Android Overtakes iPhone in the US Market

A new report by comScore has found that Android smartphones now account for a larger share of the US market than the iPhone, taking second place in the rankings below RIM.

The figures show that Google saw quite a jump in sales in order to overtake Apple, who are now sitting in third place, going from a 19.6% market share to 26%. The iPhone also saw a rise in sales but only a slight increase from 24.2% to 25%. Both still have quite a way to go to catch up with RIM though, who holds 33.5% of the market however, the Canadian firm has seen a drop in sales between August and November 2010 as they previously had 37.6% of the total share.

This may be a mixed bag of good and bad news for the manufacturers but overall, smartphones sales are on the up by 10% across the pond with 61.5 million people now having one in their pocket (compared to the three months before this latest data was published).

While Google will probably be feeling a little smug after overtaking their biggest rival, technology researcher Gartner believes they won’t completely blow Apple out of the water until Q4 2012. We watch with interest to see what battle plans will come into play from both sides over the next two years.

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