Nokia’s Next Symbian Phone Could Be Its Last

Symbian’s life has been hanging by a thread for sometime now, after the Android-of-its-day was systematically abandoned by manufacturers – remember both Samsung and Sony Ericsson once supported it, see the Omnia i8910 HD and the Satio for example 0 and even Nokia themselves opting to go with Windows Phone over the ageing platform.

If a new report is true, we could be getting very close to the final hurrah for Symbian, as The Register says Nokia has just one last phone running the operating system to launch, and that will be that.

Although other Symbian devices were in development, they’ve now been cancelled following lower than expected sales figures, with CEO Stephen Elop hinting the demand for low-cost smartphones is making it too difficult to compete.

Symbian could be going out with a bang though, as its rumoured swansong is to be a Nokia N8 sequel. The N8 has long been the best camera-phone on the market, and is one of the few devices still to feature a xenon flash; but it’s 16 months old and ripe for a refresh.

While new hardware may not continue, Nokia has repeatedly promised to continue supporting the software for several years yet – with 2016 often provided as an end date. There’s no reason not to think they’ll stick to their word, as we’ve got Nokia Belle coming soon, plus there has been talk of other updates for the future.

Perhaps we’ll find out more during Mobile World Congress, where there’s a chance we may meet the final phone too.

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