Windows Phone 7 Has Arrived! Have You Got Your Handset?

After months of hearing about it, and a short while after Microsoft unveiled the handsets running their brand new OS, Windows Phone 7 finally hit stores around the world today.

It hasn’t generated the same level of madness that occurred on the day of the iPhone 4′s release back in June, but could any other manufacturer do that?! However, staff at the Orange Store on Oxford Street, London prepared for whatever the launch date might have thrown their way and opened the doors at 7am for a handful of eager customers.

The first person to get his hands on a device was 22 year old, Andrew Willet who had been braving the autumn chills outside the store since 5.45am. He bagged a Samsung Omnia 7 and chose a Windows 7 phone over Android and iOS to try out Microsoft’s “first serious contender in the market.”

With Xbox Live, a Zune music client, animated live tiles and a range of phones all featuring a decent set of specs, we think that Windows Phone 7 could be a dark horse in the smartphone competition and it may just be a case of spreading the word in order to kick start its success.

Have you got a Windows Phone 7 handset today? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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