Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our roundup of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed this week, including another Nokia E6-00 spy picture, news that the iPad isn’t the fastest selling consumer product and Apple’s protection against accidentally buying £1000-worth of magic beans.

1.  Another E6-00 Spy Pic Appears.

The Nokia E72 replacement has been spotted again, this time with confirmation that it’ll have both the QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen. The hint is in those four little dots at the bottom of the display, indicating you can swipe between screens. The E6-00 has appeared before and is expected to use Symbian and have an 8 megapixel camera.

2.  Google Instant on Mobile.

Check out the video below demonstrating Google Instant for your Android or iOS device. It works in the same way as it does on the desktop, providing a preview of website in your search results. Use it on the iPhone 4, and see how it speeds up searching.

3. NoDo No Go Until Later This Month

Microsoft have decided to delay the NoDo update to their Windows Phone 7 devices which might have annoyed many waiting for the new software, but will at least give them the time top iron out the glitches that blighted February’s pre-update, update.

4.  Android Outsells iPhone at Tesco.

Although it’s hardly a surprise, Tesco have said that Android phones have overtaken the iPhone as their biggest mobile phone seller. Rewind back to Christmas 2010 and the iPhone outsold Google’s devices, but by January they were level. It makes sense when customers who are buying on price alone would choose Android though.

5.  Microsoft Push Global Publisher Program.

In an effort to boost the amount of apps inside the Windows Marketplace, Microsoft will be introducing a Global Publisher Program, where individual developers will work with a Microsoft-approved publisher, and be able to submit apps for inclusion in the store through them. Currently they only have one global partner, but is working on bringing others on board.

6.  Gingerbread Comes to Desire HD.

Before you get too excited, it’s only a test ROM rather than an official port of the latest Android OS. If you’re keen enough to flash your own ROM, then XDA-developers have a leaked version for the HTC Desire HD which should satisfy your Gingerbread cravings.

7.  In-app Purchases More Secure in iOS 4.3.

Following complaints from parents about how easy it was for children to run up big bills using in-app purchasing, Apple have tightened the process up by forcing buyers to reenter their password before any in-app purchase. This move covers both themselves (if you gave your kids the password, you’ve only yourselves to blame) and makes it more difficult to make multiple purchases accidentally.

8.  Samsung Seduce Sulking Symbian Developers.

Samsung have sent out invitations to Symbian developers who came to their own developer conference in India, saying that if they were unhappy with Nokia’s move to Windows Phone 7, then they would welcome them in to the Bada family. It’s a clever move (and also a little bit cheeky), which could prove lucrative for all involved.

9.  RunKeeper Out Now for Windows Phone 7.

The successful and very popular fitness application, RunKeeper, has made its debut on Windows Phone 7. It tracks your runs, walks and other exercises using GPS, providing distance, time, pace and calories burned. It’s one of our favourites on the iPhone, so it’s good to see it on WP7 too.

10.  Android on a Nokia Phone!

Not really! This is just another example of an over-zealous photoshopper who decided French music app Deezer should be running on a Nokia phone, which as we all know, doesn’t run Android. Obviously this doesn’t have any basis in fact, but could it still be a portent of things to come in the future?

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