LG: “Exciting Times Ahead”

We recently paid a visit to LG HQ to speak to PR Manager Jerome Demare about the exciting year the Korean firm has ahead. With three world’s first handsets under its belt, there was plenty to talk about, and Jerome also let us in on some of the secrets that LG usually keeps closely guarded.

One of the hottest topics of conversation was the LG Optimus 2X, the world’s first dual-core smartphone that we got up close and personal with quite recently. In case you’ve been hiding in a cave since the start of the year, you’ll know that dual-core handsets mean faster browsing, multitasking, streaming and gaming than ever before and although the Optimus 2X has since been by the dual-core Motorola Atrix and Samsung Galaxy S2, nothing can take that world’s first title away from LG.

Also on the agenda was the LG Optimus Black, which we haven’t heard much about as of late. The Optimus Black held the world’s first thinnest smartphone title for a short while after it was announced at CES in January, measuring a millimetre thinner than the iPhone (9.2mm). However, Jerome explained that there’s still reason to get excited about the Optimus Black’s arrival as it has the “world’s brightest display” thanks to LG’s own NOVA display technology that makes the screen perfectly clear even in direct sunlight.

Of course, we couldn’t leave without finding out more about the world’s first 3D smartphone, the LG Optimus 3D. LG Product Manager Shaun Musgrave was kind enough to give us an exclusive preview of the handset which you can check out on the Dialaphone YouTube channel.

LG also let us in on what the company plans to do next which included some exciting technological advancements in mobile phone displays, and some new tablet devices too. You can check out the full interview below:

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  1. I cant wait to see the LG optimus this looks like an amazing phone! Im a bit of a phone geek and i love any new technology that is released in the mobile phone industry. One thing I would like to see though is more dual sim phones on the market though.

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