Microsoft Rolls Out Small, Bug-Fixing Windows Phone Update

Microsoft has announced the availability of a small update for its Windows Phone 7 devices, which according to the description will squash a number of bugs. This is the first revision of Windows Phone 7 Mango that’s relevant to all devices running the operating system.

If you haven’t already, over the coming days you should receive a notification that an update is ready for your phone. Then it’s a case of connecting the device to your computer and running Zune or Windows Phone Connector for Mac, and applying it.  Sadly, there’s no over-the-air option here.  As it’s only a bug fixer, the update is small and takes only about 15 minutes to install.

Update 7.10.8107.79 (no fruity codename for this one, sorry) will cure several problems, the most notable of which being the mysterious disappearing keyboard bug. Some owners would find the keyboard either not appearing at all, or disappearing at the most inopportune moment of all: When they were typing.

Additionally, a Google mail syncing problem has been cured, threaded conversations have been fixed when using MS Exchange Server 2003 and the location data has been tweaked to improve search results. Finally, some regionalised problems with voicemail and another digital certificate has had its rights revoked.

So, nothing very exciting, but what’s good is that there’s every chance the update will be yours very shortly, giving you not only important security fixes, but a cure for a potentially annoying problem too.

Some Windows Phones are a year old now, but as they have the same software as the brand-new devices, with no awkward manufacturer user interfaces, these updates are rolled out quickly and efficiently. Hear that, Android?

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