RIM Announce BBX, Their Next-Gen OS for Tablets and Smartphones

After a week of negative press, BlackBerry’s manufacturer RIM is back in the news with something far more positive, the announcement of their next generation smartphone operating system.

The company has been saying for a while they intend to upgrade their standard BlackBerry OS, and would be making use of the QNX platform found on the PlayBook tablet. At the BlackBerry DevCon conference on Tuesday the new software was announced, and it’s called BlackBerry BBX.

The name is an amalgamation of both BB (BlackBerry) and QNX, which perfectly sums up the software itself. The press release states it combines ‘the best’ of BlackBerry and QNX, and take its hardware to the next level by supporting multi-core processors, 2D and 3D gaming and will also enhance the existing BlackBerry communication systems.

BlackBerry BBX will be used on both tablets and smartphones, taking its cue from iOS, and has actually beaten Google, who’ve yet to announce Ice Cream Sandwich, the version of Android expected to incorporate both Gingerbread and Honeycomb elements.

Developers also got a new Native SDK too, including tools for incorporating Scoreloop, a social gaming system similar to Apple’s Game Center with leaderboards and achievements. A new user interface system was also unveiled called BlackBerry Cascades, which will allow coders to create great looking interfaces for apps.

BlackBerry has said the new BBX software will power all new BlackBerry phones and tablets next year, although didn’t give a firm time frame. There’s not much to go on so far, as we’ve yet to see any demonstration of BBX, but it’s going to be very interesting to see just how they combine the two operating systems.

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