Redesigned Asus Padfone set to Wow at Mobile World Congress

Back in May last year, Asus unveiled the Padfone, the next logical step after its Eee Pad Transformer tablet line, where not only does a tablet dock into a keyboard, but a smartphone docks into the tablet. That’s a lot of docking about and as the Padfone was strictly just a concept, it was unknown when – if ever – it would actually go on sale.

Since then we’ve had some more rumours on which processor the device would use, as both the Tegra 3 and the new super-speedy Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chips have both been spotted, but no firm news on its release.

Other specifications include a 4.3-inch screen for the phone, a 10.1-inch screen for the tablet and compatibility with the Transformer Prime’s keyboard dock.

That could all change at Mobile World Congress though, as Asus has said they’ll be bringing an updated version of the Padfone along to the show. As good as this is, we may as well throw everything we currently know about the Padfone – which admittedly isn’t much – away, as it could all have changed.

Gadget site BGR has reported that a redesign will give the Padfone a slimmer chassis and also remove the physical buttons seen on the prototype, suggesting that the device will almost certainly use Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

MWC 2012 kicks off on 27 February, and it’s shaping up to be another packed event.


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