Will the Kindle Fire Light Up UK Stores in January?

In September Amazon unveiled a clutch of new Kindle devices including the eagerly-anticipated Amazon Fire tablet.  Equipped with a dual-core processor, a 7-inch screen, access to all Amazon’s major content delivery systems and a competitive $199 price tag in the USA, it shaped up to be a possible competitor to the all-powerful iPad.

As excited as the world was, UK tech consumers quickly accepted that it wouldn’t be seeing the Fire launched in Britain for a while, the simple reason being that we don’t access to all the Amazon services the Fire needs to function at its best, such as streaming video and the Amazon Android App Store.

However, a rumour has begun to circulate saying Amazon may be planning to launch the Fire here in the UK in January, although the source is someone ‘close to the launch’, which is as vague as one has come to expect.

Taking everything we’ve just said about why the Fire hasn’t launched here already, the most exciting thing about this rumour isn’t only that the Fire will be released, but presumably several new Amazon services will become available at the same time!

The two we mentioned, the app store and instant videos, shouldn’t prove to be all that difficult, seeing as the Android store has already had one false start, and other companies – such as Apple – already provide video on demand here too. As for the possible price, Amazon’s Kindle Touch works out at around £20 more than the US version, so a £159 price tag for the Fire sounds most likely.

If it really is coming in January, the official announcement can’t be far away, and needs to come soon if they hope to steal some Christmas sales away from other tablet manufacturers.

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