Nokia 800 Enters TV Spotlight, as WP7 Celebrates 1st Birthday

This past weekend was the first birthday of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system, a date commemorated by Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, who tweeted ‘our very first phones started selling (Europe only) 1 year ago’ and added that ‘a lot’s happened in a year’. Indeed, we’ve had NoDo and Mango, plus various new phones including the massive Titan.

But this week is likely to be the biggest week yet for Windows Phone 7, as Nokia gears up to announce its contribution to Windows Phone 7. We’ve been hearing the rumours on the Searay, the Sabre and others for a while, and have been well prepared for their official debut as Nokia World; however thanks to Microsoft’s Andy Lees, it’s now 99% certain we’ll see the phones before the week is out.

Speaking at the AsiaD conference, the President of Microsoft’s Windows Phone division was quoted as saying ‘Nokia will announce its rollout plans with Windows Phone, among other things’ at the London event, which takes place over two days, starting on the 26 October.

The Finnish company can hardly wait though, and started airing some teaser adverts during some of the big TV shows over the weekend.  We’re serious when we say ‘teaser’ too, as they’re just flashes of an unidentified phone; most likely the Searay/Nokia 800. You can see an edited version of the ads below, which lasts for a total of just 19 seconds!

We’ve been waiting since the beginning of the year, and this week looks to be the first time we’ll get to see Nokia’s plans for the near future. We can’t wait!

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