Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type – A Good Mix

Nokia X3 touch and type device in design

    We Liked

  • Screen + Keyboard Combo
  • Sleek Styling
  • Simple Interface
  • We Disliked

  • Fiddly Browser
  • No Nav Pad
  • Slow OS
  • Rating

  • 2 out of 5 3 out of 5 3 out of 5 3 out of 5 3 out of 5


With a range of Symbian^3 smartphones and a new operating system in the pipeline, Nokia is looking as strong as ever. One weapon to aid their quest of smartphone domination comes in the form of a new Touch and Type handset, the Nokia X3-02.


The Nokia X3-02 is certainly a pretty looking thing and we quickly fell for the modern day take on a classic design. The top straight corners and curved bottom make it more pleasing to the eye than the standard candybar and the hard yet smooth plastic casing feels anything but cheap.

The 2.4 inch TFT display is joined by a sturdy 3 x 4 alphanumeric keypad with good sized individual buttons that feel built to take the strain of heavy texting. There’s no navigational D-Pad on the X3-02, so most time spent getting around is done on the touchscreen. While we’re on the subject of the display, it’s pleasantly responsive despite being resistive and produces a bright and colourful picture.

User Interface

You’ll find the familiar Symbian Series 40 6th Edition on the Nokia X3-02 and even if you haven’t come across this interface before, you’ll soon catch on. All the usual suspects are available including a clock, calendar, contacts, music player and the Communities app which offers integrated social networking for Twitter and Facebook. The ‘Go to’ icon is a handy homescreen option too and provides shortcuts to the features and apps of your choice. S40 doesn’t support multi-tasking, but you can continue to listen to music when doing other things.

The Nokia X3-02 has access to the Ovi Store and there are plenty of apps to choose from, many of which are free, you can browse the store by various categories and your account profile handily keeps track of all the apps you’ve installed too.

Internet: The X3-02′s browser didn’t really give us much to shout about, but this is mainly down to the not so Internet friendly 2.4 inch display. Although Nokia’s web browser managed to render pages well, the lack of pinch to zoom technology slowed the whole experience down as you have to manually control the zoom from touch sensitive buttons instead. There’s no built-in accelerometer either so we had to stick to viewing web pages in portrait mode.

Luckily, scrolling is responsive so providing you can read the text when it first loads up you’ll be away in no time. The web browser doesn’t support Flash (but then again, there’s not really much point on a screen of the X3-02′s size) so all in all, expect a basic experience which is fine for checking the news or latest sports results, but nothing more complex.

Camera: The 5 megapixel camera may sound fairly impressive but it didn’t live up to our expectations. The fixed focus dampened the overall quality of our pictures as they weren’t particularly sharp and the colours were a little on the dull side too. The X3-02 can also shoot video at 15fps. The photo app itself gets the thumbs up from us though and offered a variety of ways to organise our pictures into albums or based on size and the time they were taken.

Other tech specs:

  • 50MB internal memory
  • MicroSD card slot which supports cards up to 32GB
  • WiFi
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • microUSB 2.0 port
  • Xvid Support
  • Up to 5 hours 20 minutes talk time
  • Up to 28 hours music playback
  • Available in 5 colours

Any downsides?

The web browser was the feature that didn’t rock our world. It did the job, but the browsing options were rather limited and as we mentioned earlier, weren’t helped by that small display. If Nokia managed to incorporate¬†pinch to zoom technology into the X3-02, then the whole experience would have been a lot better.


The Nokia X3-02 has got the Touch and Type family off to a good start. We like how Nokia didn’t try to complicate things too much and got the balance right between new and existing technology. The touchscreen gives the handset an extra edge and combined with the simple interface makes it perfect for a first-timer.

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