right size to sit behind my pint and film conversations between myselff and friends, not to blackmail any one but I’m conviced when drunk we all become philosopher and someone needs to record these moments!

  72. I would do 2 things!!! use the camera on this gorgeous little phone to sneakily take pictures of my fiance naked and then use them to blackmail him into taking me on holiday!!!…… i would also do the same to my daughter and use the photos to embarass her with when shes older and her boyfriends come round!!!

  73. The sneakiest game of them all is bluejacking, and with its small but powerful form and its blutooth capabilities this stealthy Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro is the marvel for the job.

    From scaring the local bully in the bar, to convincing the boss that you are his concience calling and he should give everyone a pay rise this incognito phone is perfect and one Mr Bond would be proud of.

  74. World domination does not come easy especially when Mini-Me struggles in the communication stakes,his current mobile making it look as if he’s lugging around a iPad.

    Please help in my quest to rule the world by downsizing my equipment.


    Dr Evil

  75. Fantastic bit of kit, so small I think I would give one to my cat, because she struggles to carry round the larger phones so we could keep in touch by text while I am at work..

  76. Can’t believe how tiny it is – I’d use it on my next marathon, it wouldn’t make too much of a bulge in the lycra, and I could keep everyone updated with texts and photos of my progress!

  77. This phone would be absolutely perfect for leaving in the bathroom under a towel whilst its recording, my boyfriend would never suspect a thing whilst he’s singing away, then i could easily upload it to the internet! its a win/win situation! :D

  78. I would use this to access the internet when i “should be working” lol. Its small and tidy so it would be hardly noticeable at work. Great phone

  79. - I was thinking of applying to the russian embassy to become a spy, everyone seems to be doing it these days – get a facebook page, sexy redhead spygirlfriend etc – this would be perfect for scanning fingerprints/eyes for locked vault entry, contacting handlers, photographing documents etc – and if you find yourself locked in a car book dropped out of an aeroplane, it’ll be handy for texting websites for unpicking boot locks from inside and stuff like that. – Extending querty keyboard would be fiddly dropping out of the sky at 15,000 feet, but easier to operate with one hand/thumb. Might help me to learn russian too, sure there’s an app somewhere…..

  80. I’ve heard the sound quality on these phones is quite good, so I’d use that to play a sneaky trick on my rather gullible friend. I’d record various animal noises and sneakily play them back – mice squeaking, kittens miaowing, and send her off round the room looking for them.

  81. A fantastic prize. I would be sneakily using the smart & capable QWERTY keyboard to enter this competition while at work.

    I’m supposed to be entering data on a spreadsheet, and it’s sooooooooooooooooooooo boring!

  82. It’s so tiny I could hide it near a postbox and when unknowing victoms approch to post their mail, I could phone it up (setting the ringtone to a recorded message of “FEED ME!”) and watch them flee in terror as I wee myself with laughter!

  83. Hi

    i would use this lovely little gadget to film & photograph my toddler. As soon as he sees a camera he goes all shy but this one is so sneaky he wouldn’t notice and could get some great natural shots!

  84. With the Xperia X10 Mini pro, I could use it’s tininess and smartphone capabilities to win FAMILY GAME NIGHT! or, better yet, trivia competitions, a simple headbang on table = quick sneaky googling for answer

  85. I share an office with two other girls one of which always says she is far too busy at the moment when I try to allocate work to her. She is always typing but am sure she is on facebook for half the day leaving the rest of us to carry the workload. This phone would help us ‘catch’ her in the act so to speak to get her to change her ways!

  86. If I won this phone I would sneakily use the internet to find answers to the questions my friend was being asked whilst on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ – Cough Cough!!

  87. this smart phone will be best from private use for teenagers up to top level of business use, easy to e-mail, text, chat, surf net, 5mpx high res photos and much more, i can say all is well on Xperia X10 Mini Pro, just imagine the quality, style, design, and speed…

  88. Needless to say that i’d be able to use this smartphone for so many different things, including planning the upcoming surprise party for a close friend, without their knowledge! The phone is small enough to sneak about organizing things without anyhone ever knowing! Oh what I could plan with one of those phones…. ;)

  89. Such a perfectly sized phone, you know what the say…. The best things come in small packages. Never a truer word said about the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro!!

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