Improve Voice Dial on Samsung Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy S handset offers voice dialing. It works best if you customise it to your own voice first. Follow these steps:

  • Open the application list.
  • Select phone settings.
  • Choose “voice command”.
  • Select “settings”.
  • Choose “adapt voice”.
  • Follow the on-device instructions for customising voice commands to your voice, accent and pronunciation. The device will then be ready for you to use.
  • To use voice dial, open up the application list again but this time choose “voice dialer”.
  • Say “call” and then say the name or number that you want the phone to call. The call will be placed.

Two tips that you should know:

  • You can say “dial” instead of “call” when using voice dial and the call will still be placed.
  • If you want to call the last person that you have called on the phone, simply say “redial”.

28 thoughts on “Improve Voice Dial on Samsung Galaxy S

    • Hi, unfortunately the Galaxy S LTE is a US only handset and we’re not able to answer any questions about it. Do come back to us if you have questions about any of other phones that we sell though.



    • Hi James

      Thank you for your email. Apologies, a step had been missed from the process. Upon opening the application list select ‘settings’ and then ‘voice command’. Follow the instructions as written from there.


      Dan (Dialaphone)

  1. I have tried everything on this page and none of it works. I can’t believe my old old razor had voice calling that was set up with ease and this thing is pretty much worthless.

  2. When using “Voice actions” one should have downloaded also the “Voice command” application and specified the respective orders – “call” for contacts, “search” for Google etc.

  3. I downloaded from the market the application “Voice actions”.
    My brand new Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.2) worked perfectly
    without any adjustments, dialling a contact after the order “Call John”.

  4. Does anybody know how to turn the Galaxy S Voice Dialler off?
    When I pair with my Supertooth II the voice dialler insists on asking for a name, waiting, asking for a name, waiting, in an endless loop. I never use voice dial, I would be happy to delete or disable voice dial permanently, just to get it out of the way.

  5. vioce dialing DOES NOT WORK !!!!!
    ON ANY galaxy that i have seen.
    if you want this feature,…. DON’T buy one!!!!!
    this whole demonstration on the phone is a fraud as far as i’m concerned
    or a sick joke !!
    i dare any body to demonstrate it to me!!
    am i annoyed ,….yes!!!
    also there is NO voice comand OR adapt voice !!

  6. Yay! I just got a new car w/ bluetooth and paired my galaxyS for voice command but there is not way to “voice tag” my contacts. BOO! Really Samsung should have thought of this and if not, should be a fix by now. Shame on you, Samsung. tsk, tsk, tsk.

  7. Since Kathryn Vercillo wrote this piece of advice, I’m surprised she hasn’t reverted with a solution. I’ve got a Galaxy S but would love to be able to use the voice dial “as advertised.” Kathryn (or some boffin), do you have any comment?

  8. Anything new about the voice dialer?? I still san’t get it to work properly. It will accept saying “dial 123 456 7890″ but won’t get numbers from my Contacts. AND, there has never been a “Voice Command” app and there also isn’t one on the web! WTF!!

    • I agree. The voice recognition works for internet search but does not appear to recognise anyone from the contact book so “call mum” does not work. I have just bought this phone and took it to the vodafone shop who could not help. The vodafone help centre suggested I send it in for repair.

  9. I went to Apps and down loaded voice cammander and it still wont work ,voice cammander has nowhere to go foe settings ,this is a drag .I would think for a android phone you would think this would work well ,im sure hopping i didnt give up my iphone for this not to work well.Jimmy

  10. I bought the galaxy s just so i could use it in the car with voice dialling. It doesn’t have it and so i need to use my 6 year old motorola razor – great phone – come on samsung

  11. I have the new Samsung Galaxy S and I have tried to use the voice dialer. I still have to touch the screen to initiate the call. I don’t have “voice command” on my Samsung, so I contacted Samsung. The woman I spoke with said that even though it is listed on their site, it is not part of Samsung apps. She couldn’t give me any suggestion as to how to make voice calls without having to touch the screen. I suggested to her that my phone might be faulty, to which she stated “No, no it isn’t faulty” Amazing that she could be so sure over the phone…. If anyone has any idea on how to actually make TRUE hands free voice calls please let me know by posting here.

    • I have the same problem with my new galaxy s. I do not know how to improve the voice dialing. When i am driving i have to take my sim card out and put. It in my old phone to enable me to use voice dialing while driving. Please can someone. Help because. Neither Samsung nor Vodafone could help me

  12. This feature is common to most smart phones nowadays. Still it’s helpful if your multi tasking. So instead of searching through your phonebook, just do voice dialing and it will just be one call away to everyone. Isn’t that so cool.

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