Samsung to Merge Bada OS with Intel’s Tizen

Samsung’s own mobile operating system, Bada, has been around since late 2009, and has since attracted a 2% share of the market and found its way onto a variety of phones. The OS is very similar to Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, just without Android hidden underneath.

The Wave was the first phone to use Bada, and at the time it stood out thanks to its AMOLED screen and 1GHz processor, and has most recently seen its third incarnation released.However, perhaps the Wave 3′s quiet launch should have given us a hint of what was come.

Forbes interview with a Samsung vice president has now revealed Bada is to be integrated with Tizen, yet another mobile operating system supported by the company. Tizen is a joint Intel and Samsung venture and is related to MeeGo, the OS abandoned after Nokia pulled out to concentrate on Windows Phone 7.

While work has begun on bringing the two systems together, there’s no indication when it will be completed, however Samsung hopes to have ‘at least one or two phones’ on sale using the final product later this year.

As both Bada and Tizen are based on Linux, the combined software will be backwards compatible with Bada apps, and developers who already program using Bada’s SDK will be able to instantly move over to Tizen. This will at least enable the mobile OS mash-up to hit the ground running in terms of apps.

The question is, does the world, let alone Samsung, really want another mobile operating system?

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