Motorola Confirm Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade Plans, Bemoan Lengthy Process

Motorola has published its plans for upgrading their Android range of phones to the latest version of the software, while also providing a glimpse behind the scenes at the work involved in bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to a Moto phone near you. It’s fair to say it’s not as simple as one would hope.

First of all, here’s the handsets that can expect to be given a bite of ICS: The brand-new Droid RAZR and its Euro counterpart the Motorola RAZR, the Droid Bionic and the Xoom tablet. The blog post announcing the plans says in bold that there could be some additions to this list in the future, although here in Europe the only potential device would appear to be the Atrix once it’s up and running with Android Gingerbread.

Motorola has already begun working with the Ice Cream Sandwich source code and expects to continue breaking it down over the coming month. Then, when the final device list has been made public, they’ll adapt the code for their own specific software such as that built into Motoblur, and any network software too. A potentially lengthy beta test period to iron out any bugs is followed by the networks doing almost exactly the same – which could take between two and five months to complete. Finally, unless a pre-release test is deemed necessary, the software update will be rolled out to the devices.

So even with the best will in the world, it’s difficult to see how Ice Cream Sandwich will reach Motorola owners in less than four or five months, meaning March or April 2012 is looking likely.


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