Ice Cream Sandwich Nexus S Tests Underway

As mobile manufacturers scramble to get Ice Cream Sandwich onto their top-end handsets, Google is hard at work adapting the latest version of Android for their own Nexus S phone, which until the recently release of the Galaxy Nexus was their flagship device.

It was back in October that Google last spoke about fitting the Nexus S for Android 4.0, and although the estimate of it arriving ‘in the next few weeks’ was a little optimistic, it appears it’s coming along very nicely.

We know this thanks to various Nexus S-owning Google employees who have been testing the update over the weekend, and in their excitement completely forgot about any confidentiality and shared the news via their social network of choice.

The over-the-air update lets experienced users test the software for bugs, and provided there aren’t too many it should mean ICS will be ready for public consumption early next year. Proof that people jumped the gun with sharing the news comes from the fact that all the updates have now been deleted, however Android Police noted that the comments were unsurprisingly positive.

The Samsung-built Nexus S joins the Galaxy S II, the Xperia range from Sony Ericsson, several Optimus devices from LG and the Sensation phones from HTC as all expecting an update to Ice Cream Sandwich. Timescales have yet to be announced.

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