iPhone And iPad To Go Quad-Core Soon?

Evidence has surfaced pointing toward the introduction of a quad-core processor in future Apple iPhones and iPads. The current processor of choice for the 4S and iPad 2 is the dual-core A5, but keen observers over at 9to5Mac have spotted updated code inside the latest beta version of iOS 5.1 that offers support for quad-core processing.

Although it is no surprise that Apple are looking to move to quad-core (with numerous sources discussing the highly anticipated A6 chip), this latest revelation suggests there is a possibility we could see the new processor at some point in 2012.

Additionally, the fact that the code has been found in iOS 5.1 beta software implies that the technology will be seen in the iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

The connotations of a quad-core processor within an iOS device are likely to whet the appetite of any Apple fan. The chip will give extra power for operating system navigation and gaming, faster image capture and processing and the ability to run advanced software. Furthermore, quad-core will give the devices housing it ability to power very high-resolution displays, adding fuel to the rumours of a retina display showing up on the iPad 3.

One thing is for sure, with the likes of Asus already pushing out a quad-core tablet, Apple will not want to stay behind the curve for too long.

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