Nokia World’s Future Lounge Showcases Incredible Concept Phones

The Future Lounge area at this year’s Nokia World 2011 event acted as a platform for the Finnish mobile manufacturer to showcase some futuristic innovations and gave us a taste of what direction mobile technology could take in the not too distant future.

Two prototypes particularly stood out and they were the Nokia Kinetic Device, and the Humanized Phone. Both devices were extremely impressive with each featuring completely bendable chassis.

The Kinetic Device is a mobile with an OLED screen which users navigate around the various menus by bending and twisting the malleable chassis. Tapani Jokinen who began developing the technology around two years ago, was present at the demonstration and said the device was still just a vision but hoped that if the device ever made it into production that it would provide speed and accuracy beyond that currently enabled by current touchscreens.

Amiable Finn Jokinen said the device would be ideal for the population of his home country with its long cold winter as it can be operated whilst wearing gloves unlike heat sensitive touchscreens. According to Jokinen “the function follows the form” meaning that gestures can be replaced by the physical manipulation of the phone.

Whilst seeing the device in action was incredibly impressive, Jokinen was keen to stress to interested onlookers that the device may never come to fruition as “there is no point in developing a product unless it has real benefit to people’s everyday lives”, however, he believes the Kinetic Device will.

The other device on display was called the Humanised Phone and was touted as “a visionary solution beyond touch screen and voice communication where technology becomes invisible and intuition takes over”. The handset boasts a flexible structure that bends and responds to physical manipulation in the same way as the Kinetic Device. However, the Humanised Phone takes the concept one step further with gesture interaction and an electro tactile feature than allows you to actually feel the image presented on the screen.

You can also see, hear and feel the importance of dcalls, and interact using emotionally enhanced communication such as mood recognition and non-verbal communication. The small oval-shaped prototype was as equally astounding as the Kinetic Device and be an incredible technological development should it ever make it past the development stage and deliver everything promised by its creators. Check out the video below for a closer look at these amazing pieces of mobile tech: