Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 Prototype Spied

Sony Ericsson have flip-flopped between indifference and vague support of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform ever since it launched last year, but some photographic evidence suggesting they’ve at least been experimenting with the new operating system has appeared online.

A series of spy-shots showing a prototype Sony Ericsson phone running Windows Phone 7 have been published, in typically blurry style. The phone shown is a big touchscreen device with the three regulation Microsoft buttons below it, plus a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The keys are separated and well-spaced, and the screen looks to be a 4″ display or possibly even larger. This being a Windows Phone 7 handset, we can speculate that a 1GHz processor hides inside too.

But before we all get too excited about another manufacturer joining Microsoft, there is absolutely no indication these photos show a recent device, or even one that went any further than the prototype stage. With no name to put to the face, it’s possible we’re seeing Julie, the only previously rumoured Sony Ericsson WP7 handset, whose description fits what we see here.

Sony Ericsson heavily promoted Android and PlayStation integration at Mobile World Congress, and as others have pointed out; would a deal with Microsoft, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Live be realistic at this stage?

Also, if Sony Ericsson are going to dip their toes into Microsoft’s pool, they may need something a little more striking than this, especially if Nokia’s devices turn out to be must-haves.

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