How to Use Nokia X6 Dictionary Translator

The Nokia X6 has a dictionary translator that a lot of its users aren’t aware of. This is a great tool for people who need to translate words from one language into another.

How to Find the Nokia X6 Dictionary

To find the dictionary on your phone, do the following:

  • Go to MENU.
  • Select “applications”.
  • Choose the “office” applications option.
  • Select the “dictionary”. This opens the translation tool.

Select the Languages for Translation

After you have entered the dictionary, you can choose “options”. From there, select “languages” in order to change either the source language (which is your language) or the target language (which is the language that you want a word translated into) or both. Once you open the language option you’ll be able to easily see how to select the source and target languages.

Note that English is automatically installed in your translation tool and you can have two other languages installed into the tool at the same time. The most common languages are already installed in the dictionary and can easily be selected following the on screen instructions. If you need to use another language then you will need to download it from the Internet.

How to Translate a Word

In order to translate a word, follow the above steps to get into the dictionary tool. Make sure that you’ve selected the right source and target languages in the language field. In the dictionary tool, you will see a search field. Enter the text that you want to translate and you will see a list of suggestions. Select the word that you want to translate.

Additional Options

In addition to the option for changing languages, you will see three different options available to you as follows:

  1. Listen. Select this option after you have chosen the word to be translated and you will be able to hear the correct pronunciation from your phone.
  2. Speech. From this option you can change the volume and speed of the voice that speaks in the “listen” feature.
  3. History. Sometimes you may need to find a word that you’ve already translated. You can find it in the “history” option.

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