Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our round-up of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed this week, including an idea of how much Apple is paying Nokia, a smelly phone, more news on the Orange Barcelona and finally, one of the strangest phone launches yet!

1.  Nokia Closing Online Store in UK

We know what you’re thinking, ‘Nokia has an online store?’ Yes, but not for much longer as the UK branch is set to join several other European Nokia web stores and close down by the end of this month. Nokia say the closure is due to ‘simplifying their channel structure and focusing on key trade customers.’

2. Orange Barcelona Revealed as Huawei Boulder

We covered the new Orange Android phone earlier in the week, and wondered at the time which manufacturer made the device. It has now been revealed that the Barcelona is a re-badged Huawei Boulder, and has a 528MHz processor and a 2.6-inch touchscreen with multitouch. Orange has said the Barcelona will be similarly priced to their other branded phones, which is great news!

3. Nokia/Apple Deal Update

Nokia and Apple’s ongoing patent legal dispute was settled at the beginning of the week, but the figures involved were kept strictly secret. That hasn’t stopped an analyst estimating that Apple will pay around £440 million as a lump sum and then quarterly payments of around £48 million. Nokia must be pleased!

4. Goldman Sachs See WP7 Boost

A new Goldman Sachs report says their analysts are seeing Windows Phone 7 ‘gain momentum’, but don’t elaborate on what’s causing this increase. With no new handsets since launch and a difficult first update, is it really only talk of the Mango update which is exciting the public?

5.  America Finally Gets an Unlocked iPhone 4

Apple’s American stores can now sell an unlocked iPhone 4 direct to customers. Although it’s commonplace in Europe, SIM-free phone sales in the US are still quite unusual, but Apple is hoping to shift some of its remaining iPhone 4s stock by offering them without carrier locks. The 16GB model will cost $649 and the 32GB $749.

6.  LG’s Optimus 7 is Seriously Tough!

The video below shows one of LG’s Optimus 7 Windows Phone devices which was unfortunately run over by a car, yet still works perfectly! Despite the screen being shattered, it can still be swiped and apps still operate, plus the Wi-Fi and even the speakers work fine. That’s one tough phone!

7.  Instagram Figures Impress!

Instagram, the cool iPhone photo-sharing service, has revealed some of its key data. Their 5 million-strong user base currently adds 860,000 pictures every day, and within the next week or so the service will have seen a total of 100 million photos in its database. Their API is used by more than 2500 apps too.

8. Nokia N8 to Get Video Recording Update

When Nokia seeds the Symbian Anna update to the N8, in addition to all the other goodies it will also add 30fps video shooting at 720p. Currently, the excellent camera phone shoots at 24fps at 720p with good results, but this should improve things even more.

9. Smell My Phone You Mother!

Fujitsu has announced the F-022, which may sound like a fighter jet, but is actually a mobile phone aimed at women with ‘a well-developed sense of fashion’. It’s sparkly and gold, with a special detachable fragrance chip which you can spray with your own favourite scent. The F-022 has been made in conjunction with Folle Follie and has an 8 megapixel camera.

10.  Nokia Celebrates X7 Launch in China with Some Men Dressed as Robots!

It has been a week for very odd pieces of promotional material for new gadgets – see the Huawei MediaPad for evidence – but this one must surely be the weirdest yet. The Nokia X7 has just been launched in China and as buyers will get a free ticket to the new Transformers movie, what better way to show off the phone than with two blokes dressed up as robots! But that’s not the best part, as Optimus Prime and Starscream actually transform on stage!

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