How to Take Better Pictures with Nokia X3-02

The Nokia X2-02 has a five megapixel camera, but unfortunately, the overall picture quality on this phone isn’t outstanding. That’s why you need to make sure that you utilize all of the features possible to take better pictures if this is your handset. Follow these tips for better pictures on this phone:

  • Set the photos to the highest possible resolution. The main problem with photos on this phone is that the colours are dull and the picture quality isn’t very sharp. You can limit this problem by setting the photos to the highest possible resolution (1944 x 2592 pixels). Remember that this will take up a lot of memory so it’s a good idea to transfer photos off the phone to a backup computer or memory device on a regular basis.
  • Make sure that you use the zoom function on this phone. Properly zooming in to the right area on a picture always makes it better. The volume keys as well as the “plus” and “minus” keys on this handset are used to zoom in when using the camera on this phone.
  • Keep the camera lens clean. This phone’s camera seems particularly prone to picking up oils and dirt, making your photos fuzzy and out of focus. Make sure that you clean the camera lens before taking any photos to get the highest possible quality images..
  • You can edit photos that you’ve already taken. Go to MENU, select “photos” and choose either “my photos”, “my albums” or “timeline” to find the photo that you want to edit. Press the editing button and apply the effect that you want to improve the photo. Available effects include rotation, cropping, brightness, contrast and colours.

After you’ve taken your photos, make sure that you take advantage of the phone’s built-in photo app. It’s a high quality app that makes it very simple to organize and store the photos that you do want to keep on your phone. To get there, you just need to go to MENU and select “photos”.

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