BlackBerry Means Business in 2012, Promises PlayBook OS 2.0 at CES and BB 10 at MWC

Last year will be one to forget for RIM, but judging by the latest news, the company behind the BlackBerry range of phones and tablets obviously wants to get 2012 started off in a more positive way.

An invitation to an ‘intimate event’ at CES 2012 has been published by Engadget, and RIM promises to show off not only the long-awaited version 2.0 of the PlayBook OS, but BB 7 too.

The PlayBook has been struggling with its seemingly incomplete OS version 1.0 since launch, and negative press hasn’t helped adoption figures. But then, RIM themselves didn’t help much when they delayed version 2.0 until February this year.

Perhaps the fact it’ll be on display at the company’s special event means it’ll be making its way to tablets earlier than expected. If so, it could be a wise move to snap up one of the tablets at their new low price right now!

As for BlackBerry OS 7, well, that has been around for a while – it was announced back in May 2011 and powers the latest Curve, Torch and Bold models – so we’re not sure what RIM will have to say about that.

With CES out of the way, the company will turn its attention to Mobile World Congress at the end of February, where Pocket-lint says it’ll be demonstrating BB 10, the OS formally known as BBX. The new features will include web-connected apps and NFC capabilities.

Whether they’ll have an actual new phone to demo the software on isn’t clear, but at least we’ll get another, hopefully closer look at the future of BlackBerry phones.

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