Motorola Know Their Tablets, Make Sure We Know It Too

Even though the story has been around for a while, Motorola are enjoying teasing us concerning their future tablet plans. The company has released a video examining the history of tablets – with their tongue firmly in their cheek – before ending with a cryptic message suggesting what’s to come.

You can see their shenanigans below, but pay close attention to their iPad and Galaxy Tab sections, as it reveals plenty about their plans.

They point out the iPad is like a giant iPhone, which they state positively at first, acknowledging the ease of use and impressive build; before going on to say the same thing negatively too. It’s a fair point, after all, the iPad does operate like a giant iPhone.

Motorola love that the Galaxy Tab uses Android, but not that it uses Android 2.2, which was designed to be used on a smartphone. Then we get to their tablet. Or rather, we don’t, as nothing appears except the company logo and one for CES too. But then, a buzzing bee appears. Will the new tablet be called the Bee? Nope, this bee is heading for the Honeycomb, just as predicted.

So, it’s a few short weeks before CES begins in Las Vegas, where it’ll be a time for the teasing to stop.

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