HTC Desire HD First Look

Considering the phenomenal success of the HTC Desire, it would take something extra special to follow in its footsteps. HTC have promised exactly that with the much anticipated HTC Desire HD which according to the manufacturer takes smartphones to “a whole new level.” Intrigued? We certainly are with a statement like that.

The Desire HD has already taken a step up from the original handset as it has Android 2.2 on board and a rather impressive sounding 4.3 inch Super LCD touchscreen. But does bigger really mean better?

The Desire HD sports typical HTC bodywork, with a glossy soft-touch black finish and four capacitive navigational buttons down below. This theme carries across to the back of the phone which is made out of a single curved piece of black plastic – it sounds simple but really makes the handset stand out in a crowd. The biggest eye catching feature on the Desire HD has got to be its 4.3 inch display. This Super LCD slab of moving images with 480 x 800 resolution certainly won’t leave fans disappointed, as the screen is smooth to the touch and puts on a decent colour show.

If you’re not quite convinced that the HTC Desire HD matches up to the original just yet, the power side of things may change all that. The 1GHz processor does justice to HTC’s new, improved Sense user interface (we’ll be telling you more about that in a bit) and is teamed with 768MB RAM, 1.5GB of internal phone storage and a microSD card slot that can boost capacity up to 32GB.

HTC Sense has seen a few changes since it first appeared on the Hero back in 2009, and you can enjoy the latest version of the software on the Desire HD. As usual, you will be able to customise your homescreens, view all your contact details in a single stream and this time around, HTC are shouting about the security features incorporated into Sense. They’re nothing groundbreaking so to speak but it’s still mighty useful to be able to remotely lock or wipe your Desire HD should you become separated. Location Experience is another new feature boarding the Sense train, allowing users to download local and foreign maps with or without signal.

The HTC Desire HD is also promised to provide users with the ultimate browsing experience and with a tag line like that, you would hope that the manufacturer sticks to their word. For a start, the Desire HD has got everything going for it in terms of Internet on the go with a winning combination of a big screen and one of the fastest processors on the market. With Android 2.2 running the show, there’s Flash 10.1 support, the option to open multiple websites at a time and pinch and zoom technology that automatically resizes texts to fit the screen. Our verdict? Well, you can’t argue when a smartphone’s browsing capabilities are about as close to a desktop experience that you can get. Nice one, HTC.

The camera is another thing that the Desire HD does better than its older brother. It comes with 8 megapixels worth of goodness complete with dual LED flash and one of the latest must-have smartphone features, HD video recording at 720p. The 4.3 inch screen provides a great viewing platform and the Desire HD comes with the added bonus of DLNA connectivity with Dolby Mobile and SRS surround sound thrown into the mix too.

What else can it do?

Connectivity: The HTC HD Desire has 3G, built in Wi-Fi support for 802.11 b, and quad-band GSM.

Battery: The 1230mAh Lithium-ion cell offers 550 minutes of talk time on 2G, 320 minutes on 3G and has a stand by time of up to 490 hours.


GPS: The handset has an internal GPS antenna.

Other features:

  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Music and video player
  • 3.5mm stereo headphone jack
  • Proximity sensor
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Digital compass
  • G-Sensor

The HTC Desire HD has certainly had a good go at continuing the HTC Desire’s legacy and we think the manufacturer might be onto a winner here. The 4.3 inch touchscreen could go either way with users, there are smaller smartphones on the market with better displays, and are a good couple of inches smaller. There’s so much more to the Desire HD than a big screen though, and in most cases it seems to go in the handset’s favour with a killer browsing platform and some of the best specs that you can find on a smartphone in the current market. The HTC Desire HD’s positives largely outweigh the negatives, and all things considered, it looks like the original might not be the best after all.

8 thoughts on “HTC Desire HD First Look

  1. The Htc Desire Hd is brilliant. Got mine few weeks ago and works well. I’ve had lots of smart phones including iphone 4 but to be honest the htc desire hd is better. Very stylish and quick. But the battery is rubbish!!

    Strongly recommend

  2. I feel that the phone is a nice stylish phone. I find it to be heavy. What you can do on it is amazing well if you live in
    U S A you can get a lot more than UK. Support for handset seems to be okay. 100% this is very very bad on battery life and cannot believe they let it come out like this normal people that go out and want to use the latest apps when out take a charger in your coat. Bear in mind if you constantly use facebook ect it will drain the battery quickly.

  3. battery life is SHOCKING…….8hrs max (this is my 3rd htc desire hd now????) and i only make 3x 5min phone calls 7x txts and surf the web for 15 mins in them 8hrs (and yes i did do the 14hr 1st charge and repeated it over a week)…..what a disappointment, and i loved the spec on this phone so much that was on paper…..why..WHY are manu’s allowed to do this , surely this is false advertising and VERY miss leading !!….

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