Nokia Announce Symbian Event for 12 April, Crash HTC’s Party

Nokia have begun distributing invitations for a special press event on the 12 April. Simply labelled as ‘Discover what’s new with Symbian smartphones’, there are no cryptic images or anything else to provide a clue as to what we’ll be seeing.

That’s not going to stop us speculating though. The most recent phone we’ve been talking about expected to run Symbian is the T7-00, but it may be wishful thinking to see that one so soon. What’s more likely is the E6-00, the E71/E72-alike with a touchscreen added to its QWERTY keyboard.

In addition to what we hope will be a hardware announcement, the event could bring the long-awaited Symbian^3 software update. Perhaps even more exciting than a new Symbian phone is the possibility of some Nokia Windows Phone 7 news, so let’s hope we get some of that too!

Finally, good old Nokia have planned their event on the same day as HTC are having an event in London too; making this a repeat of what we saw in September last year, when Nokia announced the N8, E7 and more, while HTC gave us the Desire HD and Desire Z.

It’s could be quite a day on 12 April!

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